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Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 22nd March 2009

USA: Pennsylvania - Evacuation orders for about 5,000 people in northeastern Pennsylvania remain in effect even as authorities say the leak of a hazardous chemical
has been contained. Authorities say a tanker truck carrying more than 16 tons of hydrofluoric acid overturned early Saturday near Wind Gap, about 60 miles north of

BULGARIA: State of emergency is declared on 21.03 2009 at 3pm in the villages of Nikudin, Dobri Laki, Razlog and Klepalo at the order of Mayor of Strumyani
Municipality, Blagoevgrad district Valentin Chilikov, press centre of the Ministry of Extraordinary Situations informed. Municipal operative staff has been set up.
Power supply has been cut in 16 settlements due to heavy snowfall. Snow cover in the Municipality reaches to 50 cm.

TONGA: Seismic activity in the Pacific Ocean near Tonga has intensified with a powerful earthquake raising fears of a tsunami. The volcano has been erupting for
several days about six miles from the southwest coast off the main island of Tongatapu, spewing spectacular plumes of white smoke and black ash out of the sea. A
7.9-magnitude earthquake struck the area on Friday, prompting the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre to issue a tsunami alert for Tonga and neighbouring pacific
islands within 625 miles (1,000 kilometres) of the epicentre.

KAZAKHSTAN: A weapons depot caught fire in southern Kazakhstan on Friday, killing at least two people and injuring 16, reported citing Kazakh officials. The fire
at a military facility outside the city of Arys 800 kilometres (500 miles) south of the capital Astana triggered a number of explosions, according to an official of the
Kazakh emergency situations ministry. "Sixteen people working in the depot were injured of whom 12 were hospitalised. Rescue workers found two burned corpses
at the scene of the fire. Two others are missing," said ministry official.

IRAN: Two U.S. Navy vessels, a nuclear-powered submarine and an amphibious ship, collided during the early morning hours Friday in the Strait of Hormuz
between Iran and the Arabian peninsula, the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet reported.

INDIA: Fifteen people have been diagnosed with cutaneous anthrax in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh over the past week, health officials said Friday.
The outbreak has occurred in some half-dozen villages of the state's Visakhapatnam district, its medical and health officer, J. Sarojini said. Four of the patients have
been hospitalized, with one in critical condition, she said.

Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 21st March 2009

No information posted

Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 20th March 2009

CHINA: Six people were killed and four others were missing in a coal mine flood in southwest China's Guizhou province, local authorities said Friday. The accident
happened at about 7:30 a.m. Friday in the Lianfa Coal Mine in Qinglong County, Qianxinan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, where 23 miners were working in
the shaft. Thirteen managed to escape.

TONGA: Tsunami warnings following 7.9 mag earthquake linked to yesterdays undersea volcano eruption have been cancelled.

JAPAN: Police say a fire has killed at least seven residents of a nursing home in eastern Japan. One state police official says investigators and firefighters are combing
through the debris to determine the cause of the Thursday night blaze. He says the fire at the Tamayura nursing home in Shibukawa City killed seven residents and
left four with serious burns.

Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 19th March 2009

WATER - One days collation of repoprts had the following headers:
Wonder or Folly? 33 bln $ Libyan water scheme stirs debate
From a loo to you: recycled sewage struggles with yuk factor
Analysis: Iraq's pressing water needs
Despair as California's Central Valley dries up
Coming soon: 'Sustainable water' certification
Thirsty Cyprus looks to golf to rescue tourism
March rains temporarily lift spectre of drought in Jordan

HAITI: Six months after devastating hurricanes and storms descended on Haiti, drinking water remains a rare and precious commodity in the northern city of
Gonaives. Mudslides last year buried the city under 2.6 million tonnes of mud and completely destroyed the already crumbling national drinking water network (Snep)
which operates via water-selling stands and private wells.

ANGOLA: Water levels continue to subside in northern Namibia, the city of Ondjiva, provincial capital of Cunene in Angola, remains completely submerged by rain
water. The National Service for Civil Protection (SNPC) estimates that 125,000 people have lost their homes in the southern Angolan province of Cunene alone, of
which 52,000 are from the city of Ondjiva.

GLOBAL: Growing world population will cause a "perfect storm" of food, energy and water shortages by 2030, the UK government chief scientist has warned. By
2030 the demand for resources will create a crisis with dire consequences, Prof John Beddington said. Demand for food and energy will jump 50% by 2030 and for
fresh water by 30%, as the population tops 8.3 billion, he told a conference in London. Climate change will exacerbate matters in unpredictable ways, he added.

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 18th March 2009

NAMIBIA: Namibia's president declared a state of emergency Tuesday in the north after heavy flooding that has killed 92 since January and displaced thousands, as
he appealed for international aid.

