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Subject: Around the World Today - Friday 31st October

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Subject: Around the World Today - Thursday 30th October

PAKISTAN: An aftershock with a magnitude of 6.2 struck Pakistan's Baluchistan province on Wednesday about 12 hours after a stronger quake killed at least 160
people. There were no immediate reports of more damage or casualties.

POLAND: Authorities say that 16 miners were slightly injured when a small earthquake hit a copper mine in southern Poland. Ewa Tomaszewska, a spokeswoman
for the government authority that oversees the mining industry, says the tremor occurred early Wednesday. She says the men were working more than 3,000 feet
(1,000 meters) underground at the Polkowice-Sieroszowice mine. The injuries; largely bruises; occurred when they were hit by falling rocks or knocked over by the
tremor. Five of the miners were still in hospitals later Wednesday.

USA: California - The U.S. Geological Survey says it's preparing for the largest earthquake drill in the nation's history -- the Great Southern California ShakeOut. The
10 a.m. PST on Nov. 13 the drill will simulate what might occur during and after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake on the U.S. West Coast. The exercise is based on a
USGS scenario created with emergency responders, power, water and transportation departments, social scientists, engineers and others.

USA: Illinios - An oil well exploded in southern Illinois on Wednesday, killing two workers and injuring four others, authorities said. The explosion occurred around
10 a.m. as workers from Mason Well Servicing in Grayville were cementing a finished well west of Crossville and gas from the well ignited, White County Sheriff
Doug Maier said in a statement.

CHINA: Twenty-six people were hospitalized after a chemical leak at a factory in east China's Shandong Province early Wednesday. A sodium hypochlorite tank of
Shandong Haihua Group Co., Ltd's plant in Weifang City, suddenly burst at around 6 AM, leading to a leak of the irritative chemical which can cause discomfort in
the respiratory system. The chemical is usually used as a fungicide and an oxidizing bleach. A total of 58 company staff went to hospital for checkup and treatment.
As of Wednesday evening, 26 remained in hospital.

NIGERIA: The Federal Government has embarked on a three-year action plan to train more than 154,800 volunteers on effective disaster response and control
mechanism. Authorities of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), which disclosed this at the flag-off of a three-day sensitisation workshop on
disaster risk management for senior public officers in Kaduna, said  it plans to engage 154,800 volunteers as part of the Federal Government's new contingency plan
on disaster management. FULL STORY:

ENGLAND: Devon & Cornwall - East Devon and parts of Cornwall have been hit by serious flooding after a night of storms, including severe rain and heavy hail.
Devon and Somerset fire service said the situation in the Ottery St Mary area was "absolute chaos". Portland Coastguard said its volunteers rescued a number of
people, including several elderly homeowners, and there is fear over lost livestock. An evacuation centre has been set up at the hospital in Ottery St Mary.

BOTSWANA: The Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) abattoirs in Lobatse and Francistown closed yesterday after reports of suspected Foot and Mouth Disease in
Kuke extension in the Gantsi veterinary district. A statement from the Ministry of Agriculture says five cattle were reportedly showing foot and oral lesions associated
with the disease. Samples have been taken to the laboratory for testing and results are awaited.

VIETNAM: Heavy rains and floods killed at least seven people and left one missing in central Vietnam, officials said Thursday. "According to the updated figures as
of 9 am (0200 GMT) Thursday, seven people have been killed, with one missing and one injured," said Hoang Hiep of the National Steering Committee for Storm and
Flood Control.

CHINA: Hainan - A total of 22 cases of cholera had been confirmed as of Oct. 29 in Danzhou and Lingao, two counties in southernmost China's Hainan Province,
since Oct. 20 when the first case was found, local health authorities said on Thursday.

FINLAND: Attempts to free the Russian cargo vessel that has run aground in the Gulf of Finland proved unsuccessful. The cargo vessel has 37 tonnes of fuel
aboard, but apparently none of it has leaked into the sea. The vessel is not double-hulled. The ship has sustained damage to its bow, and water has entered into the
bow maintenance space. The ship is currently listing at about ten degrees. All twelve Russian seamen on board were evacuated by a Finnish sea rescue helicopter.
The sailors were taken to a coast guard station in Kotka, Finland, from where they were allowed to return to Russia on Wednesday. The ship's cargo contains general
cargo, including hospital supplies. None of the cargo is said to be hazardous.

SOUTHAFRICA / ZAMBIA: A new type of arenavirus has been identified as the cause of the deaths of four people since September, specialists at the National
Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) in Johannesburg said on Thursday. "There is no doubt we are dealing with a newly emerged virus," said Janusz
Paweska, head of the special pathology unit at the NICD. The virus belongs to the "old world" arenavirus, but until two weeks ago, they did not know they were
dealing with a new virus.

ZIMBABWE: An outbreak of cholera, the deadly diarrhoeal disease that doctors say has claimed dozens of lives in crisis-hit Zimbabwe in recent weeks, has spread to
the city's crowded townships, state media reported Thursday. One person died in the city's Budiriro township and 20 more from across the city were being treated
for the disease in hospital, the state-controlled Herald newspaper reported. Some of the cases are from areas very close to the city centre. The death brings to 121 the
number to have died of the disease this year, according to the Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR).

