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Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 29th April 2009


MEXICO: Potential; ground zero of outbreak identified. La Gloria, near Perote in the Mexican state of Veracruz has had 100+ fall sick with a respiratory disease,
some falling ill back in December.

USA: Texas - First fatality recorded.

GERMANY: Announces first case

AUSTRIA: Announces first case

EU: European Union health ministers are likely to meet Thursday to evaluate the threat from swine flu and to coordinate the European response to the outbreak, the
Czech Republic, which holds the rotating E.U. presidency, said Monday.



TANZANIA: An ammunition dump on the outskirts of the Tanzanian city of Dar es Salaam has exploded, causing a huge fire, panic and the ordering of a mass
evacuation. Several deaths reported.

BANGLADESH: Cases of diarrhoea in Dhaka are reaching epidemic levels with 800 new case a day, a health expert warned Monday, as the Bangladeshi capital faced
record temperatures, a severe water shortage and power cuts. (And if Swine Flu gets into this environment?)

WALES: A warning has been issued to 70,000 homes and businesses in north Wales, advising them to boil their drinking water after bacteria was found in supplies.
Dwr Cymru Welsh Water issued the precautionary notice to customers in parts of Flintshire and Denbighshire who get their supplies from Alwen water treatment
works. The bacteria was discovered in water supplies during routine tests. People in the two counties should boil any tap water used for drinking or food preparation
until further notice.

CHINA: The number of people fighting a forest fire in northeastern China's Heilongjiang Province has risen to 3,347, including 1,245 forest policemen, the emergency
office of the provincial government said on Wednesday. Fire in Yinanhe Forest Farm, under the Zhanhe Forestry Bureau, has continued into the third day, with fine
weather and strong winds at the site.

EUROPE SHAKES: Monir earth teremors 3 on Richter Scale have been felt through France, Greece, Turkey and Italy today.

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 28th April 2009

No information posted

Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 27th April 2009


GLOBAL: Governments around the world moved to contain the spread of a possible flu pandemic on Monday, as a virus that has killed 103 people in Mexico spread
to the United States and possibly as far as New Zealand. The dollar weakened along with Mexico's peso, and Asian stock markets and the price of oil fell as worries
about the outbreak grew. As concerns mounted over the weekend, the World Health Organization (WHO) decided to activate its 24-hour "war room" command
centre. Airline shares slide downwards.

UK: 25 possible cases of Swine Flu under investigation in UK.

BRAZIL: First reported case in Sao Paulo.

ISREAL: First reported case amongst 25 tourists that have recently returned from Mexico.


USA: Indiana - A leak of anhydrous ammonia that sickened 21 people was caused by someone trying to steal the chemical from a farm supplier, authorities said.
Vanderburgh County Sheriff Eric Williams said investigators found damage to the ammonia's container and tubing and other paraphernalia that suggested a theft.
Anhydrous ammonia is a key component in the production of methamphetamine.

CANADA: Toronto officials said they were working Sunday to restore power and clean up after sudden severe thunderstorms resulted in dozens of injuries. A man
was rushed to the hospital with serious head injuries Saturday when he was struck by a flying 45-pound sign that had been ripped loose by 62-mph winds from a
storm that seemingly appeared from nowhere during a clear, warm day, The Toronto Star reported. The strong winds caused injuries to bicyclists who were blown
off their bikes and to pedestrians knocked down by the gusts, the newspaper said, adding that several kayakers and sailboaters on Lake Ontario required rescuing by
Toronto police's marine unit. The worst power outages were reported in Scarborough and Etobicoke, Ont., as Toronto firefighters responded to 35 calls of downed
power lines, the Star reported.

CHILE: At least 10 people died and an as yet undetermined number were injured, albeit three of them seriously, on Sunday in a fire at the Colina II prison north of
Santiago, Chile.