IRAN: Drought and the hottest winter on record have pushed Iran to the head of the wheat importers table and lead to wide spread impacts on the countries rivers.

SOUTH AFRICA: Residents were evacuated from their homes on Wednesday morning as firefighters continue to battle the blaze on Table Mountain in Cape Town,
Disaster Management services said. Spokesperson Greg Pillay said people from University Estate, Walmer Estate, Urban Edge of De Waal Drive, The Towers and
Vredehoek were requested to leave their homes for safety.

USA: Washington - A shipping vessel leaked hydraulic fluid into Commencement Bay Tuesday afternoon, leaving an oily sheen on the water near the city's port. The
Coast Guard says the leak came from the "Hyundai Republic" around 3:22 p.m. Reports are the leak has been stopped, but it's not known how much fluid made it
into the bay. Video from Air 4 showed a sheen spreading across the waterway. The Coast Guard, Department of Ecology, and other agencies are in the process of
cleaning up.

KENYA: The Kenyan government has issued an alert following a cholera outbreak in various parts of the country, which has claimed 25 lives, with 551 others having
been treated for the disease.

TONGA: Residents of Nuku'alofa woke up to the spectacular sight of a sprouting white cloud of volcanic origin, which could be seen clearly on the south west
horizon from the Nuku'alofa waterfront this morning. An underwater volcanic eruption in the vicinity of the twin islands of Hunga Tonga and Hunga Ha'apai sent up
a huge column of white and grey cloud that stood out against the bright blue sky.

UGANDA: One pupil died and several others were injured when a hailstorm blew off the roof of a classroom block at Soola Primary School in Bukiyi sub-county,
Sironko district.

JAPAN: A big fire caused by burning fields swept through unintended areas in Yufu, Oita Prefecture Tuesday, killing four people and leaving two others injured, local
media reported, citing police and firefighters. Some 70 people were burning fields to help maintain the fields and grow pasture grass when the accident happened.

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 17th March 2009

SOUTH AFRICA: An emergency occurred at the Pelindaba nuclear facility outside Pretoria at 10am on Monday, the SA Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) said.
"Abnormal levels of gamma radiation associated with xenon and krypton gases [were] detected in and near the building in which radioisotopes are produced for
medical applications," Necsa said in a statement.

USA: Atlantic Coast - A predicted slowdown in Atlantic Ocean currents will cause sea levels along the US northeast coast to rise twice as fast as the global average,
exposing New York and other big cities to violent and frequent storm surges, according to a new study.

USA: Washington DC: The US capital is being ravaged by an epidemic of HIV/AIDS, with African-American men and people aged 40-49 the hardest hit by the deadly
virus, a report showed Monday. At the end of last year, three percent of all Washington residents over the age of 12 had the HIV virus that causes AIDS or the
full-blown disease itself, a report by the city's department of health said.

THAILAND: Drought has affected Thailand's 39 provinces and over 4 million people in 12,517 villages have been suffering from the disaster, a senior official at the
Interior Ministry said Monday.

USA: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said a passenger on a Northwest Airlines flight from Frankfurt to Detroit has been diagnosed with tuberculosis.
Northwest said the passenger was on Tuesday's Flight 51 to Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Romulus. CDC spokeswoman Shelly Diaz said on Sunday the risk is low
that other passengers might contract tuberculosis. She says health officials were seeking to contact 17 passengers seated near the sick passenger so they can be
tested for tuberculosis as a "cautionary move." The ailing passenger was reportedly being kept in isolation at Annapolis Hospital in Dearborn.

USA: A spokesman for the state Department of Enivironment says an ammonia leak at a New Britain ice cream company has sent a dozen people to the hospital. The
leak from some refrigeration equipment Monday morning forced the evacuation of more than 200 people from Celebration Foods, which makes ice cream products.

Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 16th March 2009

MYANMAR: Government Veterinary Service is attempting to tackle an Anthrax outbreak in Kachin State.

CAMEROON: There are fears that an outbreak of measles recorded at the Langui refugee camp, located in the North province of Cameroon, might soon spread to
northern Nigerian settlements in Adamawa and Taraba states bordering the central African country. The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)
had reported the outbreak of measles in the camp, which houses Chadian refugees, triggering fears at the Federal Ministry of Health that Nigeria might be the next
destination of the childhood killer diseases considering the country's proximity from the camp.

NEPAL: Dolpa - Five persons have died of an unidentified sickness in a village in mid-western Dolpa district. Reports quoting local health officials said several others
have been infected with the disease in Chharka village.

