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Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 30th June 2009

DR CONGO: 5 people out of almost a dozen ill individuals have died within a few days from an as yet unidentified disease in the village of Mangala, located some 30
kilometers 19 mi from the city of Boma, the capital of the province of Bas-Congo Kongo Central in the west of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). This
disease, whose symptoms are similar to those seen with Ebola haemorrhagic fever, has created a panic among the population of Boma.

INDIA OCEAN: A Yemeni airliner with about 150 people on board crashes in the Indian Ocean near the Comoros archipelago.

ITALY: At least 10 people are killed and 40 are injured as a train carrying gas derails and explodes in northern Italy.

INDIA: At least 35 people including eight children were killed after they were struck by lightning in the adjoining eastern Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand,
officials said Monday. Around 18 people were killed late Sunday by bolts of lightning across Bihar, including six children, State Disaster Management Minister
Devesh Chand Thakur said.

AUSTRALIA: Australian researchers Monday said a swine flu vaccine could be ready in months as the worst-hit Asia-Pacific country reported two more deaths
linked to the virus, taking the total to six. With Australia's number of cases nearing 4,000,

CHINA: At least three people were killed and over 60 injured when two passenger trains collided early Monday in central China, a local government official said.

DENMARK: Denmark reported the first case of resistance to the key Tamiflu drug used to treat the virus.

CZECH REPUBLIC: One man was killed and some 380 people were forced to flee their homes overnight as more flooding swept through the Czech Republic, police
said Sunday.

USA: At least one million people in the United States have had swine flu, or around 50 times more than the number of cases reported to health authorities, an official
at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Friday.

CAMBODIA: Lightning strikes killed five people in Cambodia in a single day.

Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 29th June 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 28th June 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 27th June 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 26th June 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 25th June 2009

CZECH REPUBLIC: High floodwaters turned hundreds of homes into death-traps late Wednesday in the Czech Republic, with police fearing the toll could rise after
reports that a woman drowned in the east of the country.

PHILIPPINES: At least five people have been killed and seven others are missing as tropical storm Nangka sweeps over the central Philippines, officials said
Wednesday. Packing winds of up to 83 kilometres (52 miles) an hour -- with gusts of up to 102 kilometres (63 miles) an hour -- the storm brought floods, landslides
and power cuts across small islands in the centre of the archipelago.

MEXICO: Tropical storm Andres churned past beach resorts up Mexico's southwest Pacific coast on Monday as forecasters issued a warning and said it could grow
into a hurricane. Mexico's weather service declared a phase four alert, advising boats to take precautions, with large waves and rain expected.

BRAZIL: Manaus, a city deep in Brazil's Amazon jungle, is suffering the worst flooding it has seen in 56 years, civil defense officials said Monday. Torrential rain in
Brazil's north has swollen the Amazon river and its tributaries, including the Negro river on which Manaus sits, they said. Over the weekend the Negro river rose to
29.62 meters (88.32 feet).

SWINE FLU: Swine flu has infected 55,867 people in 109 countries and territories and killed 238 people since late March, the World Health Organisation reported
Wednesday in its latest toll.

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 24th June 2009

CANADA: British Columbia - Sixteen people in southeastern B.C. were taken to hospital Tuesday suffering from respiratory problems after being exposed to
hazardous materials at a recycling depot, health officials said.

KAZAKHSTAN: A 59-year-old woman in western Kazakhstan has been diagnosed with anthrax, the country's Emergencies Ministry said on Wednesday. Eight people
have been hospitalized on suspicion of carrying the disease in recent days, adding to six others hospitalized earlier this month. A report from the ministry said that
185 people who had come into contact with the infected patients are currently being monitored. Anthrax affects both wild mammals and domestic cattle that ingest
or inhale the bacterial spores while grazing. Humans can contract the disease if they are exposed to the blood or tissue of infected animals. It can be highly lethal, but
in some forms responds well to antibiotic treatment.

ECUADOR: The Ecuadorian government on Tuesday confirmed 48 cases of foot-and-mouth disease in domestic animals, which prompted neighboring Colombia and
Peru to take preventive measures on their meat imports. The government is expected to take drastic measures such as culling domestic animals that had not been

CHINA: Several dams on China's mighty Yellow River are close to collapse just a few years after they were built amid concerns that over 40 percent of the nation's
reservoirs are unsafe, state media said Friday. Shoddy construction, unqualified workers and embezzlement of funds are threatening dams' safety in the northwestern
province of Gansu, the official China Daily said.

CHINA: A drought in Tibet has intensified into the region's worst in three decades, leaving thousands of hectares parched and killing more than 13,000 head of cattle,
China's state media said Saturday.