GEORGIA: Two people were missing after the four-story building of the Star Academy talent show television project collapsed in Georgia's capital early on Sunday.
Fourteen people, including participants in the project, were inside the building when it collapsed.

Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 26th April 2009

Swine Flu Round-up:

NEW ZEALAND: Twenty-five students and teachers in New Zealand, some with flu-like symptoms, were quarantined and tested for swine flu after returning from a
trip to Mexico, officials said Sunday, as Asia stepped up surveillance for the deadly virus.

USA: California - 7th Case confirmed

USA: Kansas - Two cases of mild swine flu were confirmed Saturday in a married couple in Dickinson County after the man returned recently from Mexico, the
state's health officer said.

USA: Texas - A Texas high school where two students are confirmed to have swine flu is temporarily closing after a new possible case of swine flu was identified
there, state health officials announced Saturday.

USA: New York - In New York, the suspected cases occurred among students at St. Francis Preparatory School, a private high school in Queens. At least 25 of the
students had been out sick with influenza symptoms at the end of the week. The city health department's Public Health Laboratory has completed preliminary screens
on nose and throat swabs from nine of the students and found that eight are influenza A. Because they do not match normal human subtypes of influenza A currently
in circulation, they are considered probable cases of swine flu.

CANADA: Quebec - Hospital officials and Quebec's health ministry are refusing to comment on media reports that two Montrealers were placed in isolation at a local
hospital after vacationing in Mexico.

ENGLAND: BA Crew member returning from Mexico now in isolation ward of west London hospital.

MEXICO: Mexican authorities on Friday closed all schools in the capital and central Mexico as the WHO announced hundreds of human cases of swine flu in the
country, including 80+ suspected deaths.


NEPAL: At least five people were killed trying to put out a forest fire in western Nepal, police said Saturday. The fire broke out in a community forest in Hastipur
village of Gulmi district, about 300 kilometres west of the Nepalese capital, on Saturday morning and was now threatening three other nearby villages.

INDONESIA: Nine people died and at least four others were missing and feared drowned after a ferry boat sank off Indonesia's Sumatra island, media reports said

USA: Florida - Health officials in Miami announced an apparent outbreak of meningitis this week that has killed four people and sickened 12. Dr. Vincent Conte of the
Miami-Dade Health Department said that the victims were infected with an unusual and unusually virulent strain of the disease, W135.

Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 25th April 2009

No information posted

Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 24th April 2009

CHINA: At least 10 people were killed and 15 others were injured after the roof of a clothing factory collapsed in north China's Hebei Province Friday, the local
authorities said. At least 39 people were buried in the debris, according to the provincial work safety supervision administration. More than 500 rescuers and 100 fire
engines and ambulances participated in the search operation.

MEXICO: Canadians who have recently returned from Mexico should be on alert for flu-like symptoms that could be connected to a severe respiratory illness, federal
health officials said Thursday in issuing a travel advisory. A severe respiratory illness appears to have infected 137 people in south and central areas of Mexico, with
cases concentrated in Mexico City and three other areas, including 20 deaths, the Public Health Agency of Canada said. In the United States, health officials in Texas
and California were scrambling this week to deal with a new strain of swine flu, which has been diagnosed in seven people. The states share a border with Mexico
not far from a town where two deaths were reported. The U.S. cases are unusual, because it appears none of the patients had contact with pigs, and the virus is one
that health officials have never seen before.

SPAIN: The nuclear reactor at the Santa Maria de Garona power station in Burgos suffered an unexpected shut down overnight as the power created by the main
generator was rejected by the system. A statement from the CSN, the Nuclear Security Council, said that there was no risk to workers in the centre at any time as
safety systems all worked correctly. It comes a week after the CSN announced that a series of sessions at the plant would be held to analyse its possible future
closure, as the Ministry for Industry had requested a report on procedures before June 5, a month before its activity licence is due to expire.