Subject: Around the World Today - Wednesday 29th October

PAHISTAN: Thirty people were killed and about 40 injured when a strong earthquake struck southwest Pakistan on Wednesday, government and hospital officials
said. The U.S. Geological Survey said a 6.2 magnitude quake hit 70 km (45 miles) northeast of the city of Quetta before dawn. The Pakistan Meteorological
Department put the magnitude at 6.1 and said the quake struck at 5.10 a.m. (2310 GMT).
AUSTRALIA: WA - West Australian farmers are counting costs after a massive storm swept away hundreds of sheep, burst dams and wrecked fences, east of
Perth. The storm hit last night, causing damage to roads and bridges in the shire of York, about 100km east of Perth. Roads have been closed in the small shire where
farmers were preparing to begin harvesting their crops next month.

USA: New York - A foot of snow fell across some parts of the region Tuesday as an autumn nor'easter made October feel more like December. The combination of
high winds and heavy, wet snow downed trees and power lines, cutting off electricity for at least 14,000 customers in the 11-county region around Oneonta served
by New York State Electric & Gas Corp, according to NYSEG officials.

SOUTH AFRICA: Eastern Province - Eighty three people from Mthome village have been admitted to hospital for diarrhoea and vomiting, an Eastern Cape health
department spokesperson said on Tuesday. Sizwe Kupelo said 54 people were admitted to St Banarbos hospital on Sunday and an additional 29 were admitted on
Tuesday. Kupelo said doctors confirmed that the people were suffering from food poisoning. Kupelo said the department has sent a team of health workers to area to
access the outbreak.

USA: Kansas - (EXERCISE) A large scale disaster hit Forbes Field in Topeka Tuesday. It was a staged event, but the practice emergency crews got out of it was
real. Several Shawnee County departments put their skills to the test to make sure they're ready to work together if a real disaster were to occur. FULL STORY: http:

JAPAN: Japan's disaster prevention panel said hundreds of thousands of people would be unable to find a toilet if a major earthquake were to hit Tokyo on a
weekday. The panel studied a simulation that imagined a magnitude - 7.3 quake striking Tokyo at noon on a workday. A temblor of that size would send 12 million
people spilling out of their offices, forced to walk home from the city center. Assuming that each of those fleeing will need to stop for the bathroom every two hours,
the report said 810,000 people will be desperately looking for a toilet within hours of the quake, even if half of the public facilities remained intact. Some might wait
17 hours before finding a toilet, the simulation said. FULL STORY:

Subject: Around the World Today - Tuesday 28th October

CAPE VERDE ISLANDS: Two dead, but 9 saved as ship sinks. Coordinated rescue effort by Dutch and UK Coastguard saves 9 seaman.

RUSSIA: Authorities in south Russia's Stavropol Region plan to cull 7,000 pigs to prevent the spread of African swine fever, first detected two weeks ago, a regional
governor's spokesperson said on Monday. Some 2,500 pigs have been already culled in the village of Gorkaya Balka, where the fatal virus was first reported on
October 15. Some 117 pigs died and later tests confirmed the deaths were caused by the African swine fever virus. A state of emergency has been declared in the
area, where two new outbreaks were reported at private farms earlier on Monday.

BANGLADESH: At least 15 people were killed and some 300 injured by a tropical storm that battered southern Bangladesh, officials said on Tuesday. At least 10
fishing boats with 50 aboard were missing in the Bay of Bengal after tropical storm Rasmi lashed the south of the country with winds of up to 80 kmh (50 mph),
community leaders said. Thousands of homes and areas of crops were damaged, while electrical and telephone poles were brought down, cutting power and
disrupting communications. At least 1,000 head of cattle died as offshore islands and coastal areas were swept by a tidal surge two meters (nine feet) higher than

INDIA: Assam - Flash floods in lower Assam's Kamrup district caused by incessant rains breached an embankment submerging over 70 villages and snapped surface
communication between the state and the rest of the country. An embankment was breached last n ight at around 11:00 pm following rain over the past three days in
the Puthimari area of the district and upper reaches of the surrounding mountains, official sources said. The flood waters affected over 70,000 people, damaged
standing paddy crops ready for harvest.

TURKEY: An official says a boiler room explosion at a primary school in eastern Turkey has injured six adults. No students were hurt. Sami Bulut, the governor of
the eastern city of Erzurum, says the blast occurred Tuesday when all students were in class. Bulut says an investigation has been launched to determine the cause of
the blast. [As winter arrives in northern hemisphere these type of incidents will be more frequent]

Subject: Around the World Today - Monday 27th October

No information provided

Subject: Around the World Today - Sunday 26th October

INDIA: Indian Railways seriously lacks in disaster management preparedness, the CAG has pointed out in its latest report, tabled in Parliament on Friday.  It finds that
railways is not geared up to respond to accidents and disasters on many counts. There is inadequate provision of safety aids. There is shortage of trained manpower.
It lacks proper communication equipment to even inform about the incident. FULL STORY:

GHANA:  Mr Akrofi Asiedu, Acting National Coordinator of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), has called for the mainstreaming of disaster
risk reduction into development policies and programmes to make disaster management more effective. To this end, he said, there was the need for strong political
and financial commitments to disaster management at the national, regional and district levels. FULL STORY:

ITALY: On 21 Oct 2008, the national reference laboratory for rabies in Italy confirmed a case of rabies in a fox in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region of north-eastern
Italy. This fox was euthanized on 10 Oct 2008 after it attacked a person who was out walking in a forest in Resia district, close to the borders with Austria and
Slovenia. The results were positive for 'classical' rabies virus by PCR testing. Italy has been rabies free since 1995.

INDIA: Orissa - On 19 Oct 2008 the state government pressed into service epidemiologists from the Regional Medical Research Centre and Science Research Centre
to visit [Kendrapara] district in the wake of reports of the outbreak of a mysterious fever. Nearly 1500 patients from thickly populated villages in Garadpur,
Marshaghai and Mahakalpada block are hit by the virus disease. The epidemiologists from the research centre are making a symptomatic study of the disease.