INDIA: Bengal - A month after authorities claimed that it was contained, bird flu has resurfaced in West Bengal's Darjeeling district. Culling operations in West Bengal
to contain the third outbreak had ended barely a month ago. The epicentre has been detected as Bora Changa in the same region. West Bengal officials said they had
begun culling about 11,000 poultry after the fourth outbreak was confirmed on Sunday near Siliguri town.

USA: Alaska - Mount Redoubt released a plume of steam and ash that rose three miles high Sunday afternoon, and geologists at the Alaska Volcano Observatory
immediately upgraded volcano's aviation color code status to orange and its alert status to "watch." Ashfall from the explosion could be seen on the upper south flank
of the volcano, but the National Weather Service had yet to detect any airborne ash that might create an aviation hazard, AVO chief scientist Tom Murray said.

MALAYSIA: Hundreds of homes in Hulu Langat were inundated when what was believed to be the worst floods in 18 years hit the area yesterday. The flash floods
damaged more than 300 homes and cut off 10 main roads between Batu 9 Cheras and the Sungai Tekala recreational centre. Many houses in Sungai Serai and Dusun
Tua are still submerged.

Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 15th March 2009

SOMALIA: At least eleven people died of cholera for the last twenty four hours in Qordheer village in Rage Elle District in Middle Shabelle Region in south-central

SOUTH AFRICA: Gauteng - A three-year-old girl died from meningitis in Lenasia, bringing to three the number of deaths from the illness in the province, the
Gauteng health department said on Saturday.

ANGOLA: A severe rabies epidemics has claimed the lives of at least 83 children within three months in Angola's capital, Luanda, the World Health Organization
(WHO) has said.

ENGLAND: Environment Agency Officers have been at the scene of waste solvent spill at Solvent Resource Management, Rye, supporting the Fire Services and
police in response to the incident. Site investigations have now commenced and the Environment Agency is conducting river sampling and monitoring of the Rother
Estuary both at points upstream and downstream of the site. Results from the  initial samples taken at the Harbour Office and further downstream show the presence
of low levels of the chemical solvent, toluene, but no other solvents detected.

Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 14th March 2009

BOSNIA & HERZGOVINA: One miner was killed and several others were injured in an underground explosion at a coal mine in the Bosnian central town of Zenica,
an official said Saturday. "The explosion of methane gas occurred around 10:00 am (0900 GMT). One miner was killed and at least six others were injured," the
official at the Stranjani mine said on condition of anonymity. National radio reported that at least ten miners were involved in the accident.

INDIA: Punjab - More than 100 suspected cases of chickungunya have been reported in Kothra village of Nandod taluka, Narmada district recently. The district
health authorities had sent blood samples of five individuals for further tests at the B J Medical College in Ahmedabad, of which two cases have tested positive.

UGANDA: A total of 18 people in Dokolo district have died of sleeping sickness. The director of health services, Dr. Samuel Ojok, said the latest death occurred last
week and that 11 other people were still admitted and undergoing treatment at Dokolo Health Centre IV.

INDIA: "Sixteen cases of thyphoid have been admitted at the Cluster Health Centre(CHC) in Bavla taluka, of which 15 of they are children and in the pediatric ward.
They are stable and recovering,"chief district health officer(CDHO) R R Vaidya. People of Bhaila village were infected because of contamination of drinking water
which is supplied through pipes, Vaidya said.

COLOMBIA: Galeras volcano in southern Colombia erupted on Friday, forcing some 3,000 people living in its shadow to evacuate and the government to put the
Narino department on the border with Ecuador under a red alert.

USA: Oregan - Parents and students at two schools are being warned about possible exposure to meningococcal disease. The potentially dangerous bacterial infection
has been found in one student at Tigard Elementary School, and a teenager who attends Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego earlier this week.

ANGOLA: Weeks of continuous downpour in Angola have forced thousands out of their homes, raising fears of a national cholera outbreak. The Angolan Red Cross
estimated that about 125,000 people have been affected across the Cunene by floods, which are now spreading south into Namibia. Homes and livestock have been
destroyed in the flood-hit areas.

NORWAY: At least six houses were hit by a landslide in central Norway on Friday, news reports said. There were no immediate reports of any injuries, but a sizeable
rescue operation was underway. It included divers, since the impacted houses were located near a small lake. The accident occurred following some blasting in the
area. The landslide was roughly 150 to 200 metres wide.

Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 13th March 2009

PANAMA: An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 and depth 10kms struck an offshore area, 340 kms south of Panama yesterday at about 11:00 PM GMT. This earthquake
can have a low humanitarian impact since the affected region is unpopulated and has low vulnerability to natural disasters.