COLOMBIA: Authorities confirmed that the avalanche that occurred in San Juan, Cordoba early Thursday morning left two people dead. Radio Caracol reported that
at least 50 people were injured and a 70 year old woman remains missing. The avalanche was caused by a landslide as the result of recent heavy rains. The landslide
blocked a local dam, causing water pressure to build until it finally burst forth in an avalanche of earth and water. Authorities estimate that more than 60% of the
surrounding area and at least 100 homes were destroyed. Large numbers of local crops were also destroyed.

BRAZIL: Floods and mudslides from heavy rains in northeastern Brazil have driven more than 33,000 people from their homes and killed three, including an infant.
Officials say 30,000 people were forced to flee residences in Maranhao state, along with 3,400 more in neighboring Bahia state.

AUSTRIA: Scores of people were evacuated as mudslides threatened to sweep their houses away in Tyrol last night (Weds). Police reported that 44 residents in 11
houses were in danger as several mudslides occurred around 10pm in the small town of Entbruck in Prutz in the Landeck district. Shortly before the mudslides in the
valley, the Misleback creek had overflowed.

Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 23rd April 2009

NEPAL: A forest fire in eastern Nepal killed at least 14 soldiers as they tried to prevent the blaze spreading to a local hospital, police said on Thursday. The fire started
in a forested hill in Ramechhap, 100 km (60 miles) east of the capital Kathmandu.

UKRAINE: An unidentified gas in an abandoned Ukrainian bomb shelter killed three people and left five others hospitalised, the Interfax news agency reported
Thursday. The accident took place on the outskirts of the Black Sea port city Sevastopol, on the site of World War Two-era fortifications. Two of the dead were a
pair of youths who had broken into a bomb shelter in Sevastopol's Malakhov Kurgan suburb during the night. Home-made torches carried by the boys may have
contributed to the deaths, officials at Ukraine's Ministry of Emergency Situations said. The first person to discover the boys, a Sevastopol city policeman, also was
overcome by unknown fumes in the bomb shelter, and died. Five rescue workers called to the scene by the policemen suffered inhalation injuries and were receiving
treatment at a Sevastopol hospital. (Blue canaries!)

USA: Carolina - A coastal wildfire spread early Thursday toward one of the busiest tourist stretches in South Carolina after destroying more than three dozen homes.

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 22nd April 2009

COLOMBIA: Eight miners were killed and 10 others were injured on Tuesday in a cave-in at a gold mine in central Colombia, police have said. The gold mine
apparently collapsed because of unstable terrain, and authorities were investigating whether the mine was licensed to operate, the police spokesperson said.

INDIA: Odisha - As a killer heat wave continues to sweep most districts of Odisha, the authorities have ordered suspension of classes in all schools in the state from
Wednesday. A total of 26 deaths, allegedly due to sunstrokes, have been reported from different regions of the state so far.

NIGERIA: No fewer than 40 persons were feared burnt to death in a pipeline explosion in Lagos, Nigeria on Sunday evening.  The incident was reportedly to have
occurred at about 6:00 p.m. local time at Iyana Odo village after Ilado, a village about 25 miles east of Nigeria's commercial hub.

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 21st April 2009

No information posted

Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 20th April 2009

CHINA: More than 15,000 people have been affected by an earthquake, measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale, in northwest China, the Sina news portal said on Monday.
The earthquake hit China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region midday Sunday. As a result, 3,200 houses were destroyed and damage is estimated at around $8
million, the news portal said.

TURKEY: A 29-year old man became the second victim of Hanta virus in Turkey's Black Sea province of Zonguldak, reported on Monday. A research hospital in the
province is continuing to treat five others suspected of suffering the affects of the deadly virus. The virus, which is carried by rodents and causes epidemic
hemorrhagic fever and severe respiratory infections in humans, claimed its first known victim in Turkey in February, raising public concern about this relatively
unknown threat.

