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Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 31st July 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 30th July 2009

USA: The area of forest burnt by wildfires in the United States is set to increase by over 50% by 2050, according to research by climate scientists. The study
predicts that the worst affected areas will be the forests in the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains, where the area of forest destroyed by wildfire is
predicted to increase by 78% and 175% respectively.

SOUTH AMERICA: Governments worldwide are worried about swine flu but the worst-hit region by far is Latin America, which accounts for around two-thirds of
the deaths from the disease. The outlook is especially unsettling for the estimated 380 million people grappling with winter in South America, where the A(H1N1)
virus is speedily propagating.

RUSSIA: Two generators at Russia's Kola nuclear power plant near Murmansk, in the far northwest, were shut down due to a fault in the anti-fire system, energy
group Energoatom said Wednesday. The shutdown took place late Tuesday and one of the generators went back on line Wednesday morning, the group said in a

CANADA: Farmers west of Prince Albert are on high alert after anthrax showed up on a farm in the area. According to the International Society of Infectious
Diseases, a cow died from anthrax last week in the rural municipality of Canwood.

USA: New York - Heavy rains whipped through Ulster, Columbia and Berkshire Counties yesterday afternoon, resulting in flash flooding in several towns. The
hardest-hit Berkshire town was Williamstown.

SCOTLAND: A potentially large oil spill has been contained at the Faslane Naval Base on the Clyde, the MoD has said. About 100,000 litres leaked out of pipes into
concrete ducts during a fuel transfer at the base, near Helensburgh. Warning alarms sounded at the same time as staff noticed the speed the storage tanks were filling
was not as fast as it should be, at around 1140 BST. The diesel fuel was being transferred from the Garelochhead Oil Fuel Depot to storage tanks on the Faslane base.

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 29th July 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 28th July 2009

SOUTHERN EUROPE: Firefighters battled blazes in five countries along the northern Mediterranean rim Sunday, slowly gaining the upper hand after an exhausting
week that left eight people dead. Tens of thousands of hectares of countryside have been devastated mainly in Italy, Spain, France and Greece with initial estimates
suggesting that the insurance bill may already run into hundreds of millions of euros.

USA: Louisiana - The Eugene Island pipeline has been shut down pending repairs after a leak spilled 1,400 barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana,
Shell Pipeline Co said Monday.

ETHIOPIA: A mysterious disease has killed 18 people and affected around 150 others in central Ethiopia, the UN humanitarian office said Monday.

JAPAN: A tornado left more than 10 people injured and blew the roofs off structures yesterday in Gunma prefecture north of Tokyo.

TURKS & CAICOS: At least two die and 113 are rescued after a boat carrying up to 200 Haitian migrants capsizes off the Turks and Caicos coast.

Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 26th July 2009


Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 26th July 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 25th July 2009

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: A strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 struck off Papua New Guinea's island of Bougainville on Saturday but there were no immediate
reports of any damage, seismologists said. The tremor, which struck at 11:42am local time (1:42am GMT), was about 50 miles west of Arawa city at a depth of 40
miles, according the US Geological Survey.

CENTRAL EUROPE: At least six people died in Poland and the Czech Republic Thursday and dozens were injured after heavy storms and torrential rain felled trees,
electricity poles and ripped off roofs. Five people died across Poland -- four of them killed by uprooted trees, officials told the PAP news agency. One person
drowned in the southeastern region of Wroclaw, the country's fourth largest city.

WEST COAST NORTH AMERICA: The potential for a huge Pacific Ocean tsunami on the West Coast of America may be greater than previously thought,
according to a new study of geological evidence along the Gulf of Alaska coast. The new research suggests that future tsunamis could reach a scale far beyond that
suffered in the tsunami generated by the great 1964 Alaskan earthquake.

ARABIA: Arab health ministers agreed on Wednesday to ban certain people including the elderly and young children from pilgrimage to Mecca in an effort to contain
the spread of swine flu.

IRELAND: Thunder storms and torrential rain caused major traffic disruption yesterday as some roads were closed due to flooding. Flash-flooding in the
Crumlin/Drimnagh area of Dublin resulted in the closure of the Long Mile Road for a number of hours. The Naas Road and Walkinstown roundabout were also
flooded, causing havoc for commuters.