UNITED STATES: The SKS Satilla's sturdy double-hulled construction prevented a major oil spill after the Norwegian tanker collided with submerged debris late last
week. An underwater examination of the ship, which was carrying 41 million gallons of crude oil, revealed a gaping hole in the port side of the vessel's outer hull.
The ship was awaiting permission Wednesday to sail to Portugal, where it will be placed in dry dock for repair. The Satilla was en route to an offshore lightering
facility near Galveston when it struck the Ensco 74, a jackup oil rig swept from its moorings off the Louisiana coast by Hurricane Ike. Additional side-scan sonar
searches will be conducted in the vicinity of the accident "just to make sure there's nothing else down there".

BANGLADESH: A major fire broke out at a 19-storey building namely Basundhara City in capital city Dhaka Friday afternoon. The casualties are not available yet. A
helicopter has been sent to rescue trapped people on the top of the 19-storey building which is basically for office use.

NEW CALEDONIA: There have been over 3,000 dengue fever cases reported in French territory of New Caledonia, including two fatalities, since the beginning of
this year, according to latest official figures released on Friday.

KAZAKHSTAN: Two buses and over 50 cars carrying a total of 83 people were caught late Thursday in a heavy snowfall in eastern Kazakhstan, local emergencies
services said on Friday. During a rescue operation emergency workers delivered food, water and fuel to the victims, and by Friday morning had evacuated 15 cars
with 40 people. Local authorities on Thursday closed three highways in eastern Kazakhstan to all traffic due to poor visibility, heavy snow and strong winds.

AUSTRALIA: Authorities declared parts of Australia's northeast coast a disaster area on Friday after tonnes of oil from a damaged cargo ship contaminated several
beaches popular with tourists. Queensland state Premier Anna Bligh declared Moreton Island, Bribie Island and southern parts of the Sunshine Coast as disaster zones
after a ship lost more than 30 tonnes of fuel when its hull was pierced by a container washed overboard.

CANADA: One person is confirmed dead, one has survived and sixteen are still missing Thursday in the icy North Atlantic off Canada's Newfoundland province,
following the crash of a helicopter that was carrying 18 offshore oil workers. The chopper, which was en route from St. John's to the Hibernia offshore oil platform,
went down about 65 kilometers southeast of St. John's, at about 9:18 a.m. local time (1218 GMT).

Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 12th March 2009

No information posted

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 11th March 2009

EU: EU Parlaiment questions UK not yet requesting assistance in planning for 2012 Olympics such as use of the EU MIC for emergency management support. Full

INDONESIA: Four people have been killed in a landslide in Kadudampit district of Sukabumi, West Java in Indonesia, while hundreds of homes in South Sumatra
were swamped by floods due to heavy rains throughout Monday night.

AUSTRALIA: Queensland - A ship carrying 60 containers of ammonium nitrate, used for making fertiliser and explosives, lost an estimated 31 containers overboard
on Wednesday and is leaking fuel in rough seas off Australia's northeast coast. Marine experts fear if the missing containers leak, the spill could create algae blooms
which would choke marine life in Moreton Bay near the city of Brisbane.

AUSTRALIA: Western Australia - Health experts have warned that WA is facing an emerging public health risk from a species of march fly that has bitten several
mine workers in the Pilbara in recent weeks, causing potentially fatal anaphylactic shock. The allergic reactions are understood to have affected at least three workers
at Rio Tinto's Brockman 4 mine site near Tom Price, forcing them to seek treatment for breathing problems at the towns hospital.

CHINA: Jiangsu - A dormitory for railway workers collapsed early Wednesday in eastern China, killing nine people and leaving four missing, a state news agency
said. At least 21 were injured. The nine workers died in a hospital after the collapse in Danyang city of Jiangsu province.

AUSTRIA: Authorities say a police helicopter crashed in southern Austria and killed the pilot. Police say two others on board the aircraft were injured as it went
down around 2:40 p.m. (1340 GMT) Tuesday in the town of Deutschlandsberg in the southern province of Styria. The helicopter was involved in an unspecified
search mission and crashed after brushing against a rooftop. Police say the 39-year-old pilot died from his injuries at a hospital, while a 49-year-old police inspector
and a 52-year-old member of a mountain rescue squad suffered critical injuries. (Our thoughts are with the families and colleagues of our fellow EM professionals).

USA: Louisianna - Authorities say one man is dead and three others have been seriously injured in a blast at a south Louisiana oil facility. State police say the
explosion happened about noon Tuesday at a Marathon Petroleum Co. pipeline facility in Vacherie that stores and feeds crude oil to the company's refinery in

GERMANY: The European Commission says a wild duck shot in the German state of Bavaria has tested positive for the lethal H5N1 strain of the bird flu virus. The
EU executive says it is the first wild bird case in the 27 nation bloc this year and was reported by German authorities.