USA: California - The city of Berkeley is testing more than 200 students and faculty at Cal Berkeley to see if they are infected with tuberculosis, after someone on
campus was diagnosed with the disease. The roughly 225 students and faculty received an email Wednesday, advising them that they may have been exposed.

IRAN: A gas explosion has torn through a coalmine near the town of Zarand in the southern Iranian province of Kerman, killing 12 people. Following investigations,
Zarand's governor Hassan Rahmani described a buildup of methane gas as the cause of the explosion.

AUSTRIA: Up to 15 people were feared to be buried by an avalanche that went off on Sunday in the Hinterstoder skiing area in Austria, according to media reports.
After backcountry skiers saw the incident and alerted police at around 10:30 local time, rescue teams and several helicopters were dispatched to the avalanche site in
the Upper Austria province. Information about the exact number of victims and their condition was not immediately available.

Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 19th April 2009

INDONESIA: 6.4 earthquake within last hour.

RUSSIA: A strong undersea earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.4 jolted the far north of Japan and Russia's far east early on Sunday, a Japanese
government agency reported.

USA: The operator of the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant says a small quantity of a low-level radioactive substance found last week in a concrete cable vault is
confined to the plant site. Officials at the plant, near the Jersey Shore, told the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that detectable levels of tritium had been found
Wednesday while workers replaced a cable to a water pump. Tim Rausch, Oyster Creek's site vice president, said the release posed no threat to public or employee
health or safety. Plant engineers and environmental experts were working to determine the source of the water containing the tritium. They believe it may have
trickled into the vault by following underground electrical conduits that pass near a condensation tank.

ROMANIA: As a result of pipeline break accidental pollution of the Secu River happened at the cuttings cleaning of a mining enterprise near Baia Borsa city, Romania.
The Secu River is a tributary of the Cisla River. This tributary goes into the Viseu River the left tributary of the Tisza River, the biggest artery of Transcarpathian
Region. The distance from the place where accident happened to Ukrainian-Romanian frontier amounts to 72 km, that is why trans-border pollution of surface water
reached Ukraines border very quickly. Polluting agents of heavy metals, particularly, zinc, iron, copper concentration registered above public safety levels.

CHINA: A warehouse explosion killed 18 people and injured six at a coal mine in central China, state television said Saturday. The blast in remote mountainous Hunan
province Friday afternoon also left two missing. Television footage showed the building was almost flattened by the blast, with a truck 50 meters away bent out of
shape. The report said police are investigating whether explosives were stored illegally in the warehouse at the Daling mine in Yongxing county.

AFGHANISTAN: Two earthquakes shook eastern Afghanistan early Friday, collapsing mud-brick homes on top of villagers while they slept and killing at least 21
people. The quakes hit four villages in the high mountains of the eastern province of Nangarhar, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) from the Pakistan border.

EGYPT: The ministry of health has announced that 25 years old Hadia Salah Ragab from Al-Marg "Cairo" has been infected by H5N1. She has become no.65 in the
Human infection roll in Egypt.

Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 18th April 2009

No information posted

Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 17th April 2009

AFGHANISTAN: Two earthquakes killed at least 22 people and destroyed several hundred homes when they struck two hours apart in eastern Afghanistan, local
authorities said Friday. The quakes hit overnight the district of Khogyani in Nangarhar province near the Pakistan border and where police launched rescue efforts
searching for more dead and injured under the rubble of pancaked homes.

BOLIVIA: Bolivia is experiencing the worst outbreak of dengue fever in decades, with more than 50,000 people infected. The epidemic has also spread to
neighbouring Argentina. Eastern Bolivia and northern Argentina - regions that generally have poorly equipped hospitals - are worst affected. Bolivia says 22 people
have died, but a UN official said today the number is more likely to be in the hundreds.

RUSSIA: A Chinese women who suddenly died on a Russian train this week in the country's Far East was not struck down by the SARS virus, said a top Russian
health official on Friday. Russian health authorities have quarantined 53 people from the same train while they investigate the cause of the illness after the woman died
on the way to Moscow from the city of Blagoveshchensk on the border with China.