RUSSIA: Four people were killed and five injured on Saturday when an explosion partially destroyed a gunpowder factory in Kazan, in Russia's Volga area republic of
Tatarstan, a regional emergencies spokesman said. The explosion occurred in a one-story building, around a third of which collapsed. The four dead and five
wounded, who suffered burns of varying degrees, were pulled from the rubble, which covered around 300 square meters. The injured were taken to a local hospital.

YEMEN: Rain and flooding in Yemen has killed 58 people and left an estimated 20,000 without basic shelter.  Most of the dead were in Hadramout, one of the worst-
affected provinces, said Yemen Post Editor-in-Chief Hakim al-Masmari, citing the Ministry of the Interior. Officials continued to evacuate people from affected areas,
but thousands remained stranded in their homes because the extensive rain has prevented help from reaching them. The flooding follows several days of rain in the
Middle Eastern country that is unaccustomed to more than a few inches of rain a year.

JAPAN: A major Japanese meat processor has recalled millions of packs of sausage and meat products over suspected cyanide contamination from the underground
water sources used in the products. Itoham Foods Inc. said in a public notice published in national newspapers Sunday that tests have found the water used in the
products contained twice as much toxin as the government limit. The recall covers nearly 2.7 million packages of sausage and pizza products sold in Japan. No health
problems have been reported over the case, the latest in recent food scandals in Asia.

IRAN: An Iranian official says a magnitude 5 earthquake has hit southern Iran, injuring nine people. The director of Hormozgan province emergency department,
Yasser Hazbavi, says the strong quake shook the port town of Kong late Saturday evening. The quake is part of a series of tremors that have jolted the area in recent
months. Kong, on the Persian Gulf coast, has a population of 15,000 and is about 930 miles south of Tehran. Iran is located on several seismic fault lines and is prone
to earthquakes, experiencing at least one slight tremor every day on average.

TRINIDAD & TABAGO: An unexpected early morning volcanic eruption in an oilfield area in Santa Flora sent about 100 villagers including several children
scampering out of their homes to safety. Many of them have since fled their homes and are now seeking shelter at relatives homes until a disaster relief shelter at Los
Bajos is fully prepared. Up to Press time, mud continued spewing several feet into the air from two large craters lying in close proximity to a pumping jack in the Los
Bajos Field located at Francis Trace. The erupting mud was accompanied by the strong scent of methane gas.

Subject: Around the World Today - Saturday 25th October

MALTA: The Malta Maritime Authority and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) yesterday conducted an oil recovery response exercise at sea, off
Valletta. The oil recovery response exercise simulated the detection of a 500m by 300m unattached slick of heavy oil off Valletta, which was “reported� by a
fishing boat to the Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) at the MMA. The first call was made to the Harbour Master at 5:30am, and the response was initiated through VTS
calls for mobilising everyone concerned. In fact, the Malta Maritime Authority’s Control Centre was fully manned by 6am.
Vessels arriving on the scene started deploying booms and skimming equipment for the recovery of the oil slick. FULL STORY:

USA: Ohio - FirstEnergy has reported a radioactive leak at the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant.  The report was issued to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
(NRC) Thursday. According to the NRC, radioactive tritium was leaking from a drainage pipe within the plant Wednesday.  Around 4:00 p.m., officials identified the
Turbine and Water Treatment Building sump discharge line to be leaking. An NRC spokesperson tells NBC24 that the water supply in Oak Harbor and Carroll
Township is not threatened. The radioactive material remains at Davis-Besse.  The cause of the leak is unknown at this time.

YEMEN: Hadramut - A tropical storm hit southeast Yemen, leaving at least 26 civilians and six soldiers dead while trapping hundreds of people, a provincial
governor and local officials said Friday. Heavy rains, thunderstorms and flash floods destroyed hundreds of mud-houses in the stricken coastal region, and President
Ali Abdullah Saleh flew to the area to oversee relief efforts in the province of Hadramut, which was most affected by the storm. Provincial Governor Ahmed Salem al-
Khanabshi said six soldiers died trying to rescue residents in the city of Sayoun and that a "number of bodies" were floating in the valley of Amd.

MOROCCO: Flash floods from heavy rains in northern Morocco killed 13 people overnight and inundated 170 manufacturing plants, the Interior Ministry and
government rescue service said on Friday.

NETHERLANDS: A new type of the bluetongue livestock virus normally found in Africa or central America has infected cattle in the Netherlands, the Dutch
Agriculture Ministry said on Friday. Four cows on four different farms were suffering from bluetongue Type 6, for which no vaccine is available in Europe, a
ministry spokesman said. The disease causes fever and mouth ulcers and in some cases turns an animal's tongue blue.

RUSSIA: Around 600 pigs will be culled in southern Russia to prevent the spread of African swine fever virus, which was detected in Stavropol Region last week, a
spokesperson for the regional governor said on Friday. The outbreak was reported on October 15 in the village of Gorkaya Balka at a farm containing around 460
pigs. Later tests confirmed the deaths were caused by the African swine fever virus, which has killed around 120 animals.