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 10th March 2009

CHINA: Hong Kong - A powerful typhoon ploughed into a densely populated area of south China yesterday, killing at least eight people and triggering a
"once-in-a-century storm tide" in several cities. More than 100,000 people were evacuated before typhoon Hagupit made landfall in far south China around dawn.

AUSTRALIA: Queensland - About 10,000 residents from a low-lying "danger zone" between Burrum Heads and River Heads will be told today to get out and bunker
down with friends and family before local roads are cut. Authorities warn that the full force of Hamish, now a category four cyclone tracking down the Queensland
coast, is not expected to be felt until Tuesday, although many areas could experience damaging wind gusts, heavy rain and flash flooding over the next 48 hours.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: A child is reportedly missing in the Papua New Guinea highlands following a major landslip that has left up to 1,000 people homeless. The
landslide, in PNG's Enga province, has forced a river to change its course and destroyed an entire village.

PERU: At least seven people were injured and about 40 dwellings damaged by a mudslide over the weekend in the southern Peruvian province of Arequipa. The
mudslide occurred on Saturday in the town of Urco while residents were celebrating the feast of their patron saint.

USA: California - BP Plc reported a chemical compound leak on Sunday from a pipe at its 265,000 barrel-per-day refinery in Carson, California, according to a
company environmental filing. 'The substance is leaking from a pipe in the facility for unknown reason,' BP said in the filing with the California Emergency
Management Agency on the hydrogen sulfide leak. Company officials could not be reached immediately for comment.

SOUTH AFRICA: At least 11 children in Cape Town died of diarrhoea at provincial hospitals last month and 1 000 were admitted for the treatment of gastro-enteritis.
This weekend alone, there were 45 new admissions to Red Cross Children's Hospital from its specialised rehydration unit, designed to address the seasonal diarrhoea
epidemic in the city.

HUNGARY: Triggered by days of rain and a minor floodwave on the Danube, inland waters have inundated thousands of hectares of land in northwest Hungary and
near the southwestern tip of Lake Balaton, jeopardizing the Budapest-Nagykanizsa rail track and motorway M7 connecting Budapest and Zagreb, said a regional water
management authorities on Sunday.

CLIMATE CHANGE: The global sea level looks set to rise far higher than forecast because of changes in the polar ice-sheets, a team of researchers has suggested.
Scientists at a climate change summit in Copenhagen said earlier UN estimates were too low and that sea levels could rise by a metre or more by 2100.

SAUDIA ARABIA: One of the strongest sandstorms to hit the Saudi capital Riyadh in decades reduced visibility to a mater of feet and smothered the city in dust.

JAPAN: The Sakurajima volcano in Japan has erupted again throwing debris as far as two kilometres away. An eruption had been expected following a series of
smaller explosions over the weekend.

Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 9th March 2009

AUSTRALIA: Queensland - Tropical Cyclone HAMISH-09 of Saffir-Simpson Category 4 affected 485 000 people with winds above 63 km/h and 2 000 people with
hurricane wind strengths 119 km/h. In addition, Hamish is expected to bring 1-minute maximum sustained winds to the region of around 212 km/h. Wind gusts in
the area may be considerably higher. There is also the potential for flooding further inland due to heavy rain.

COLOMBIA: Rains have lashed the southwest since mid February and in one three-day period, an entire month's rainfall fell. A major river overflowed causing
widespread flooding in what Colombian officials in the region called the worst in history. Sixteen entire communities were literally swept away and another 73 were
heavily flooded. At least two persons died, 20 were missing and some 31,250 persons were affected.

UNITED STATES: Strong winds from severe thunderstorms raked parts of the Midwest on Sunday, tossing a school bus onto a building, destroying or damaging
homes, and cutting off power to thousands of customers in Indiana and Illinois. Winds tore the roofs off buildings in northern Indiana and central Illinois. More than
2,000 customers in Indiana are without power as of Sunday evening, while downed power lines left hundreds of central Illinois residents in the dark.

USA: Colarado - About 400 people have been evacuated from National Jewish Health hospital in Denver because of fumes from a mixture of hazardous chemicals.
Hospital spokesman William Allstetter says most of those evacuated Monday were staff members. About 25 people were transported to other hospitals for treatment,
mostly for nausea and respiratory irritation. The evacuations included about 90 children from an elementary school who were at the hospital.

MEDITERANEAN: Heavy dust from northern Africa has settled in the atmosphere, creating poor visibility across Cyprus. The weather service has warned that the
blanket of dust will remain until Tuesday; however overcast skies might bring some light rain showers this afternoon. Temperatures have been unusually high over
the past few days with Paphos seeing highs of 25C on Saturday. Conditions will remain stable today and tomorrow with temperatures reaching 23C, but on
Thursday and Friday it should feel slightly warmer, mainly over the mountains.