CHINA: Three people died and 12 others were injured after fallen rocks smashed a bridge early Saturday in southwest China's Wenchuan County, the epicenter of
last year's devastating earthquake. Vehicles plunged into the Minjiang River when huge rocks washed off by continuous heavy rains from a nearby mountain hit and
broke a bridge pier at about 5 a.m., destroying the Chediguan Bridge which they were riding on.

COLOMBIA: A landslide in impoverished western Colombia killed 5 people as they panned for gold in a river near the Pacific coast and about 25 more prospectors
were missing in the disaster, local officials said on Friday.

JAPAN: A new spell of torrential rain has unleashed floods and landslides in southern Japan overnight, killing at least four people, police said Saturday. Torrential rain
hit Japan's southern main island of Kyushu Friday, causing mudslides and flooding rivers and streets.

SOUTHERN EUROPE: Thousands of firefighters are battling to bring under control summer wildfires that are spreading across parts of southern Europe. At least
eight people have died in fires that have struck Spain, France, Greece and the Italian island of Sardinia in the past few days.

IRAN: A passenger plane has burst into flames on landing at an airport in northern Iran, killing at least 17 passengers, state media has reported. The burning plane
skidded off the runway of the airport in the city of Mashhad, said the IRNA news agency.

PAKISTAN: At least 15,000 people have been made homeless after heavy rains caused a breach in a dam under construction in Pakistan's Balochistan province. More
than a dozen villages in Barkhan district were flooded as monsoon rains lashed the region.

Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 24th July 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 23rd July 2009

LATVIA: A chemical spill in the Latvian capital, Riga, on Thursday morning saw several hundred people evacuated from areas near the city's port amid fears of a
possible explosion, reportedon Thursday. A passenger ferry arriving from Stockholm was also diverted to a berth away from its usual place near the city centre on
the River Daugava. Travellers were bussed into Riga.

ENGLAND: A major pollution probe has been launched after around 5,000 fish were discovered dead near Carlisle. Environment Agency experts were today trying to
find out what killed the fish in Brunstock Beck, Houghton. They also want to determine whether any other wildlife in the area could have been harmed. Hundreds of
salmon, trout and grayling are among those which have died along a 6km stretch of water.

SWEDEN: Swedish rescuers say two passenger ferries have collided in a port south of Stockholm, injuring several people. Maritime Rescue Coordination Center
spokesman Jonas Malmstedt says the ferries Gotland and Gotlandia II crashed Thursday in Nynashamn, about 35 miles (60 kilometers) from Stockholm. It's not
clear how many people were injured, but Malmstedt says some of the injuries appear serious.

CHINA: Chinese state media says at least 53 people are missing after a landslide hit a county in Sichuan province in the country's southwest. The landslide was
triggered by heavy rain in Kangding county. It did not immediately give any other details.

INDIA: Sea waves measuring up to 5.1 metres lashed Mumbai and other places in the Konkan region, flooding homes of people living in the coastal areas here
Thursday afternoon, civic officials said. The highest tide in last 100 years — measuring up to 5.5 metres — is forecast for Friday.

BANGLADESH: Authorities in Bangladesh have launched an investigation into a pharmaceutical company after the deaths of at least 23 children in the past month
who had been given a syrup containing painkillers, newspaper reports said Thursday. The children, aged 8 months to 13 years, died of kidney failure at hospitals in

GREECE: A 35-year-old woman was killed and 26 people injured, one seriously, following an ammonia leak at a yeast-processing plant on the outskirts of Kozani, in
northern Greece, yesterday afternoon. The source and cause of the toxic gas leak at the factory had not been determined by late yesterday, though initial reports
indicated that it had come from a high-pressure safety valve.

MALDIVES: A viral fever is swiftly spreading across all the atolls of the country, the Health Ministry has said. According to the Ministry’s Centre for Community
Health and Disease Control has said that in addition to viral fevers, there were reports that flu, diarrhea, and dengue fever was also spreading swiftly in many islands
of the Maldives.