ENGLAND: Hundreds of people taking part in a run in the Lake District near Keswick have been stranded by flooding and torrential rain. The runners were taking
part in the Original Mountain Marathon (OMM) run when they were overcome by the weather. Honister Slate Mine manager Mark Weir said he was sheltering 300 of
them and some were suffering from hypothermia. Mountain rescue teams are out on the hills searching for missing runners who may be stranded. Cumbria Police
said competitors spending the night on the mountain were mainly seasoned mountaineers, and were expected to be carrying suitable equipment to cope with adverse


Newspaper El Pais reported that the cows had pressed themselves against a wire fence during a storm when the lightning bolt struck in the northern
Uruguayan state of San Jose. A photograph released by the San Jose Police Department shows the black and brown cows lying dead in a row. The newspaper said
that vets at the scene confirmed the cause of the deaths, which happened on Wednesday. The experts also said that cows often crowd around fences to seek
protection during bad weather. Meteorologist Fernando Torena said he was not surprised that a single lightning bolt killed so many cows. But he called it "very bad

Subject: Around the World Today - Friday 24th October

CHINA: Water supplies for at least 26,000 people were cut off in southwest China after a scenic lake popular with holidaymakers was contaminated with arsenic and
other pollutants, state media reported Thursday.

INDIA / FRANCE: India's atomic safety body said Thursday that radioactive scrap metal which found its way into buttons installed into lifts in France had been
traced back to a western Indian foundry. At least four Indian firms were involved in the manufacture of the components, an official said, but it was still unclear
where the contaminated scrap originated.

AUSTRALIA: The Department of Health has today [20 Oct 2008] confirmed measles in a passenger who arrived in Perth [Western Australia] aboard a Royal Brunei
Airlines flight from Thailand on 1 Oct 2008. The passenger also attended funeral services held on Fri 3 Oct 2008 before developing a measles rash the following day
[4 Oct 2008]. Medical Coordinator Communicable Disease Control Dr Paul Effler said measles was contagious for up to 5 days before the development of the rash
and passengers on the same flights and those at the funeral servicemay be at risk of developing measles if they were not immune.

SLOVENIA: Slovenian veterinary services confirmed on Wednesday [22 Oct 2008] another case of anthrax just several days after 4 cows were found to have died
of anthrax on a farm in eastern Slovenia. A bull on a farm 7 kilometers (4.4 mi) away from the original outbreak was infected with the disease, the National
Veterinary Administration said in a statement, adding that the most likely cause of the infection is contaminated fodder.

SCOTLAND: Storms battered Scotland yesterday and are expected to return tomorrow, with severe weather warnings issued for western and central parts of the
country. The Met Office yesterday had most of Scotland placed on its second-highest level of alert, with conditions particularly bad on the west coast and northern
Highlands. As much as 70mm of rainfall was recorded in higher areas, though conditions improved in the evening.

SRI LANKA: The number of displaced as a result of torrential rain over the last few day has risen to over 5,000  by yesterday.  Meanwhile the Ministry of
Resettlement and Disaster Relief Services said Rs. 6.3 million has been allocated to assist the people affected by the rain and floods.

IRELAND: Kerry - Major flooding has hit parts of Co Kerry after heavy rain and strong winds. Killarney and Kenmare have been worst hit with all access to
Kenmare blocked to allow emergency services deal with the problem. Garda have advised motorists to avoid the town completely and AA Roadwatch said the
Killarney to Kenmare Road (N71) was impassable. The flooding in Kenmare is some of its worst flooding in living memory and was caused by a combination of high
tides, heavy downpours and rivers bursting their banks. In the early afternoon up to four feet of water was recorded in the Square, Church road and Main Street

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: A strong 6.2-magnitude earthquake rocked Papua New Guinea on Thursday, the U.S. Geological Survey said, but there were no immediate
reports of casualties or tsunami.

Subject: Around the World Today - Thursday 23rd October

INDIA: At least 26 people have died after a huge explosion at an illegal fireworks factory in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, police say. The dead include eight
children. The blast in Deeg town near Jaipur early on Thursday left some 20 others injured. The blast was so powerful that it destroyed the factory in a slum and
brought down two neighbouring homes.

FRANCE: Otis, the French elevator company, is removing the buttons from hundreds of its lifts, after finding they contained the radioactive material cobalt 60. Up to
600 Otis lifts were refurbished using the buttons which were made using materials supplied by an Indian firm. Some 20 staff at a factory in Chimilin, France, were
believed to have been exposed to unsafe levels of radiation. France's nuclear safety body (ASN) raised its alert level but said there was no danger to human life.

USA: Alaska - The Coast Guard says a fish processing boat with 11 crew members on board is missing off Alaska's Aleutian Islands.The military says all that
searchers had found by noon Wednesday were two empty survival suits and a partially deflated life raft. There were no signs of the boat or crew members.Petty
Officer 3rd Class Levi Reed says the agency received a distress signal early Wednesday from the 93-foot boat.

UGANDA: The cholera epidemic has struck Kampala city suburbs again killing four people and six others have been admitted at Mulago Referral Hospital.This comes
two weeks after medics announced that they had contained the epidemic in Kinawataka-Katogo Zone near Bweyogerere in Nakawa Division.Kampala City Council
Health Department yesterday revealed that the epidemic had spread to areas of Bwaise, Kanyanya in Kawempe Division, Kisenyi in Central Division, and some parts of
Makindye Division. The epidemic which first broke out late last month in Kinawataka, claimed four lives out of the 43 cumulative cases recorded then.

ITALY: Sardinia - A flood has killed at least four people in Sardinia after a sudden storm caused streams to burst their banks and damaged homes and infrastructure
in parts of the Italian island.  Heavy rains early Wednesday caused a stream to flood the town of Capoterra, near the city of Cagliari. The Carabinieri police say two
men and a woman were killed when their cars were swept away as they were trying to escape. A fourth victim, an elderly woman, was trapped by water in her
house's basement. Roads and power lines were damaged across the Cagliari region, and authorities are using helicopters and army vehicles to evacuate inhabitants
from flooded areas.