BULGARIA: The air in Bulgaria is the most polluted in the whole of the European Union, the ministry of environment and water found in a new report published
Friday. With dust levels persistently around 55 microgrammes per cubic metre - compared with an average of 30 mg in the rest of Europe and the maximum norm of
40 mg - Bulgarian air ranks as the most polluted in the EU.

Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 8th March 2009

ITALY: Severe weather tests Italian resilience with snow stormas and avalanches in the north and gales in the south.

NICARAGUA: A total of 1,540 hectares of forest have been destroyed by a fire on the slopes of the Pilas de Hoyo Hill and Cosiguina Volcano,which erupted two
days ago, in western Nicaragua.

INDONESIA: Thousands of people fled their homes Friday in East Java, Indonesia, as more rivers burst their banks after days of heavy rains, officials said. The
flooding was in the Tuban and Bojonegoro districts.

INDONESIA: Indonesia has raised to maximum its alert on the Mount Semeru volcano in East Java, warning of potentially dangerous lava flows, an official at the
country's vulcanology centre said on Saturday. The 3,376-metre (11,080-ft) Semeru is one of the most active volcanoes on Java island.

NEW ZEALAND: About 40,000 homes were without power yesterday evening as severe weather struck the east of the North Island. Lightning strikes and flash
floods struck the eastern Bay of Plenty, the western side of East Cape and northern Hawke's Bay just after 5pm. Thunderstorms peaked at 750 lightning strikes an
hour around 6.45pm.

AUSTRALIA: Australian authorities evacuated resort islands in Queensland state and put emergency services on alert as Tropical Cyclone Hamish strengthened to a
Category 5 storm and lashed the coast.

BELARUS: A total of 7 laboratory confirmed cases of rabies in wild animals have been reported in the Zelvenskiy district. A dairy farm has been placed in quarantine
due to the detection of a calf with rabies.

ENGLAND: Twelve people, including seven children, were taken to hospital after a "chemical incident" at a health club, the ambulance service said. Families using
the swimming pool at Cannons Health Club in Cannock, Staffordshire, had breathing problems and irritation to the eyes and nose. Six ambulances were used as
"mobile hospitals" in a car park to deal with 14 people, of whom two were discharged.

TURKEY: Four children aged one to six died Sunday when their home collapsed after torrential rains in southeast Turkey, local officials said. The roof of the house
caved in as seven members of the Tekik family were inside in the Dicle township of the province of Diyarbakir.

Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 7th March 2009

No information posted

Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 6th March 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 5th March 2009

PAKISTAN: At least nine miners were killed and 20 others injured when a blast took place in a mine in southwestern Pakistan on Thursday. The incident occurred in
the Sorenge area of Quetta District in southwestern Balochistan province, said the report.

RUSSIA: An oil leak and fire on a Russian oil pipeline has cut off supplies to three refineries and the Black Sea port of Tuapse, as well as Novorossiisk port, Russian
oil pipeline monopoly Transneft said on Thursday. Transneft spokesman Igor Dyomin said supplies had been cut off to the Volgograd and Saratov refineries in
Russia and the Lysychansk refinery in Ukraine. The leak occurred late on Tuesday. "We hope supplies will be restored by the end of the week. The missing volumes
will be compensated throughout the course of the month," Dyomin said.

PANAMA: A vessel with 25 people aboard sank on Wednesday off the Pacific coast of Panama and left one child dead and nine people missing, the Panamanian
National Civil Protection System announced.

JAPAN: Tokyo Electric Power Co., Asias biggest power utility, said a blaze was put out at a reactor- containment building at its Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear station,
the eighth fire at the plant since it was shut by an earthquake.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: At least seven people, including four children, were killed in a landslide after torrential rains in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea,
local media reported Wednesday. The toll was expected to rise as more people were believed to be trapped under the debris, which engulfed two buses and three
houses near Watabung on the Okuk Highway on Tuesday.

EGYPT: An Egyptian boy at the age of two years and eight months has contracted bird flu virus, bringing the number of human case of the avian influenza to 57 in
the country, a Health Ministry spokesman said Wednesday.