SPAIN: A cloud of nitric acid from the Ercros factory in Tarragona forced hundreds of local residents to stay in their houses this lunchtime. The cloud of orange
gas, which has not caused any injuries, could be seen from various locations in Tarragona and alarms were activated both at the factory and at the university to warn
people to stay inside with their doors and windows shut.

TURKEY: The Black Sea region has been assaulted with heavy rainfall that has flooded countless homes and workplaces in one of the worst natural disasters to ever
strike the region. Heavy rains in Giresun on Tuesday morning lasted about five-and-a-half hours but flooded virtually the entire city, with the Great and Lesser Güre
rivers breaking their banks, sweeping approximately 150 motor vehicles into the Black Sea.

FRANCE: More than 300 people were evacuated from their homes on the outskirts of Marseille as bush fires started by a military exercise neared the southern
French city, officials said on Wednesday. Around 420 hectares of bush was burning by 8 p.m. (1800 GMT) when between 300 and 350 people were evacuated from
the Trois-Ponts area, around 5 km from the center of Marseille, police said. About 170 firefighters backed by helicopters and waterbombing aircraft were fighting the

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 22nd July 2009

SPAIN: Four firefighters were killed and two seriously injured Tuesday as they battled a wildfire in northeastern Spain, while several other blazes raged across the
country, local officials said. The firefighters appeared to have been surprised by a sudden change in wind direction which revived the blaze that has burned in a
mountainous area of the Els Port park near Tarragona in the region of Catalonia since Monday. (Our thoughts are with the family, friends and colleagues of our fallen
EM professionals)

AFGHANISTAN: A timber market caught fire in the Afghan capital Kabul early Wednesday causing huge damage to the location. The Inside the market there were
several stores of liquid gas and oxygen.

EGYPT: Egypt has become the latest country to warn vulnerable Muslims against pilgrimage to Mecca, after an Egyptian woman back from Saudi Arabia became the
first swine flu death in the Middle East and Africa.

JAPAN: A series of mudslides have killed four people and left five missing and two hospitalized Tuesday in the city of Hofu, Yamaguchi Prefecture, a local fire
department said. The Yamaguchi prefectural government asked the Self-Defense Forces to dispatch a rescue unit to a nursing home for the elderly, one of the
locations hit by the mudslides.

ENGLAND: Up to 80 people have been evacuated from their homes after a "severe" fire broke out overnight at a recycling plant. The blaze began on Western Way in
Moxley, Walsall, West Midlands, shortly before 4am and firefighters cordoned off the area due to the presence of a large quantity of asbestos at the site. Police
evacuated residents while dozens of firefighters tackled the flames.

PAKISTAN: An illegal four-storey under-construction building collapsed in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi on Tuesday night, killing 11 persons, reported
Wednesday. The building was being constructed in violation of the city's building rules and regulations.

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 21st July 2009

It's been a abd weather 24 hours so I can't report all the Tornado, Storms and Flash floods around the world today..... USA, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines etc...

CANADA: British Columbia - Raging forest fires in western Canada have forced 10,000 people to evacuate their homes with thousands more poised to flee the flames
that began consuming thousands of acres at the weekend.

SWINE FLU: UK & RUSSIA - Britain announced plans Monday to vaccinate half the population against swine flu by year's end as Russian health officials warned the
virus was now affecting all parts of Europe's largest country.

MONGOLIA: More than 20 people died and hundreds were made homeless as the worst flooding to hit Mongolia in decades wreaked havoc on the landlocked nation,
an international aid group said Monday.

INDIA: At least 10 people were killed when a blaze destroyed a fireworks plant in southern India, the second such fire in two weeks. Twenty-eight people were
injured in the fire which erupted yesterday in the town of Sivakasi, India's leading fireworks manufacturing centre. Thirteen of those hurt were in hospital with
severe burns.