GIBRALTAR: During the last 10 weeks, Gibraltar has experienced an outbreak of measles. The Government has been notified of over 250 cases and notifications
are still coming in at around 4-6 cases per day. It is believed that the actual numbers are greater as many people with mild attacks have chosen not to report them.
While the majority of infections in the outbreak have been mild, some have been severe and a few patients including babies have needed Intensive Care. Measles is an
unpleasant disease with fever, sore throat, streaming eyes, diarrhoea and rash. Most people recover within a week or so, but complications like fits, bacterial infection
or pneumonia can develop. Long term complications can also arise in very young children.

USA: Vermont - Federal regulators and utility officials say they are investigating a release of radioactive contaminants at the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant
that led to a brief evacuation of 25 workers. A spokesman for the utility Entergy Nuclear says the release occurred Monday while the cover of a reactor vessel was
being removed for refueling.

Subject: Around the World Today - Wednesday 22nd October

UK: The UK Government released is Pandemic Flu: International Strategy document today. It can be downloaded at:

SYRIA: Syria's worst drought in 40 years is strangling grain production, prompting authorities to seek aid from the UN's Food and Agricultural Organisation, the
official SANA news agency reported on Tuesday. Wheat production has fallen by 53 percent in 2008 and that of barley by 68 percent, with thousands of families
affected, SANA said.

FIJI: Wainadoi village and surrounding areas are under 3 to 4 feet of water. The police command center says bridges along the main highway are also under water.

SWEDEN: Sweden shut down one of its nuclear reactors on Tuesday to check the plant's control rods after cracks were found in the rods at an identical plant, the
Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) reports. The agency said it had been alerted last week that a routine annual inspection at the Oskarshamn nuclear plant in
eastern Sweden had turned up cracks in Reactor 3's control rods, which are used to control the rate of fission of uranium and plutonium.

CYPRUS: Heavy showers brought chaos to Nicosia this morning as a huge downpour left drivers stranded in their cars and countless homes and businesses in the
capital flooded. The much needed rain fell across the island, bringing transport problems with it as several roads became impassable. Despite the heavy rain, Cyprus
is still low on water supplies following a six month drought.

MEXICO: Tabasco - he Usumacinta River, snaking through Mexico's southeast state of Tabasco, burst its banks after heavy rains, driving 34,500 people out of their
homes by far, authorities reported Tuesday. The flood, triggered by heavy rains in the nearby state of Chiapas and in Guatemala, has damaged houses and ravaged
farmlands in four municipalities and 165 rural communities in the area, the Civil Protection Office of Tabasco said Tuesday.

SCOTLAND / ENGLAND: Heavy rain and stormy weather has caused flooding in Scotland on Monday. Forecasters predicted more wet weather by the end of the
week. A flood warning has been issued on Wednesday in Northwest England.

BELIZE: Tropical depression number 16 brought persistent rains to Belize over the weekend causing alarmingly high water levels in Cayo District. People have to be
evacuated to shelters. Government officials are trying to assess the loss and damage caused by the floods.

Subject: Around the World Today - Tuesday 21st October

USA: Hawaii - The state wants to build a $70 million emergency operations center on Diamond Head Road that could withstand a Category 4 hurricane or a powerful
earthquake, comfortably accommodate dozens of representatives from state and federal agencies in one control center and run on a generator for at least 15 days.

EUROPE: EMSA, Cefic and Cedre sign agreement for co-operation in the field of marine pollution involving chemicals. FULL STORY: http://www.chemie.

CZECH REPUBLIC: A Czech nuclear plant shut down a reactor during the weekend after one of its the turbines developed a fault, the plant's owners said Monday.
"During the final turbine generator tests prior to the synchronisation to the power distribution grid, a failure has been found on the flow through part (rotor) in the
third low pressure turbine" on Sunday, the energy company CEZ said.

ZIMBABWE: A cholera outbreak that has bridged Zimbabwe's dry season is proving difficult to contain and has spread from the cities to rural areas. There are fears
that the onset of the rainy season could make the waterborne disease endemic if the authorities fail to address the water and sanitation crisis plaguing the county. The
UN noted that "a cholera outbreak has been a cause of concern in Zimbabwe since February 2008 ... so far 120 deaths have been recorded cumulatively, with the
highest percentage found in Mashonaland Central

MOZAMBIQUE: In a country as poor and vulnerable as Mozambique, extreme climatic events can push entire communities to the brink of disaster. Unable to recover
from the multiple impacts of floods, cyclones and drought, they are often sent into a downward spiral of poverty. In the past three decades alone, Mozambique has
suffered the impact of 35 hydro-meteorological disasters, affecting nearly 16 million people. According to Alexandre Tique, a meteorologist at Mozambique's National
Meteorological Institute (INAM), most basic statistics point to an upward trend in natural disaster occurrence due to climate change.

INDIA: Orissa - Outbreak of a mysterious fever in Bari, Korei, Rasulpur and Dharmasala blocks have led to fear of Bird Flu here. But district health authorities say it
is not bird flu but some other virus which is yet to be diagnosed. Initially the patients complained to be suffering from high fever and later severe pain following
swelling of all joints of the body. They are initially treated a malaria patients and then antibiotics meant for typhoid is also given to the patients.