VIETNAM: Thirty-two-year-old Cu Van Chieu of the northern province of Ninh Binh died last week, following the death a week earlier of Ly Tai Mui of Quang Ninh
Province. Both had tested positive for the H5N1 virus, the deadly strain of bird flu, the ministrys Environment and Preventive Health Department said at a meeting

RUSSIA: Two workers were killed and another one injured early on Thursday after hydrogen sulfide leaked at an oil refinery in Russia's Urals region. The leak
occurred during a steam operation on a hydrotreater at a LUKoil refinery in the city of Perm. "As a result, two hydrotreater operators died at the scene and another
one was hospitalized," the source said, adding that there was no air pollution threat at the site. An investigation into the accident has been launched. Hydrogen sulfide
is a highly toxic and flammable gas. Although very pungent at first, it quickly deadens the sense of smell, so potential victims may not be unaware of its presence
until it is too late. It can poison several different systems in the body, although the nervous system is most affected.

USA: Idaho - An outbreak of norovirus at the Idaho State Correctional Institution has prompted state officials to keep visitors and volunteers away from the facility.
Central Health District officials say four inmates have confirmed cases of the highly contagious disease and at least three more cases are suspected.

AUSTRALIA: Queenslansd - A leading Rockhampton professor yesterday confirmed the identification of highly toxic algae in the Fitzroy River catchment at
Rockhampton. Associate Professor at CQUniversity Larelle Fabbro said it is believed to be the first local report of the deadly strain of blue-green algae, which has
killed people in Brazil.

SERBIA: A four-storey building in northern Kosovoska Mitrovica has collapsed. The building in the northern part of Kosovoska Mitrovica collapsed this morning at
about 01:40 CET, according to Kosovo police. All the injured were admitted to hospital. The 90-year-old building, which is located across the street from a technical
school, sustained heavy damage during the NATO bombing. The local authorities do not believe that foul play was involved, but rather that the building collapsed due
to wear and tear.

NIGERIA: As meningitis ravages parts of the North and South, the chief medical director of the National Hospital, Abuja, Dr Olusegun Ajuwon, has confirmed an
outbreak of Lassa fever in the Federal Capital Territory and the adjoining Nasarawa State. Five staff members of the National Hospital, he said, also tested positive to
the Lassa virus. Since the reported outbreak, casualties from admitted patients and medical staff have risen. Lassa fever is an acute haemorrhagic fever.

USA: Nebraska - Nebraska state officials admit they are stumped over a spike in Salmonella cases across eastern Nebraska. State Epidemiologist Dr Tom Safranek
says 14 cases have been reported in just the last 10 days, and there are likely more out there that will be reported in the days ahead.

KENYA: Famine is beginning to strike hard as people turn to wild food sources and dead cattle for food. A number of acses of Anthrax have been reported in people
who have eaten meat from dead cattle designated for disposal. An industrial dispute is hindering the dispersal of emergency food supplies from urban to rural areas.

ZAMBIA: The mysterious illness that has hit the people of Chisomo area in Serenje District needs to be quickly identified and contained to curb further loss of life
among the villagers. Since Wednesday when nine people died as the strange disease broke out, the death toll has quickly risen to 11 and could climb even further if
the problem was not identified.

GERMANY: Cologne's six-story city archive building rumbled and then collapsed into a pile of rubble Tuesday. Many people inside were able to flee to safety, but
rescue workers said they were searching for nine people missing from nearby buildings. The collapse, which occurred about 2 p.m., also dragged down part of two
neighboring buildings in western German city.

ICELAND:  A state of emergency has been declared in two towns, Ã?safjörður (pop. 2.737)  and Bolungarvík (pop. 966), in northwestern Iceland due to
avalanche hazards. A number of buildings in each town have been evacuated. Three roads are closed due to avalanche hazards and a number of other roads in the
northwest are snowed in. Icelandic Civil Protection as well as ICE-SAR and the Icelandic Coast Guard are on standby in case rescue efforts are needed.

TRINIDAD: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta is advising Americans travelling to the island of Trinidad to ensure they get vaccinated against
yellow fever. The warning comes following the January 22, 2009, Trinidad Ministry of Health confirmation that two monkeys had died of yellow fever virus
infection. A number of other monkeys have been found dead, but no cause of death has been confirmed. `Although no human cases of yellow fever have been
reported since 1979, these monkey deaths suggest that yellow fever virus is circulating in the forested areas of Trinidad,` said the CDC.

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 4th March 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 3rd March 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 2nd March 2009

AUSTRALIA: Tasmania - A local rescue team has managed to save 48 pilot whales and five dolphins that had beached themselves on Tasmania's King Island late on
Sunday. The team of more than 150 people, including seasoned whale rescuers and dozens of King Island residents, worked through Monday in an effort to save a
pod of about 200 pilot whales and seven bottlenose dolphins. Despite the efforts by the local volunteers, 130 whales died by midday.

USA: California - A trip on the sea became a nightmare for more than a hundred passengers on a Holland America Cruise ship as they got infected by the norovirus.
The ship halted at San Diego in order to drop off ill passengers. After this, the concerned authorities started with the process of disinfecting the ship.

