Alexandra Hospital
Queens House 1830

Historical Background

In 1904, Thomas Liburd, one of the two nominated members of the Government of St. Kitts Nevis
spoke in the Legislative Council meeting, bitterly criticizing the fact that the hospital in Nevis was
destroyed in the 1899 hurricane and all patients had to be moved into the islands' jail as temporary
quarters. After five (5) years they were still there and no measures had been taken to rebuild the
hospital. Mr. Liburd also declared that the Charlestown jail was not a fit place for patients recovering
from illness as it was next to a tannery and the smells emanating from it were very unpleasant and
the town noise disturbed them as well.

Hospital Development

In 1909, the old Government House which was also sometimes the temporary residence of the Magistrates and referred to as Queens House was converted into a
hospital and named for Queen Alexandra, wife of King Edward 11.  Ten years had passed between the destruction of the Old Hospital (located on Old Hospital Road
near the cemetery north of town.  It was originally constructed in the 17th Century on land donated to the Government by Mr. James Ling, a Planter) and the
completion of the “new one”.  Had it not been for Thomas  Liburd’s persistence, the time span would probably have been considerably longer.  Again in 1950 and
1951, earthquakes severely damaged the Hospital.  It was reconstructed by means of a generous grant from the Government of the United Kingdom.

Modern Facilities

In 2000, with a grant from the European Union, a new building was erected to accommodate the Accident/Emergency/Outpatient and Radiology Departments. The
existing structure was also completely refurbished.

Today this 52 bed Hospital serves a population of approximately 10,000 people providing a wide range of services including Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology,
Paediatrics, Gerontology, General Surgery and Urology. There are many surgical procedures except Cardiothoracic and Neurosurgery performed by competent U.S.
and U.K. trained consultants. Special mention should be made of our Laparoscopic Diagnostic and Surgical services including Laparoscopic Cholecystectornies. Our
endoscopic service also offers Gastro duodenoscopy, Colonoscopy and Genito urinary Endoscopy.

As part of our emergency service, there are fully equipped ambulances with a cadre of recently trained Emergency Medical Technicians. There are also such facilities
as Ventilators, Defibrillators and other cardio-thoracic resuscitation equipment.

There is a fee attached to ALL services provided.

The Hospital was provided critical services in the past, no more so than during the "Christena Disaster" on August 1st 1970, when the entire Hospital
staff performed above and beyond the call of duty.
The Nevis Disaster Management Office, Premier’s Ministry, staged a successful week of activities dubbed the “Disaster Awareness Week”, from 1st to 8th
October 2005.  An
Awards & Reception ceremony was held at the Old Manor Hotel from 7:00 - 9:30 pm. Awards were given to individuals/corporate entities who
have greatly assisted in Disaster Management over the years.

Arthur Anslyn - Search & Rescue
Llewellyn Newton - Preparedness & Response

VON Radio - Public Information & Awareness
Alexandra Hospital - Medical and Patient Care
St. Kitts - Nevis Fire & Rescue Services (Nevis Branch) - Fire Protection , Search & Rescue

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The Promotion of the establishment of the ‘Fire Brigade’ on Nevis was passed into law on October 30 in 1872,
this principle legislation is referred to as Ordinance 19/1872. This Ordinance was amended by Ordinance 3/1958.

The establishment was 1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant and 25 men enlisted for 12 months appointed by the Administrator.
The payment for the Lieutenant was $2.40 and the men 60¢.

In Fire Brigade became part of the Leeward Island Police Force in 1956.
In 1959, the Fire Brigade became part of the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla Police Force.
In 1983, the Fire Brigade became part of the St. Kitts-Nevis Police Force.
In Chapter 181 of the Police Ordinance Fire Officers were qualified to be Special Constables.
In January 4th 2000, the Fire Brigade was separated from the St. Kitts-Nevis Police Force and became a
separate entity by an act of Parliament No. 6/99 thereby assuming the name “The St. Kitts-Nevis Fire and
Rescue Services”.

The present establishment stands at Twenty-Three (23) men; its appliances stands at three (3), two (2) in
Charlestown and one (1) at the Vance Amory International Airport.

Harvey Hendrickson
Division Fire Officer (DFO)
Profile on Mr. Llewellyn Newton

Mr. Llewellyn Newton was appointed by the Nevis Island Administration as Disaster Coordinator in the Premier's Ministry in 1993. This position was introduced for
the first time by the Administration. Without office files, and reference materials in respect of the new job, he discovered it was quite an uphill task to set up a new
office starting from nothing.

Nevertheless, he applied himself to the task and was soon able to team up with fellow Disaster Managers in the region, who were extremely helpful and cooperative
and quickly established a relationship with the Caribbean Disaster Response Agency (CDERA) in Barbados.

Mr. Newton attended many Regional Training Programmes for Disaster
Managers organized through CDERA and funded by PAHO, USAID and
OFDA. The training covered the following areas:

§ Shelters and Shelter Management
§ Training for Instructors (TFI)
§ Mass Casualty Management
§ Instructors course for Mass Casualty Management
§ Disaster Programme Management
§ Exercise Planning Exercise design & Scripting
§ Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Management

Mr. Newton offered training programmes at the local level in various areas of Disaster Management, including First Aid and Shelter Management. These were
designed to equip Volunteer disaster personnel with the necessary mitigative skills.