HONDURAS - Intense rain triggered a landslide that buried the victim's home. Five people died from the wall collapse. According to the Emergency Committee of
Honduras (COPECO), the remnant circulation of Tropical Depression 16 has caused 120, 854 people to be affected by the heavy rains.

MEXICO: Mexico City - At least 15 people died and 11 others were injured during a prison riot in northeastern border city Reynosa of Mexico, local authorities said
on Monday. Local Civil Protection said police and military forces have been sent to the site in an attempt to negotiate with the inmates in fierce conflict since midnight

CAYMAN ISLANDS: Low lying areas on Grand Cayman will be at danger of flooding over the next few days as a broad area of low pressure centred over the Gulf
of Honduras slowly moves north–east. Locally, weather forecasts said Grand Cayman will continue to experience periods of heavy showers until Wednesday,
depending on how fast the system moves.

Subject: Around the World Today - Monday 20th October

AUSTRALIA: NSW - Landholders in southern New South Wales have another week to spray plague locusts before they start swarming. The Wagga Wagga area is
causing the most concern, with 440 reports of locust activity so far. Richard Lelievre from the Wagga Rural Lands Protection Board says landholders have responded
well, but it's too early to say if the problem's under control.

VENEZUELA: Venezuela's state power company worked to restore electricity after the third blackout of the year affected parts of the capital of Caracas and eight
states in the central and western parts of the country. Caracas lost power at 10:45 a.m. local time, and the states of Aragua, Lara, Guarico, Merida and Tachira were
reporting problems, Venezuelan state television said.

CHINA: Hand, foot and mouth disease has killed three children and sickened about 110 others in eastern China. Late Sunday that all the cases were reported in Jian'ou
city of Fujian province from October 1 to 17. Citing a provincial health official, Xinhua said the children who died from the infectious disease were under a year old
and came from different towns. Twenty-two of the infected children were still hospitalized for treatment.

CHINA: Hong Kong - A house crow found dead in a crowded district in Hong Kong last week has tested positive for the highly pathogenic H5N1 bird flu virus, a
government spokeswoman said on Monday. The appearance of the virus in Hong Kong, more active in the cooler months between October and March, is closely
watched as it may indicate the level of activity of the virus in mainland China, which has a poultry population of 13 billion. The virus is endemic in poultry in parts of
Asia but experts fear it will mutate into a form that is easily passed from human to human, sparking a pandemic which could kill millions of people.

INDONESIA: Aceh - Flash floods have been hitting West Aceh, Aceh Besar and Aceh Jaya districts, Aceh province, since Saturday, forcing hundreds of people to
flee to higher ground. Rain fell continuously on Monday causing the flooding to spread over a wider and wider area, Mursalin, a spokesman of the Aceh provincial
administration, said here on Monday. At least 250 families in a number of villages in Mereubo sub district, West Aceh district, had evacuated themselves since Sunday
(Oct. 19) to safer areas as several rivers overflowed.

BANGLADESH: Authorities in Bangladesh have reportedly detected bird flu at a poultry farm, just 4 months after the virus was last reported in the country.
According to livestock department spokesman Salahuddin Khan, approx. 300 birds were culled in a farm in the northern Naogaon district after the deadly H5N1 strain
of avian influenza was detected.

MOROCCO: Flash floods from heavy rains in eastern and southern Morocco overnight have killed at least seven people, the government said on Monday. Seven
provinces - Essaouira, Al Houaz, Azilal, Chichaoua, Oujda, Errachidia and Zagora - were the hardest hit, with many homes submerged or damaged and roads made
impassable, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. At least 14 people were killed in several Moroccan regions, including Errachidia, last week in floods triggered by
heavy rains, according to local media. Morocco received the highest levels of rains in 30 years for the Sept. 17-Oct 19 period, according to local disaster and weather

Subject: Around the World Today - Sunday 19th October

INDIA: Dehli - At least two people have been killed after part of bridge under construction collapsed and fell onto vehicles below in the Indian capital, Delhi. Several
people were also injured in the incident, which happened as construction workers were using cranes to lift huge concrete slabs.

VIETNAM: At least seven people have died in flash floods triggered by heavy rains in central Vietnam, officials say. Thousands of houses have been submerged in the
provinces of Thua Thien Hue, Quang Nam and Quang Ngai. A baby and two children are among the dead. More floods and landslides are expected and residents in
the mountainous areas being urged to leave their homes.

CHINA: Three workers died and 11 others were injured in a steel plant accident in central China's Hubei Province on Saturday, local authorities said. The workers
were poisoned by gas at about 3 p.m. while repairing a boiler in the heating power workshop at Echeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. in Ezhou City, said a city government

ENGLAND: Rescue helicopters have evacuated 34 people from a North Sea oil rig following a fire on board. The fire broke out on the Energy Enhancer rig which lies
73 miles east of Whitby, North Yorkshire. Two RAF helicopters transferred the 34 non-essential staff to a standby vessel after the Humber coastguard was contacted
on Saturday night. 45 crew members currently remain onboard the rig. The fire was confirmed to have been put out in the early hours.

Subject: Around the World Today - Saturday 18th October

PUERTO RICO: As a result of the constant downpours for the last four days, a massive landslide near the Chomes, Puntarenas, exit on the Interamericana Norte
highway has caused more problems for the weather embattled Guanacaste. Mud and rocks came falling down on from the side of the road yesterday afternoon and
reports of vehicles trapped under the debris could not be verified as rescue workers dig through the rubble. The mudslide occurred near the turn off to Monteverde
on the major route that connects Puntarenas and Liberia and the Guanacaste beaches. The highway remained closed last night. The weeklong rains has caused many
rivers in to overflow their banks, causing flooding and evacuation and death. As of last count, 274 communities have been affected around the country as a tropical
storm at the Honduras-Nicaragua border batters Costa Rica, primarily in the Pacific coastal areas, seven deaths reports and 77.000 directly and indirectly affected.