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 23rd June 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 22ndJune 2009

USA: New York - New York City officials are investigating the collapse of a four-story building Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn that injured four people and led to the
evacuation of six adjacent buildings. The building had been cited weeks earlier for cracks that ran from the ground floor to the roof.

INDONESIA: Bird flu virus killed another victim in South Jakarta. A 5-year-old child victim, RA, resident of RT 07/03 Kel. Tegal Parang, died on early Friday (19/6).
Since 2005 until now, avian influenza H5N1 or bird flu virus has killed 11 victims from total 13 cases in South Jakarta.

BELGIUM: Luxembourg's Ministry of Health has reported that it has been informed by the ECURIE European alert system that a gas leak occurred last week at
Fleurus in Belgium. The incident happened at an isotope production facility in the Belgian town which is known by many travellers as being the town next to the
Brussels-Charleroi airport used by Ryanair and other low-cost carriers. During the incident, radioactive xenon gas escaped into the environment.

CHINA: Tropical storm Linfa ploughed into southern China's Fujian province on Sunday night, sending fishing boats scurrying to safety and closing the port of
Xiamen. Linfa was downgraded from a typhoon as it entered the Taiwan Strait. It is expected to sweep the coastal provinces of Fujian and Zhejiang, as well as
northwestern Taiwan, before moving on to southern Japan.

SWINE FLU: 180 deaths from 44000+ cases

Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 21st June 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 20th June 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 19th June 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 18th June 2009

GLOBAL: The United Nations on Tuesday raised the prospect of "megadisasters" affecting millions of people in some of the world's biggest cities unless more is
done to heed the threat of climate change.

USA: The harmful effects of global warming are being felt "here and now and in your backyard," a groundbreaking US government report on climate change warned

CHINA: Officials in a northern Chinese city have clubbed 37,500 dogs to death since May to contain an outbreak of rabies, the local government said Wednesday,
amid an online outcry over animal cruelty. Killing the dogs is necessary to rein in the epidemic, which has killed 13 people so far this year in the city of Hanzhong,
said an official who works for the local agriculture department.

GLOBAL: UN nuclear watchdog chief Mohamed ElBaradei warned Tuesday that the agency would not be in a position to respond to a nuclear emergency like
Chernobyl if member states did not increase its funding.

USA: Vermont - Technicians at Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in Vernon are trying to fix another pipe after a "several-gallon-per-minute leak" in service water
piping was discovered, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Last week, technicians discovered a leak in the plant's condenser tubes, miles of piping
used to cool down radioactive steam produced by the reactor to power the plant's turbine.

EGYPT: An 18-month-old boy has been diagnosed with bird flu in Egypt, marking the country's 81st confirmed human avian influenza case, a spokesman for the
country's health ministry said on Wednesday. The boy from the northern Egyptian province of Kafr El-Sheikh contracted the H5N1 virus after coming into contact
with infected poultry.

RUSSIA: Three people have been rescued from the rubble of a building which collapsed in central Moscow on Wednesday and at least three others are still trapped,
an emergencies official said. The old building, Sadovnicheskaya Naberezhnaya 78, partially collapsed during renovation work at about 17:00 Moscow time.

LIBYA: A Libyan health official says one person has died and two others are infected with the bubonic plague in the eastern town of Tobruk, close to the Egyptian

The swine flu deaths of two people in Argentina and a mutation of the H1N1 virus detected in Brazil have added to fears that South America is entering a harsh
winter beset by the flu pandemic.

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 17th June 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 16th June 2009

INDONESIA: An official at Indonesian state-owned coal mining firm PT Bukit Asam Tbk said on Tuesday about 30 employees were trapped in a landslide in West
Sumatra. The official did not give any other details in a live interview on local television station Metro TV.

ENGLAND: Large parts of Norfolk have been hit by flash floods tonight. More than half of Norfolk Fire Service's crews have been out dealing with well over 100
calls and firefighters battled to pump water away as drains overflowed and could not cope with the volume of water. Watton and Heacham and Sedgeford were the
worst hit areas. Norfolk Fire Service spokesman Martin Barsby said: “The sheer volume and speed of calls has been quite phenomenal and that is the very nature
of flash floods. “The volume, the time and the unpredictability has made it extremely difficult to cope with.

USA: Missouri - Parts of the St. Louis region saw more than 3 inches of rain, prompting some temporary evacuations and water rescues. Some eastern Missouri
communities were expected to get 2 more inches of rainfall into Wednesday. Twenty-six homes were evacuated Tuesday as a precaution in the St. Louis suburb of
University City after the River Des Peres overflowed.