PERU: Up to 60 people are feared dead after a landslide engulfed 25 houses in the region of La Libertad in northwestern Peru, the country's RPP radio said on Friday.

ITALY: The death toll from last week's earthquake in central Italy has risen to 295 following the death of a 19-year-old who succumbed to his injuries, Italian radio
reported Friday.

ARGENTINA: Health Minister Graciela Ocana said Wednesday that a dengue outbreak in the country has worsened to an epidemic, as nearly 8,000 people are
officially reported to be infected with the disease.

CHILE: Some of the same southern Chile beaches that were littered two weeks ago with the corpses of more than 1,000 penguins are now blanketed by dead
sardines. In the past few days, literally tons of sardines have washed ashore along a 10-kilometer stretch in Region IX, prompting regional authorities on Wednesday
to declare a health alert. More dead fish appear to be heading for coast.

BRAZIL: On Wednesday afternoon the Maringa municipality decided to indefinitely close the Inga Park to the public. The park closure is due to the death of 8
primates with suspected yellow fever [virus infection] in the last 15 days.

Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 10th - Thursday 16 April 2009

No information available

Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 9th April 2009

MONGOLIA: Six Mongolian children were infected with hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD) in the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator, health officials said on Thursday.
The six children are kept in isolation wards in local hospital and measures have been taken to prevent the HFMD from further spreading, according to the Mongolian
General Authority for Emergency Management.

USA: Florida - Flooding has destroyed or caused major damage to at least 106 homes in North Florida and the Panhandle, and more overflows are threatened in the
Suwannee River valley, state officials said Wednesday. Officials closed U.S. Highway 90 at the Suwannee later Wednesday and said Interstate 10 could be next as the
river continues to rise. They added that 253 other roads and 23 bridges were closed Wednesday.

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 8th April 2009

MADAGASCAR: Aid agencies and Madagascar's disaster management authority, which has been paralyzed by months of political turmoil, are scrambling to asses the
damage after tropical cyclone "Jade" struck. Three people were killed and 800 made homeless by tropical cyclone Jade.

PHILIPPINES: An explosion caused a factory to collapse north of Manila, killing twelve workers. Another eight workers were wounded when a boiler machine blew
up, apparently accidentally, at the factory in Santa Maria township in Bulacan province, police Senior Superintendent Allen Bantolo said.

ITALY: A 5.6-magnitude aftershock Tuesday evening hit the same central Italian region devastated by Monday's earthquake, sending people screaming and
scrambling for cover. The death toll from Italy's worst earthquake in three decades has now climbed to 235, with about 1,500 people injured, 100 of them seriously,
according to the ANSA news agency. At least 100 people have been pulled from the debris alive, including Eleonora Calesini, a 20-year-old student who was found in
the ruins of a five-storey building in central L'Aquila, 42 hours after the quake hit.

DUBAI: Beaches in the Gulf tourism hub of Dubai have been plagued by a bloom of algae known as the "red tide" that has killed fish and is potentially harmful to
humans, a municipality official said on Tuesday.

CHINA: The death toll in China from a highly contagious disease which is especially dangerous for young children has risen to at least 31 so far this year, government
and state media said Tuesday.
However, the figure includes only deaths of children in Henan province in the north and a single city in eastern Shandong province, suggesting the nationwide toll
from hand, foot and mouth disease could be even higher.

CHINA: More than 4,000 people were affected by flash flooding in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region after ice on the surrounding mountains melted
with the rising temperature, local authorities said Tuesday. A total of 1,163 households and 4,134 residents in Arxan City have been affected as of Tuesday morning,
said Gao Chen, vice commander-in-chief of the city's flood control and drought relief headquarters.