INDONESIA: Indonesia's Central Sulawesi city of Palu was hit by an earthquake on Monday morning, according to Indonesia's meteorology agency. The earthquake
with magnitude of 5.7 struck Palu of Central Sulawesi province in eastern part of Indonesia on Monday morning.

USA: Texas - A wildfire fueled by grass, brush and trees has destroyed at least 23 homes and three businesses in Central Texas. Officials said two National Guard
helicopters joined other aircraft Sunday in dropping water on the blaze near the towns of Bastrop and Smithville.

AUSTRALIA: Flood levels are still rising in north-west WA today and people are trapped in their homes by impassable roads and rivers that are expected to burst
their banks. Warrawagine Station, 200 km east of Port Hedland, has had 100mm of rain over the past four days and station owner Geoff Mills said that he and his
family were already trapped by the flooding.

EGYPT: A two-year-old Egyptian boy has contracted the bird flu virus and is in critical condition, said the Health Ministry on Sunday, becoming the 56th case in the
Arab country.

BULGARIA: Serbia's inspection service in charge of environment has prevented a shipment of radioactive Bulgarian iron to pass through the country. Inspectors
measured radioactivity on a freight train that arrived at the Dimitrovgrad train station in eastern Serbia at 17:45 CET on Saturday. The train was transporting scrap
iron from Bulgaria to Macedonia. One of the train's 14 freight cars was found to contain 54,300 kilograms of a material with increased radioactivity. The train was
then ordered back to Bulgaria, a statement from the Republic Inspectorate for Environmental Protection reads. The shipment belongs to Bulgarian Sofia-based firm
Rovotel Steel.

Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 1st March 2009

SOUTH GEORGIA & SANDWICH ISLANDS (UK TERRITORIES): An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 and depth 30km has struck the South Georgia & the South
Sandwich Is.

SOUTH AFRICA: About 500 children were admitted to hospital in Nongoma to be treated for food poisoning on Friday, the KwaZulu-Natal health department said.  
They are believed to have eaten rotten mince meat, said Leon Mbangwa. They were taken to the Benedictine Hospital in the area for treatment.

SINGAPORE: Three Indian workers were killed and two others badly injured in a toxic spill at a chemical plant in Singapore, officials said Sunday. The workers
suffered severe burns Friday when nitric acid leaked from a heat exchange unit of the Chemic Industries plant located in Tuas, an industrial zone in the southwest of

YEMEN: Forty-five Africans drowned after a boat carrying them from Somalia across the Gulf of Aden capsized in deep waters off Yemen, the Yemeni Interior
Ministry said Saturday. The boat, carrying 46 would-be migrants from Somalia and Ethiopia, capsized Friday night about 95 kilometres off the south-eastern Yemeni
port of Mukalla, the ministry said in a statement. An Ethiopian passenger and three traffickers were able to get safely to shore, the ministry said. The smugglers were
arrested. The boat was making a two-day journey across the Gulf of Aden from the northern Somali port of Bossasso. It was not clear what caused the boat to
capsize. This was the second accident involving migrants off Yemen in the course of about one week.

USA: Wyoming - Authorities in Wyoming say a mile-long avalanche has killed three snowmobilers near the Wyoming-Idaho state line. Lincoln County officials say
the three victims were among four snowmobilers caught by the snow slide Friday near Alpine in the Snake River Range.

TURKEY: An explosion believed to be caused by a gas canister shook a workshop in the southern Turkish resort city of Antalya on Saturday, injuring six people.
Two of the injured were seriously hurt in the blast at the lathe and welding workshop on an industrial estate in the city when a gas canister or boiler exploded. The
explosion also caused damage to neighbouring buildings and a nearby taxi.

TOGO: Eight cases of meningitis, of which four deaths, have been recorded in February in the locality of Koran (north of Togo), reported on Friday. According to
the health authorities, some village communities of the localities said there were other undisclosed death cases in the health centres.

USA: California - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency Friday because of three years of below-average rain and snowfall in California, a step
that urges urban water agencies to reduce water use by 20 percent.

CZECH REPUBLIC: A gaggle of 700 geese have been culled in Czech Republic following the discovery of a bird flu virus. Control tests will decide about the fate of
another roughly 2,300 geese and about 350 wild ducks, said local vet Ivan Prikryl.

SOUTH AFRICA: Parts of Soweto have been declared disaster areas after flash floods hit the township, the Gauteng provincial government said on Friday.

GABON: Report by SGC International, Medical officials have confirmed 20 Ebola cases in the northeastern frontier province of Ogooue-Ivindo. 17 individuals have
died as a result of this outbreak which began in October.
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