He organized Simulation exercises which gave the participants the opportunity to practice and test their response mechanism to a real disaster situation, bearing in
mind the objective, to save lives and property. Simulation exercises conducted were:

§ A major road accident involving a loaded school bus. The objective was to test the response mechanism of the Health Services.
§ A plane crash accident. The objective to test the response mechanism of the Mass casualty Management Team
§ A big fire, destroying a number of buildings. The objective, to test the response mechanism of Fire Fighters, First Aiders, Medical personnel and trained disaster

Prior to retirement Mr. Newton served as Project Manager for the two Community Centers at Pond Hill and Hanley's Road.

Mr. Newton recognized and would like to place on record that the success of Disaster Management in Nevis was due to the hard work and cooperation of the
volunteers to whom he owes a debt of gratitude and the Nevis Island Administration. After ten years in Disaster Management he retired from the Public Service in
PROFILE ON Captain Arthur Anslyn, MBE

Captain Arthur Anslyn's association with the marine environment started while he was still
in elementary school. His love for the ocean in general, and boats in particular, made him
pursue a career that would enable him to make a positive contribution to the development
of our ports, shipping, fishing and the local St. Kitts - Nevis passenger ferry service which
he operated for the government for 19 years.

During his tenure, Captain Anslyn was responsible for saving numerous lives and property in emergency situations,
also search and rescue missions carried out by the ferry MV "Caribe Queen" that served as the Coast Guard and
Water Ambulance. Before taking over as captain of the Government ferry, "Brother" as he is more affectionately
known, had a history of voluntary services to humanity using his own boat and those he ran previously. Some of
his endeavours were at the risk of his own life. For these acts of bravery he was awarded the insignia of a Member
of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE).

Captain Anslyn not only assisted during emergencies/disasters, but also prevented them by taking the necessary safety measures in his day-to-day operation of the
ferry service. Many remember his association with the Christina Disaster when he dove among sharks and bodies to effectively carry out an under water survey of
the vessel for the Commission of Enquiry.

Captain Anslyn continues to serve the people of the Federation using his knowledge and experience gained over the years in safety measures as it relates to marine
and terrestrial development.

One of the most exciting days in the history of Nevis was realised with the establishment of the island's first radio station on June 18, 1988. This event was
witnessed by hundreds of residents and visitors, including over 250 residents of the British Virgin Islands, the wider Caribbean and the United States. The VON Radio
idea was conceived two years earlier by BVI Nevisian resident, Mr. Merrit Herbert.

The relevant permits to set up the radio station frequency were sought and received from the St. Kitts-Nevis Government and the International Body in Geneva.
Construction on the actual building began in early 1988. The Broadcast Equipment was imported and the date was set for the grand opening on June 18, 1988, under
the leadership of General Manager, Mr. Evered "Webbo" Herbert.

Exactly fifteen (15) months and the official Sign On, the strength of the Power House was severely tested and proven. That was in September 1989 when the
destructive 150 mph winds of Hurricane HUGO swept through the Caribbean. While other stations were literally blown away, the novice Power House Team stood
firm and provided a source of information and comfort as well as a point of contact for relatives and friends, during that period.

VON Radio was also resilient in 1995 during Hurricanes LUIS and MARILYN; and also accomplished similar feats when Hurricanes GEORGE and LENNY struck in
September 1998 and November 1999 respectively.

Other big Community Broadcasting Moments in the history of VON include coverage of the following events:

  • Nevis Island Assembly Sessions
  • Hurricane Hugo Poem Contest '89
  • St Kitts-Nevis Federal Elections '89, '93, '95, '00
  • Political Debates '92, '93, '95, '97, 2000, '01
  • Nevis Island Assembly Elections '92, '97, '01
  • Miss VON Caribbean Queen Pageant '93
  • Montserrat Volcano Crisis '95 ...
  • B. V I General Elections '95
  • Reopening of the Charlestown Port '96
  • Launch of the Shemere Norford Crime Fighting Fund '97
  • Herbert's Beach Affair (since 1997)
  • Nevis Secession Referendum '98
  • Solar Eclipse '98
  • Sports Coverage - Cricket, Netball, Football, Athletics
  • VON Radio's Super Saturday Madness
  • Opening of Long Point Deep Water Port '98
  • Agriculture Open Day Events (since 1995)
  • Official Opening Vance W. Amory International Airport '02
  • Inaugural Flight of American Eagle to Nevis '03

VON Radio also spearheaded the partnership with Cable Television of Nevis and the Nevis Island Government Press and Public Relations Department, to ensure that
Nevisians at home were afforded the privilege to view the Electoral Process at work for the first time during the Nevis Island Assembly Elections of September 7th,

The simulcast was also carried via the internet. VON Radio is now being heard on the World Wide Web at:

Only THE BEST will do!
Evered "Webbo" Herbert