ANTIGUA & BARBUDA: Hurricane Omar flooded homes and battered crops on the Caribbean island of Antigua before it spun north and weakened into a tropical
storm, drifting toward extinction Friday over the open Atlantic. Antiguan Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer warned of a produce shortage, saying the farming
community "appears to have suffered an extensive loss of crops." "No one is reported to have perished in this disaster," Spencer said late Thursday, hours after Omar
blew past the Lesser Antilles islands as a Category 3 hurricane.

USA: Florida - HazMat Incident> Twenty people were taken to area hospitals following a sulphur leak at the Mosaic phosphate plant at 3200 State Road 60 West.
Susan Sartain, a spokeswoman with the Bartow hospital, said that 11 people were admitted to the hospital for inhalation of sulphuric dioxide. Of the 11, 10 were
treated and released and one was in serious condition, Sartain said.

SLOVENIA: Slovenian veterinary services confirmed on Friday reports about the death of four cows caused by anthrax, but insisted that there were no reasons for
panic after having taken necessary measures. The four cows belong to a farmer from the village of Zice near Slovenske Konjice in northeastern Slovenia.

NIGERIA: Malaria has killed 401 people in the last four weeks in northern Nigeria's Katsina state, according to local health officials. "In the last 28 days 401 people
have died of malaria which has become endemic in the state," Halliru Idris, director of public health in the state's health ministry. The death toll could be much higher
because this figure does not reflect those who died at home, he said. WHO has recorded up to 50,311 malaria cases in Katsina state since September 19, which Idris
attributes to the unusually heavy rainfall recorded this rainy season.

US VIRGIN ISLANDS: Authorities in St. Croix rushed to contain oil spills on Friday after more than 40 boats sank or washed ashore during Hurricane Omar. About
half the vessels lost their anchors, including houseboats, catamarans and pricey yachts and sailboats owned by tourists. The other half were tied at marinas but broke
loose, said Carlos Fachette, enforcement director for the Department of Planning and Natural Resources. The hurricane caught many local boaters off-guard because
they did not take the storm seriously, according to Kim Jones of the St. Croix Yacht Club. "It's devastating," she said of the damage.

SLOVENIA: An exercise aimed at testing and improving the preparedness of rescue forces in case of an accident at the Krsko Nuclear Power Plant (NEK) will take
place between 20 and 22 October, the head of the Slovenian Civil Protection and Disaster Relief Administration, Miran Bogataj, told the press on Friday.

KENYA: More than 10,000 people have been displaced by flash floods following heavy rains that pounded Mandera in north-eastern Kenya and southern parts of
Somalia this week, aid agencies said. Kenya Red Cross Communications Officer Titus Mung'ou said that food and non-food items had been provided to families from
an estimated 1,500 households that were displaced by the water that has been flowing across Mandera district in the past two days.

HONDURAS: Flooding from heavy rains killed at least three people and four others were reported missing as civil defence officials issued a red alert along the Ulua
River basin stretching across northern Honduras. Two people died in flooding of the Guayape River in the eastern department of Olancho, and one victim was
reported in the capital, Tegucigalpa, after a collapsed wall buried a house.

Subject: Around the World Today - Friday 17th October

ALGERIA: At least eight people were reported drowned in severe flooding over the past two days in the southwest of Algeria, officials said Thursday. The latest
incidents occurred in the region of Bechar, more than 1,000 kilometres (600 miles) from the capital Algiers, after the normally arid region was hit with heavy rain.
The national crisis centre warned the death toll could go even higher.

CARIBBEAN SEA: Hurricane Omar weakened to a tropical storm in the Atlantic on Thursday night after threading its way through the small islands of the
northeastern Caribbean as a powerful storm causing minor damages. The hurricane center forecast additional weakening during the next two days.

CENTRAL AMERICA: Intense rainstorms for five consecutive days as a tropical depression swept over Central America has left four people dead, three missing,
numerous villages flooded and thousands evacuated to safety. Central American governments issued warnings and mobilized emergency services, as weather
forecasts indicated the rainfall will continue for another 36 hours in some areas.

GUATEMALA / MEXICO: A 6.6-magnitude earthquake struck in the Pacific near the Mexico-Guatemala border on Thursday, but there was no tsunami alert and no
initial reports of casualties. The epicentre was located at about 40 kilometres southwest of the Mexican city of Tapachula, with a depth of about 24 kilometres.

CHINA: The death toll from a mine blast accident in northwest China has risen to 11. Forty-six people were injured including 12 who are in serious condition. Rescue
work was still underway to determine how many more people might be missing.

RUSSIA: A volcanic eruption on the Kamchatka Peninsula sent clouds of smoke and ash into the air above Russia's Far East on Thursday, a scientist said, warning of
dangers to local inhabitants and passing airplanes. The 4,750 m Klyuchevskoy volcano is spewing out rocks, ash and gases, said Alexei Ozerov, a scientist with the
Institute of Volcanology and Seismology of the Far Eastern branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. "The luminescence in the volcano's crater is becoming more
intensive, which testifies to the appearance of new lava," Ozerov said, adding that the eruption would probably last from two or three weeks to six months.
Continuous flows of lava running down Klyuchevskoy's slopes could trigger mudslides as the molten rock melts the snow and ice, endangering people living in
nearby villages, the scientist said. The volcano eruption is also a threat to aircraft flying overhead as volcanic ash could cause planes considerable damage, he added.
The last powerful eruption of the Klyuchevskoy volcano took place in 2005.