CANADA: Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. said Wednesday it has found the source of the leak of radioactive water at the Chalk River, Ont., nuclear reactor that
produces nearly half of the world's medical isotopes, and the leak will force the reactor to stay shut down "for at least three months." AECL said Wednesday it found
the leak at the base of the 37-year-old tank in a location where there is corrosion on the outside wall of the vessel. AECL said it also found additional corrosion points
on the outer wall of the vessel that require more examination. AECL has not yet proposed a remedy for the leaks. Instead, it must prepare more specialized test
equipment to inspect the interior of the vessel, which is filled with a complex array of tubes and pipes.

INDIA: Orissa - At least 15 families fell ill due to anthrax in the tribal dominated Koraput district of Orissa. Locals said that they fell ill after consuming contaminated
meat of the cattle. Anthrax, a highly infectious animal disease, spreads every year in Koraput district at the beginning of the raining season.


WHO - As of 17:00 GMT, 15 June 2009, 76 countries have officially reported 35, 928 cases of influenza A(H1N1) infection, including 163 deaths.

Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 15th June 2009

ITALY: An Italian court has ordered the recall of 10,000 tonnes of wood fuel pellets imported from Lithuania over fears that they could have dangerous levels of
radioactivity, newspapers reported Sunday. The alarm was raised after someone in the northern Aost Valley region, who had bought the pellets, sent them for
analysis because they did not burn well. The results showed that they contained caesium 137, a highly toxic radioactive substance normally produced by a nuclear
explosion or from the combustion of a nuclear reactor.

AFRICA: Measures have been taken in Yemen, with the agricultural authorities saying an integrated campaign to fight swarms of locusts, that may arrive in the
country from the African Horn, is underway. The Desert Locusts Control Center (DLCC) said equipment to spray fields and cars to be used in the process have been
readied after the FAO said that a swarm of locusts would hit the provinces of Shabwa, Hadramout and Mareb.

SWINE FLU: A Swiss pharmaceutical giant said Friday it has a swine flu vaccine ready for trial as governments stepped up precautions to counter the newly-
declared influenza pandemic. While millions could catch the flu, governments and health experts around the world have sought to play down fears that the A(H1N1)
virus could become a major killer.

Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 14th June 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 13th June 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 12th June 2009

GERMANY: A massive fire broke out in the early hours of Friday at a refuelling facility in Kiel, causing tanks of paraffin to explode and leading to a large-scale
evacuation. Some 300 firemen battled the flames all night, as the authorities brought around 500 residents near the North-Baltic Sea Canal to safety.

SPAIN: The first major forest fire of the summer broke out in Granada at midday on Friday in the Paraje Cerro del Serrallo, not far from the city itself. 42 fire
fighters worked to bring the blaze under control using three helicopters and two planes as air support for their three vehicles on the ground, and while not out the
flames are not expected to extend into any further areas. Matters were complicated by the very high temperatures on the ground.

RUSSIA: A cloud of ash 40 km. by 20 km. (25 x 12.5 miles) has issued from the crater of the Shiveluch volcano on the isolated Russian Kamchatka Peninsula along
the Bering Sea, and the column of ash pouring from the volcano reaches 7.7 km. (4.8 miles) above sea level today. The volcano is one of the most active and the
northernmost of about 30 live volcanoes on the peninsula. Its eruption has been going on for more than a year, and has gained momentum in the last month and a
half. More than 170 localized earthquakes have also been reported at the volcano.

USA: Georgia - At least 12 people were injured when a deck at a crowded east Atlanta bar collapsed early Friday morning. Customers at "My Sister's Room" at 1271
Glenwood Avenue said the deck behind the bar gave way suddenly about 2:00 a.m. People were piled on top of each other and trapped under the deck.


SPAIN: Spain said on Thursday that the number of schools in the Madrid region hit by swine flu has reached 22, with 139 children infected, as the World Health
Organisation in Geneva declared a pandemic. The children are among 488 people confirmed to have contracted the A(H1N1) virus throughout the country, the health
ministry reported.

AUSTRALIA: Australia said four swine flu victims had been admitted to intensive care wards Thursday, as world health chiefs considered whether the outbreak
warranted declaring a global flu pandemic. Australia's A(H1N1) tally ticked up by 39 to 1,263 cases, with rugby league player Karmichael Hunt the latest high-profile
athlete to contract the virus that threatens to throw the country's sporting schedule into chaos.

Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 11th June 2009

NEPAL: Outbreak of an unidentified disease has affected hundreds of families at Tamaphok VDC in Sankhuwasabha district since last week. The disease that first
affected the people of Tamaphok VDC ward 2 has spread through wards 3 and 4 and is threatening to afflict other areas in the absence of immediate measures to
contain it. The patients exhibit progressive symptoms of headache, fever, burning sensation in the throat, acidity, nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting blood and then faint.
The disease has spread to such an extent that in many cases all family members of a house are bed-ridden.

CHINA: Torrential rains pummelling south China have left 16 dead or missing this week, destroyed thousands of houses and forced the evacuation of more than
172,000 people, the government said Wednesday. The government ordered flood prevention measures amid mounting fatalities and economic losses resulting from
heavy downpours.

SYRIA: Syria on Monday adopted emergency measures, including food distribution, to help people in the drought-hit northeast of the country, the official Sana news
agency said.
It said the authorities "have begun to distribute food aid in the worst drought-affected regions in the northeast" as part of a series of emergency steps.

WHO declares Pandemic Phase 6 - thre world is faced by an aporkalipse and extra oinkment has be ordered. (Sorry couldn't resist it!)

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 10th June 2009

No information posted

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 9th June 2009

KAZAKHSTAN: A series of explosions at an arms depot near Kazakhstan's financial capital Almaty overnight killed at least one person and hundreds had to be
evacuated from the area, officials said on Tuesday. It was not immediately known what caused the blasts at the depot, which belongs to the KNB national security
service, successor to the Soviet-era KGB. Explosions at ammunition depots are regular occurrences in former Soviet republics and are usually caused by fire and lax
safety standards.

CANADA: Steep terrain and extremely dry conditions have hindered fire crews' efforts to combat a wildfire in B.C.'s Cariboo Region. The fire was spreading
Monday afternoon after strong winds kicked in, provincial officials said. About 200 firefighters, 13 helicopters and 46 pieces of heavy equipment were involved in
tackling the blaze near Tyaughton Lake, about 120 kilometres west of Lillooet, the B.C. Wildfire Management Branch said.

USA: Illinios - Officials at the Dresden Nuclear Power plant in Morris, Ill., say they're investigating the leak of a radioactive hydrogen isotope. Elevated levels of
tritium, a by-product of energy produced in atomic reactors, were found during the weekend in a monitoring well, storm drains and a concrete vault, all on plant

INDIA: Over 10,000 pigeons have died due to a suspected bacterial infection in the last one month in Singtam in East Sikkim, according to animal husbandry
officials. The number of dead birds could be more since the figure was an estimate given to the officials by local residents, the officials said. The officials who
visited the spot earlier this month have ruled out bird flu but suspect that a bacterial infection caused the deaths. Samples taken from the dead birds were being tested.

IRELAND: A baby from Coalisland is recovering in hospital after being diagnosed with a probable case of the potentially lethal meningitis. It is understood the
youngster, who is 17 months of age, is a member of the local Travelling community. The Public Health Agency confirmed yesterday, Monday, that the child's
condition involved a probable case of meningococcal septicaemia.

CHINA: Chongqing - Hundreds of rescue workers and volunteers were Saturday searching for dozens of people feared buried alive when part of a mountain
collapsed in a massive landslide in southwest China, officials said. Seventy-four people were missing after the disaster struck Friday afternoon in an iron ore mining
district of the vast Chongqing municipality.

CHINA: Hong Kong SAR - Authorities in Hong Kong were reviewing surveillance tapes Tuesday to determine who tossed a bottle of acid from the top of a building,
injuring 24 pedestrians in a busy shopping district. Monday's incident was the third such attack in the Mong Kok district in the last six months. Police have not ruled
out the possibility that they are the work of the same person.

CHINA: Two more people have died of rabies in Hanzhong city of northwest China's Shaanxi Province, bringing the rabies death toll in the city since March to 11.
The two fatalities were both women, one aged 58 and the other 56, said a local government official. The first death was reported on March 21, and number of people
injured by dog bites in the city has since reached 6,256. So far, approximately 335,900 pet dogs have been vaccinated in the city, said the local government official.
The city, with more than 370,000 registered dogs.


AUSTRALIA: Victoria - Australia's second city of Melbourne has become the "swine flu capital of the world", a report said Saturday, as the country's confirmed tally
of the disease soared to 1,009. Some 874 of the infections have been detected in the southern state of Victoria, with most of those cases concentrated in the north
and west of the state capital Melbourne.

WHO: As of 06:00 GMT, 8 June 2009, 73 countries have officially reported 25,288 cases of influenza A(H1N1) infection, including 139 deaths.

Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 8th June 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 7th June 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 6th June 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 5th June 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 4th June 2009

SYRIA: Some 160 villages in northern Syria were deserted by their residents in 2007 and 2008 because of climate change, according to a study released on Tuesday.
The report drawn up by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) warns of potential armed conflict for control of water resources in the Middle

ISRAEL: Sirens wailed across Israel on Tuesday, sending many into shelters as part of the largest-ever exercise to test the response to a "doomsday" mix of missile
attacks, suicide bombings and natural disasters. Israelis throughout the country were asked to head to shelters when they heard the sirens, with radio and television
underlining that it was only as part of an exercise.

RUSSIA: Heavy rain and strong winds have left 65 people injured in central Russia, an emergencies ministry spokesman said on Thursday. Gales swept across
Russia's Central Federal District on Wednesday evening. Krasnozavodsk in the Sergiyev Posad District northeast of Moscow was reportedly hit hardest.

CHINA: Sixteen people died and 46 others were seriously injured after a storm swept a city in central China's Henan Province, local publicity department said
Thursday afternoon. The storm, which began around 8 p.m. Wednesday and lasted 50 minutes, hit four counties in Shangqiu City, with winds of up to around 108
km per hour, a department official said.

VIETNAM: Four people were killed as a landslide hit a hydroelectric power station in northern Vietnam, officials said Thursday. The landslide struck Nam Khoa
hydroelectric power station in Lao Cai Province early Wednesday. The four workers killed were asleep at the time, said Pham Duc Dung, a senior disaster
management official in the province. Rescue forces worked through the day to recover the bodies, but were hindered by the difficult terrain, said Thao A Tua,
another provincial official.

CHINA: A new infectious disease is spreading in large areas of Mainland China. Symptoms are similar to AIDS but it spreads faster between family members, even
via bodily fluids like saliva.  Preliminary research shows that patients have symptoms of fatigue, chronic diarrhea, swollen lymph nodes, and weakened immunity. But
doctors cannot find any sign of the HIV virus.

SWINE FLU: Swine flu has now spread to 66 countries with 19,273 people known to have been infected since the disease was first uncovered in April, data from
the World Health Organisation showed Wednesday. The number of deaths rose to 117 after two more deaths were reported by the United States, according to the
latest WHO tally of confirmed influenza A(H1N1) cases.

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 3rd June 2009

No information posted

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 2nd June 2009

ATLANTIC: If no survivors are found from the Air France AF 447 plane, which was carrying 228 people on board went missing early on Monday morning, it will
be the worst loss of life involving an Air France plane in the firm's 75-year history. It will be the worst air disaster since 2001.

USA: California - Hit by a severe drought for the third year in a row, Los Angeles and San Diego on Monday imposed tough restrictions on the use of tap water, local
officials said. Los Angeles, the second largest city in the United States with four million residents, hiked prices to encourage users to cut their consumption by 15

TANZANIA: An outbreak of acute watery diarrhoea (AWD) in Tanzania's western district of Kigoma has caused two deaths and resulted in the hospitalisation of 28
others, health officials said. Poor sanitation and a lack of clean and safe drinking water were the main reason for the outbreak. He said the ongoing construction of a
road in the affected area had contributed to a disruption of the water supply system.

EGYPT: A child has been diagnosed with bird flu in Egypt and another 39 people have been hospitalized with suspected infections, a spokesman for the country's
health ministry said on Tuesday. A 4-year-old girl from the northern Egyptian province of Kafr El-Sheikh is currently in stable condition and is being treated with
antiviral drugs. Egypt's first case of bird flu was recorded in 2006. Since then, 78 people are known to have contracted the H5N1 virus in the country, and at least 27
have died. MORTATLITY RATE: 34%

SOUTH AFRICA: The bodies of another 25 people have been found in a disused South African gold mine, where 36 illegal miners were killed in a fire at the weekend.

INDONESIA: Residents were evacuated after Mount Karangetang volcano on an eastern Indonesian island began spewing lava and hot ash, threatening a major
eruption, officials said Tuesday.

VANATU: A strong 6.5-magnitude quake shook Vanuatu this afternoon causing landslips and damaging buildings on the small island of Tangoa. The quake struck at
a depth of 39 kilometres about 45 kilometres west of the capital Port-Vila. A 5.1-magnitude quake hit earlier today in nearly the same location.

USA: The number of swine flu cases in the United States topped 10,000 Monday and the virus spread to all 50 states, as Alaska reported its first (A)H1N1 infection,
an official update showed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported 10,053 probable or confirmed cases of swine flu in the 50 states and the
District of Columbia. MORTATLITY RATE: <1%

WHO: As of 06:00 GMT, 1 June 2009, 62 countries have officially reported 17 410 cases of influenza A(H1N1) infection, including 115 deaths.

Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 1st June 2009

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