SOUTH AFRICA: A company says nine of its workers have died when the roof of the mine shaft they were working in collapsed and trapped them about half a mile
(1 kilometer) underground in South Africa. Impala Platinum says the accident occurred Monday at 14 Shaft in Rustenburg, a platinum-rich town northwest of

CHINA: Two people are dead and another 12 are missing after a landslide triggered high waves on a river in southwest China's Yunnan Province, local authorities
said Tuesday. About 13 hectares of land slid into the Lancang River, the upper reaches of the Mekong, at about 3 a.m. Monday in the Xiaowan Hydropower Station
reservoir area in Fengqing County, Lincang City. The rocks and mud produced waves up to 30 meters high, engulfing 14 farmers working in a temporary camp
along the river.

TURKEY: Two women from the Central Anatolian province of Corum who had been receiving treatment for Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) in Ankara
died on Sunday. Ayse Cicek, 25, who lived in Corum's Sungurlu district, was discovered to be carrying the CCHF virus at Çorum State Hospital.

Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 20th July 2009

PAKISTAN: National Institute of Health (NIH), Islamabad, has confirmed existence of the bacterium Vibrio Cholerae that causes cholera in the federal capital and in
camps setup for internally displaced persons (IDPs) at Mardan, Nowshera and Charsadda.

INDIA: Two children are down with suspected cholera in Ambedkar Nagar at Cuffe Parade, where civic health officials have screened more than 7,000 people for
water-borne diseases. At least 70 cases of diarrhoea, vomiting and fever have been reported from the area. Civic officials suspect contaminated water supplied by
private tankers led to the outbreak.

BRAZIL: Four people died and five others were hurt early Sunday when an apartment building in southern Brazil collapsed, media reported. The three-story
residence, which contained between 12 and 15 apartments, was located in Capao da Canoa, a seaside town in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul.

NORTH KOREA: Heavy downpours have hit the capital and other parts of North Korea, reported Sunday, raising the specter of a repeat of massive floods two years
ago that left hundreds of people dead and devastated farmlands.

INDONESIA: 5.1 Earthquake shakes Sumbawa Besar, Propinsi Nusa Tenggara Barat.

CANADA: British Columbia - More than 4,700 homes remain evacuated in West Kelowna, affecting approximately 11,000 people as two forest fires continue to burn
in the Glenrosa/Westbank and Rose Valley areas of the municipality, located across Okanagan Lake from Kelowna.

PAKISTAN: Torrential monsoon rain in the southern Pakistani metropolis of Karachi has killed at least 26 people and cut power to most of the city, a relief agency
said. The rain flooded low-lying parts of the city, damaging hundreds of homes, downing power lines and inundating power grid stations. Virtually all of the city was
left without electricity on Saturday night, but power was gradually being restored.

AUSTRIA: The southeastern Austrian city of Graz was declared a disaster zone after sudden heavy rain Saturday, with appeals to the population not to allow children
or animals out of the house. The sudden rain swelled the many streams around the Styrian capital, causing them to burst their banks and flood the city. All fire crews
were called in to carry out pumping operations. Recent sunshine and temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius suddenly changed Friday into torrential rain and
temperatures of 15 degrees. Cellars were flooded, branches of trees broke away dangerously and the snowline in nearby mountains fell to 1,500 metres.

LIBYA: A Libyan health official reported that one person has died and two others were infected with the bubonic plague in the eastern town of Tobruk, not far from
the Egyptian border.

SWINE FLU: Swine flu has swept the globe at "unprecedented speed," the World Health Organisation said Friday, as a study warned the pandemic could tip the
world into deflation and delay the economic recovery.

BANGLADESH: Bangladesh made an international appeal Sunday for 1.15 billion dollars to help one million families affected by Cyclone Aila that hit the country and
part of India in May.

Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 19th July 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 18th July 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 17th July 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 16th July 2009

TURKEY: Four people died and three others went missing Wednesday in flash floods triggered by torrential rains across Turkey's mountainous Black Sea coast,
emergency officials said. Two of the victims were killed in Savsat, a town in the northeastern province of Artvin, when a river burst its bank and swept away a
house, two bridges and two barns, a statement from the emergency situations agency.

AUSTRALIA: Australia's swine flu cases topped 10,000 Wednesday as officials in the worst-hit Asia-Pacific country reported two more deaths and warned the virus
"preferred young people." Health Minister Nicola Roxon said the national tally was now 10,387, more than 10 percent of the global total confirmed by the World
Health Organization with 123 people in hospital.