AUSTRIA: An avalanche on Monday stranded 60 people in the area of Muhr in Lungau in western Austria, the Austrian TV ORF reported on Tuesday. It was the
second time the avalanche has hit the area in three days, where the street was covered by snow of eight meters' thick and 80 meters' long. The snow cannot be
removed from the street since there might be more avalanches.

USA: Kentucky - State and federal authorities are investigating an outbreak of bird flu on a poultry farm in western Kentucky. State Veterinarian Robert C. Stout said
the strain discovered is "nonpathogenic or low-pathogenic" and poses a minimal risk to human health. Stout said it is not the "high pathogenic strain" associated with
human and poultry deaths in other countries.

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 7th April 2009

ITALY: Death tool mounts as after shocks hit the cenntral italian region devastated by the earthquake. 179 people are beleived to have died but this number may still
rise. Injured are said to be 1500+.

ANGOLA: The European Union Member States, through the Community Civil Protection Mechanism, have come to the aid of Namibia, following the worst floods in
the country in decades. More than 350,000 citizens have been affected and some 13,000 displaced.

SCOTLAND: Four police officers were being treated in hospital today after a man apparently died from exposure to an industrial chemical. The officers are under
observation at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary following the incident at Berwick upon Tweed in Northumberland last night. A man, who has not been identified, was
discovered seriously ill in a car parked in a lay-by at Cocklawburn Beach shortly before 8pm. A metal container in his car appeared to be letting out a noxious
substance, described by police as an industrial chemical.

ARGENTINA: Argentine health authorities confirmed Monday that there are 69 cases of dengue in the country's capital Buenos Aires. The infected people have either
traveled to Bolivia or to the 19 provinces where the epidemic was spreading, said the officials. The number of dengue cases in the country have reached 5,000,
according to official data.

UGANDA: Hunger is becoming a growing concern in parts of the northern district of Amuru after a hailstorm destroyed crops, killed livestock and left at least 10,000
people affected in an area recovering from a long dry spell.

Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 6th April 2009

ITALY: At least 90 people were killed and 30 were missing in an 6.7 earthquake that struck central Italy as most people lay sleeping early Monday, and the death toll
was expected to rise as many homes collapsed in the Abruzzo region. At least 100.000 people homeless.

ANGOLA: Aid agencies warned Friday that devastating floods that have hit 220,000 people in Angola could cause food shortages in a country where farming remains
poor after decades of war. A UN report also warned that water-borne diseases like cholera pose a threat, with 600 cases diagnosed in the first 10 weeks of the year.

CHINA: Rescuers found the bodies of five miners and were searching for seven others in a flooded colliery in northeast China, state media said Sunday, in the latest
accident to hit the country's coal industry.

RUSSIA: Russian officials shut down the nuclear power station at Kalinin, in the northwest Tver region of Russia, because of a faulty turbine, the Interfax agency
reported Friday, citing officials at the station.

JAPAN: An earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale occurred in Kyushu, Japan 5:41 p.m. Sunday (0941GMT), according to a bulletin released by the Hong
Kong Observatory on Sunday. The epicenter was initially determined to be 32.0 degrees north latitude and 131.8 degrees east longitude, about 120 kilometers
east-northeast of Kagoshima, Japan.

GERMANY: 17000 turkeys will be culled on a fattening unit in the district of Kleve after a preliminary test revealed the presence of an LPAI H7 virus. The H7
subtype of avian influenza is probably a virus with low morbidity and mortality rate for poultry, as the district of Kleve on Friday [3 Apr 2009] announced. Further
samples are investigated by the NRL (Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut) on the island of Riems and results are expected early next week [beginning 6 Apr 2009]. The
application of further precautionary measures, such as implementation of restriction zones, and their scope depend upon the laboratory results.

Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 5th April 2009

INDIA: At least 14 people including two women were killed after drinking illegally brewed poisonous alcohol in India's north-eastern state of Assam, a news report
said Sunday. The deaths occurred in the Saboti area in the Lakhimpur district, some 400 kilometres east of state capital Guwahati, Saturday night, the PTI news
agency reported quoting official sources. Thirteen villagers who were seriously ill after consuming the alcohol were admitted to different state-run hospitals in the
area. Doctors said the death toll could rise. Illicit liquor is a thriving business in India because it is much cheaper than legal alcohol, but bad brews cause scores of
deaths each year, mostly in the eastern and southern regions.

ANTACTIC: A huge ice shelf is close to breaking away from part of the Antarctic Peninsula, according to reports by the European Space Agency on Friday.
<b>Satellite images taken on April 2 by ESA confirm that the rifts are quickly expanding along the ice bridge that connects the Wilkins Ice Shelf to Charcot and
Latady Islands, the Paris-based agency said in a press release.

EYGPT: Confirmation from the Health Ministry in Egypt has come through regarding the death of an Egyptian boy from the bird flu virus. A Health Ministry
spokesman explained that the two year old boy lived in the northern Egyptian province of Beheira about 80 miles north of Cairo. Egypt has been hit by the bird flu
virus many times and this case brings the number of human infections in the country to 61 and the number of deaths up to 23.

CHILE: The reactivation of the Llaima volcano some 600 kilometers (323 miles) south of Santiago sparked the declaration of a red alert and orders to evacuate local

TONGA: Tropical Cyclone Lin made a direct hit on Tonga this morning. It is a Category Two storm, with winds of 100 kilometres an hour and gusts of 150
kilometres an hour. Weather Analyst Philip Duncan says the cyclone has enough power to cause damage. He says because it is passing directly over Tonga it will
cause a storm surge, with very large waves and very high tides. There is no information on the storm from the kingdom itself so far. Fiji's Meterological Office says
flooding caused by storm surges is likely in the wake of the cyclone. Mr Duncan expects the cyclone's track will take it well east of New Zealand.

USA: Texas - Parts of the Texas town of Wheeler were evacuated Saturday as strong, shifting winds fanned wildfires that had already destroyed three buildings, law
enforcement officials said.

NICARAGUA: An epidemic of pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough may be responsible for the deaths of at least 4 children with 70 others affected in the
Amak area, on the Bocay River in Jinotega, according to a warning by Jose Luis Rodriguez, pastor of the Council of Pro-Denominational Alliance Churches (CEPAD).

BANGLADESH: At least 50 people sustained injuries, and hundreds of homes and trees were ravaged, as a tropical storm hit Jamalpur and Sirajganj in the early hours
of Saturday. Some 30 were injured as over two hundred houses were damaged in eight villages of Sarishabari Upazila, Jamalpur.

ITALY: Italian police have found more than 100 immigrants, including 24 Afghan children, living in the sewer system beneath railway stations in Rome. The children
range in age from 10 to 15 years and are now being looked after by the city's social services.

Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 4th April 2009

No information posted

Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 3rd April 2009

USA: Washington State - A mudslide has hit eight waterfront homes on Whidbey Island near Clinton. Sheriff Mark Brown says water that backed up in a blocked
culvert broke through a road about 7 a.m. Friday and carried debris downhill to Puget Sound. He says the water flooded the eight homes and caused some foundation
damage. Brown says residents had been evacuated overnight because of the danger, and no one is injured.

ENGLAND: Traces of Legionnaire's disease have been discovered at a busy London train station. Evidence of the potentially-deadly infection, which can cause
pneumonia, was discovered at men's toilets at Ealing Broadway station in West London. The station is used by commuters on the London Underground, the
Heathrow Connect and First Great Western's services to Reading and Oxford. Six women and one man died, with another 172 needing treatment, during the UK's
most severe outbreak of the disease in 2002, in Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria.