INDIA: Heavy monsoon rains have brought relief to India's financial and entertainment capital Mumbai, helping to ease a water shortage but causing flooding in many
parts of the city and travel chaos. A lack of consistent rain since the start of the monsoon season in June left levels dangerously low at the lakes that supply the city
with 3.3 billion litres (872 billion US gallons) a day.

SPAIN: A wildfire sweeping across southern Spain forced authorities to evacuate around 500 people overnight in the country's first big blaze of the year, firefighters
and local officials said Wednesday. Dozens of firefighters backed by 12 water-dropping planes and 13 helicopters were battling the blaze in the Sierra Cabrera
between Turre and Mojacar in the province of Almeria.

NEW ZEALAND: A powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck off the southwest coast of New Zealand on Wednesday, seismologists said, prompting a brief
tsunami warning but no casualties or major damage have yet  been reported. The epicentre of the undersea quake was located about 160 kilometres (100 miles) west
of the city of Invercargill, on South Island, at a depth of about 35 kilometres, the US Geological Survey reported. It struck at 0922 GMT.

FRANCE: A blast at a Total petrochemicals plant in eastern France killed two people, injured five and left others buried under rubble on Wednesday, officials said. A
score of fire engines and 50 firefighters were sent to the plant in Carling near the German border after the blast in a steam-cracking furnace which damaged
equipment but did not cause a fire, they said.

RUSSIA: Russian authorities were scrambling Tuesday to contain a major oil spill on the Volga River after a barge ran aground when its captain fell asleep. The barge
spilled two tonnes of oil products into Europe's longest river when it ran aground early Monday, creating a 12-kilometre (7.5 mile) slick, the emergency situations
ministry said.

FRANCE: A stage being constructed for a concert by pop star Madonna in France has collapsed, killing one person and injuring six, police say. Technicians were
setting up the stage at the Velodrome stadium in Marseille when the accident occurred at around 1715 (1515 GMT). The concert, planned for Sunday, 19 July, has
now been cancelled, officials announced.

NAMIBIA: Eight deaths and 56 suspected meningitis cases have been reported in the Oshikango Constituency of the Ohangwena Region this week. Of the suspected
cases, 15 have been confirmed positive. In response to the outbreak, the Ministry of Health has dispatched 80 000 meningitis vaccine doses to the North this week,
and has launched a vaccination campaign in response to the highly infectious disease.

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 15th July 2009

No information posted

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 14th July 2009

ICELAND: The biggest glacier in the Arctic is on the verge of losing a chunk of ice the size of Manhattan. A group of scientists and climate change activists who are
closely monitoring the Petermann glacier's ice tongue believe the rapid flow of ice is in part due to warm ocean currents moving up along the coast of Greenland,
fuelled by global warming.

GLOBAL: The swine flu pandemic has grown "unstoppable" and all nations will need access to vaccines, a WHO official said Monday, as seven new deaths were
reported and a study raised fresh concerns.

INDONESIA: A strong 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck Indonesia's remote eastern Sumba island Monday.

KAZAKHSTAN: Crimea Congo hemorrhagic fever outbreak claims another victim.

TAIWAN: A magnitude 6.7 earthquake hit just off the coast of Taiwan at 2:05 a.m. Tuesday morning, east of the coastal city of Hua-lien, the China National
Seismological Network reported. The epicenter was only 6 kilometers deep, 60 kilometers from Hua-lien and 120 kilometers from Taipei, it said.

Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 13th July 2009

SOUTH AFRICA: Traffic chaos hit Cape Town's roads this morning as heavy flooding forced several road closures including parts of the M5 and slowed down
traffic along M3 highway leading into city. The Liesbeeck River burst its banks, causing traffic along the M5 incoming and outgoing lanes to be redirected along the
Koeberg Road interchange. The M5 had been closed since 8pm last night. Traffic authorities are not sure when the road will be opened. Sandbags have been lined up
along parts of the mountain on the M3 to slow down traffic.

THAILAND: Many areas in Thailand’s southern province of Phang Nga were under water after the torrential rains hit the southern region and caused flash flood
in many provinces over the weekend. The water level was increasing continuously in many areas in the province, particularly in Takua Pa district, after a dam build
to prevent flooding in the municipality was washed away by the flood. The huge volume of water which poured into the municipality carried away the dam and
damaged many structures inside the municipality and in surrounding areas.

ROMANIA: Train traffic was blocked on Monday morning between Sibiu and Brasov, Central Romania after a bridge was knocked over by heavy waters following
torrential downpours.

USA: Oregon - Seven people have been admitted to a hospital and another 14 have been treated following a carbon monoxide leak at a produce plant north of Salem.
Authoriteis say firefighters were called to Curry & Co. in Brooks after the leak was discovered. At the time, there were 40 workers at the plant, which was
evacuated. Seven workers reported minor injuries and were taken to Salem Hospital.

NEW ZEALAND: About 100 homes and businesses are still without power as the Far North recovers from a weekend of heavy rain and wind gusts reaching up to
140km an hour. More than 18,000 people were left without electricity and firefighters were inundated with calls about fallen trees and lifted roofs after the storm hit
on Friday night from Northland to Waikato.

NORWAY: Norwegian police say a large amount of oil has leaked from a cruise ship in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Geiranger fjord. Police spokesman Magne
Toennoey says authorities have managed to contain the oil in one spot to prevent it from spreading and will try to pump it out of the water. He couldn't say exactly
how much oil was in the water but said it was "a large amount clearly visible from land." Toennoey said the oil leaked from the Bahamas-registered cruise ship Spirit
of Adventure Sunday and that police will investigate the cause of the leak. The Geiranger fjord in southwestern Norway is one of country's most popular tourist sites
and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site together with Naeroey fjord since 2005.

UKRAINE: Rescuers are evacuating almost 400 workers from a coal mine in southeast Ukraine where a fire has broken out, the UNIAN news agency said on
Sunday. The fire at the Sukhodolskaya-Vostochnaya mine in the Lugansk Region occurred at 11:18 local time (08:18 GMT) on the mine's surface.

UKRAINE: Twenty two people, including six children, were hospitalized July 8-11 with severe food poisoning after eating at a café in Mukachevo, Zakarpattya
region, the press service of the Emergency Ministry said. All victims ate Banana Hill cakes made in the pastry shop at 39, Nedetsei Street, and sold to three local
cafes. The case follows a flurry of mass food poisonings in the Zakarpattya region. Days earlier, more than 60 children vacationing in the Perlyna Karpat sanatorium
were hospitalized. Several other poisoning cases which have affected dozens of people in the region have been reported in recent days.

BULGARIA: A pipe with radium particles, emanating radiation 200 times above the safety level, has been found near an apartment building in Sofia's Buhovo suburb.
The radioactive ampoule was located 50 cm below ground and is already removed and dismantled, while the authorities are investigating how the small metal pipe
ended in a populated residential area very close to a playground. The radiation was discovered accidently by the ecologist of the nearby steel mill "Kremikovtsi', who
had the habit to always carry a radiation meter. The ecologist had been taking a walk in the area when the tool alarmed him something was terribly wrong. The
radiation has been so high that the startled man immediately notified the authorities, who showed quick reaction and sealed off the area. According to Marina
Nizamska, employee of the Bulgarian Agency for Nuclear Regulation, the pipe most likely has been there since the time when uranium was extracted in the area. The
mine was closed 15 years ago, meaning the radiation had been around the unsuspecting Buhovo residents for all these years.

INDIA: Police say a bridge under construction in New Delhi has collapsed, killing three people and injuring 16 others.Police spokesman Mohammed Iqlaq said the
accident happened Sunday morning as workers lifted heavy concrete slabs for the bridge, part of the city's new metro rail system.

ENGLAND:  patient at a hospital in southeast England has become the first person in Britain without underlying health problems to die from swine flu.

USA: US President Barack Obama and top officials urged Americans Thursday to ramp up preparations against swine flu, warning that the virus could return with a
vengeance in the fall and pledging a huge campaign to beat it.