ZAMBIA: Bubonic Plague has broken out in Kabulamwanda ward in Namwala. District with six people admitted to the District Hospital with the disease. District
Director of Health, Dr Davy Kaile, confirmed to ZANIS yesterday that blood samples taken from the three patients were taken to Lusaka for testing and the results
were positive.

USA: Louisianna - A tornado touched down in Watson and high winds knocked power out at 35,000 homes and businesses in Baton Rouge and vicinity Thursday,
officials said.

AFGHANISTAN: Flash floods in different parts of the country over the past week have killed at least five and damaged hundreds of houses, Afghanistan's National
Disasters Management Authority has said. Avalanches in Daykundi Province, central Afghanistan, killed one woman and three children, while floods in Kandahar and
Herat provinces killed one child and damaged over 500 houses and agriculture land, officials said.

Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 2nd April 2009

BELGIUM: A large explosion destroyed an industrial bakery in the town of Niel, in Northern Belgium. The roof collapsed and the building burst into flames, injuring
26 workers and killing at least one.

CYPRUS: Four Cyprus youths were critically injured while inflating gas balloons following an explosion caused by one of them lighting a cigarette. The blast
occurred in the Larnaca district village of Agios Theodoros on Tuesday night when four home made balloons they were making with gas exploded in the room of an
abandoned house. Two other youths suffered serious burns. The group were making the balloons as part of a long term tradition of the village to honour
Wednesday's anniversary of the start of the liberation struggle against British rule.

EGYPT: An Egyptian toddler has contracted bird flu, the 61th recorded case since the first outbreak of the disease in the country in 2006, state-news agency MENA
reported on Wednesday.

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 1st April 2009

SCOTLAND: Helicopter ditches in North Sea. About 16 people were believed to be on board the aircraft and Aberdeen Coastguard said a major rescue operation was
under way. The incident happened about 35 miles east of Crimond in Aberdeenshire at about 1400 BST. The operation includes two RAF rescue helicopters and a
Nimrod, as well as two lifeboats. Fishing boats are also in the area. The crash comes less than two months after a helicopter with 18 people on board ditched in the
Etap field 125 miles east of Aberdeen.

MOLDOVA: A gas pipeline explosion occurred Wednesday morning in southern Moldova, and Russia's gas supplies to the Balkans were suspended after the incident.
The blast took place at about 05:30 local time (GMT 03:30) in the southern district of Causeni, between the localities Copanca and Chitcani. The explosion left a
100-meter wide crater on the ground, said the spokesperson, adding that no one wounded in the blast.

ENGLAND: Major demonstrations focused around G20 Summit have disrupted travel and business in London today. More are expected tomorrow. Thus far they
have been well contained with only 20 arrests so far. 11 of those arrested were aboard an old Armoured Personnel Carrier painted Police Blue that tried to enter the
city. They were wearing one piece dark blue / black overalls and caps similar to police uniform .... well it is Aripl Fools Day!

AUSTRALIA: NSW - Flood-ravaged towns on the Australia's New South Wales (NSW) mid-north coast was declared natural disaster zones on Wednesday. "The
declaration will provide for a range of assistance to people who have suffered property damage, including residents, councils, business owners and primary
producers," NSW Emergency Services Minister Steve Whan said in a statement. Whan has visited flood-affected areas on Wednesday and declared the Coffs
Harbour, Nambucca and Bellingen local government areas natural disaster zones.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: A strong earthquake of 6.3-magnitude hit Papua New Guinea on Wednesday, the US Geological Survey said.

INDIA: At least 12 people were killed and more than 150 others injured this evening as a tornado wrought havoc and left trails of devastation at villages in Rajkanika
block of Orissa's Kendrapara district.

ARGENTINA: Two women from the Argentina's northern province of Chaco died after receiving medical treatment for dengue for several days, the Health Ministry
said on Tuesday. Local inhabitants said the situation in the province is getting worse every day, blaming Chaco's governor Jorge Capitanich for hiding the real
information on dengue cases.
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