GLOBAL: US scientists on Thursday said that the El Nino warming trend of the Pacific Ocean waters has returned, bringing with it almost certain changes in
weather patterns around the world. The El Nino climatological effect -- the periodic warming of central and eastern tropical Pacific waters -- occurs on average
every two to five years and typically lasts about 12 months.

Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 12th July 2009

No information posted

Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 11th July 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 10th July 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 9th July 2009

CANADA: A "novel" influenza type A virus was confirmed in two hog farm workers in the central Canadian province of Saskatchewan, health authorities said
Tuesday, stressing the virus was "non-pandemic." "A novel non-pandemic influenza A virus has been confirmed in two hog farm workers in Saskatchewan and a
third case is under investigation."

CANADA: A deepening garbage strike now entering its third week is sullying Toronto's reputation as one of the world's cleanest cities, with overflowing trash cans
turning off tourists and residents alike. Public health concerns are mounting as the summer heats up.

SWEDEN: Sweden's nuclear safety authority has put the country's biggest nuclear power plant under observation after a series of incidents that could endanger
security, it said on Wednesday. The Ringhals plant in southwestern Sweden has four reactors and produces about 20 percent of all electricity used in Sweden.

CHINA: An earthquake on Thursday in southwestern China injured more than 330 people, 56 of them seriously, and damaged thousands of homes, state media and
seismologists said. The epicentre of the 5.5 magnitude quake was in Guantun, about 200 kilometres from Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, according to the
China National Seismological Network. Total of 336 people were injured by the quake and more than 2,700 homes destroyed, according to officials.

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 8th July 2009

No information posted

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 7th July 2009

USA: Alaska - On 7/6/2009 2:53:12 PM UTC an earthquake of magnitude 6.1 and depth 26.3km has struck an unpopulated area in the Alaska Province (population:
0.5 million) in United States.

CHINA: At least 20 people have died and more than 670,000 had to be evacuated in China after torrential rain and floods destroyed houses, damaged roads and
caused rivers to overflow, state media said Sunday. The fatalities occurred over several days of relentless heavy rain in the centre and south of the country, also
leaving another five people missing.

GERMANY: Hundreds of traffic lights in the German city of Hamburg stopped working Saturday after a power cut caused by an incident at a nuclear power station,
an energy company said. Around 1,500 of the 1,800 traffic signals in Germany's second biggest city suddenly blacked out and lights at shopping centres also failed.

JAPAN: Four people were killed and at least 19 others were hurt as a result of a fire that erupted at a gaming site in Osaka, Japan, police say. The Kyodo news
agency said Monday investigators were still inspecting the site of Sunday's deadly fire to determine if any additional people died at the pachinko gaming site. Police
said the initial investigation into the fire, which killed at least three women and one man, is focused possible arson.

UK WATERS: Several news outlets in the United Kingdom are reporting a virulent "vomiting bug" believed to be norovirus has killed one passenger and infected
dozens of others on a cruise ship sailing around the British Isles. The BBC reports more than 150 of about 800 passengers aboard Transocean Tours' Marco Polo
have taken ill with norovirus-like symptoms - an unusually high percentage - and one passenger has died.

AUSTRIA: Authorities in northeastern Austria say torrential rains have caused widespread flooding that has left hundreds of homes under water and knocked out
train services. Officials say the flooding is most acute in the town of St. Poelten, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) west of Vienna in the province of Lower Austria.
The easternmost province of Burgenland also was flooded. Officials say the Danube is dangerously high and some tributaries have overflowed.

DENMARK: The Malta Maritime Authority is investigating a collision involving the Maltese-flagged cargo ship MV Kapitan Lus and Norwegian-flagged chemical
tanker Sundstraumthat. The incident took place off Copenhagen, Denmark on Friday. The Maltese ship, which was carrying a pilot on board, sustained damage to
her port (left) side. It had at the time been carrying carrying metal, steel coils and nine TEUs (containers) with radioactive material. The radioactive cargo did not
appear to have been damaged. There were no casualties, and no pollution was reported. The vessel’s condition is reported to be stable. The MMA said it is liaising
with the Danish Maritime Authority, and the Danish and Norwegian marine accident investigators in their investigation of the accident.

Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 6th July 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 5th July 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 4th July 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 3rd July 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 2nd July 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 1st July 2009

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