NEW ZEALAND: Waiko - A mini tornado has ripped through Cambridge, lifting roofs, downing trees and leaving the area without power. Emergency services
received around 30 calls between 3 and 3.30am, when the tornado travelled in a near straight line through the middle of the town.

SPAIN: The Agriculture and Fisheries Department’s veterinary services have detected an outbreak of bluetongue in Alhaurin el Grande. An ovine vaccination
programme has been launched throughout the province, which will later be extended to the rest of Andalucia. The infected animals detected were 40 sheep and two
goats from the nearly one million animals tested. Those infected have the type-8 strain of the virus, which had previously only been found in one animal in the
Cantabria region of Spain.

CANADA: Ontario - An E. coli outbreak in North Bay, Ont., has spread to include 93 confirmed and suspected cases, a number expected to grow. The city's medical
officer of health said Thursday that 15 people have tested positive for the potentially lethal strain of E. coli O157:H7 and 78 more cases are under investigation. The
average incubation period for E. coli is three or four days.

Subject: Around the World Today - Thursday 16th October

USA: Illinios - Four people have been killed after a medical evacuation helicopter crashed in the Chicago suburb of Aurora, Ill. According to Aurora police, the
helicopter was headed for Children's Memorial Hospital from Valley West Hospital in Sandwich. Sgt. Robb Wallers said the helicopter belonged to Air Angels, an
emergency medical transport service. He said the victims included three crew members and a patient. He refused to provide further information on the victims, saying
the next of kin had yet to be notified of the crash. According to police, the helicopter crashed in a field near a residential area in east Aurora and was engulfed in
flames. He said police and fire officials learned of the crash around midnight. Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board were at the scene of the

NEW ZEALAND: Two people have died after a suspected norovirus outbreak. They were residents at an Auckland retirement centre. It is not yet clear whether they
died because of the norovirus or other illnesses. Another 13 people at St Andrew's Village in Glendowie have been struck down with vomiting and diarrhoea,
symptoms of the highly infectious bug. Auckland Regional Public Health clinical director Dr Julia Peters says it is uncommon for the virus to to be fatal. Peters says
they have taken steps to stop the virus spreading. She says some patients have been isolated, and extra cleaning measures have been put in place including a thorough
hand washing.

USA: Alaska - A viral outbreak on Prince of Wales Island killed one woman and forced 7 others to be medically evacuated to health clinics outside the community of
Klawock, according to state health officials. Alaska Department of Health spokesman Greg Wilkinson said there are 34 suspected or confirmed cases of adenovirus
14 [virus infection], an air and liquid borne virus commonly associated with winter respiratory illnesses, though he suspects there are more unconfirmed cases.

SLOVAKIA: The state of emergency was declared in the Stara Lubovna area in east Slovakia due to a hepatitis epidemic, Stefania Kolcunova, from the regional public
health office in Stara Lubovna said on Wednesday. More than 200 Romany children have contracted hepatitis, according to the report reaching here from Slovakia. A
temporary medical center was established in the area and hospitals in Poprad and Presov have had to increase the number of beds in their infectious diseases wards.

Subject: Around the World Today - Wednesday 15th October

ETHIOPIA: Ethiopia said on Tuesday that 6.4 million of its people now needed emergency food aid due to drought, and appealed for a further $265 million from
donors. The food crisis in the Horn of Africa nation has steadily worsened since April when the government estimated that some 2.2 million people needed emergency
assistance. In June, it revised the official figure to 4.6 million. Aid agency Oxfam says Tuesday's figure did not include 7.2 million Ethiopians who receive cash
handouts or food aid from the government each year to stave off hunger.

PAKISTAN: People have received another setback as the announced load-shedding duration has been extended up-to 12 hours in Lahore. Meanwhile, the power
feeders are being shut down on every alternative hour, PEPCO spokesman Basharat Cheema said. Cheema maintained the water spilling from Tarbela Dam has
plunged to 75,000 cusec from 100,000 cusec leading to power outage intensification. He added that Industrial sector would also be affected with electric shortage
however he hoped to provide people relief till Wednesday.

VENEZUELA: Tropical storm Omar stopped tankers from loading crude at Venezuelan refinery facilities on Tuesday and knocked power out at the OPEC nation's
200,000 barrel-per-day Puerto La Cruz refinery, officials said. The state oil company PDVSA said in a statement the storm cut power to some units at Puerto La Cruz
and forced authorities to suspend tankers' movements at that facility's port. Power outages also hit urban areas around the refinery on Tuesday, according to a
Reuters witness. Two refinery sources with knowledge of company operations said the storm, which generated high waves across areas of the Caribbean, also
stopped loadings onto tankers at the country's largest refinery complex Amuay-Cardon.

TS OMAR / CARRIBEAN: Omar strengthened into a hurricane late Tuesday and drenched islands in the southeastern Caribbean, downing trees and blowing off a
school's roof as it menaced U.S. islands.
Authorities issued a hurricane warning for the U.S. Virgin islands as well as Puerto Rico's Vieques and Culebra islands. Hurricane warnings were also in place for St.
Martin, the British Virgin Islands, St. Kitts and Nevis and other islands. Officials in Puerto Rico, already soaked from several days of rain, warned residents to prepare
for a lot more and medical authorities appealed for blood donations for possible casualties.

AUSTRALIA: Brisbane - More than 32,000 homes and business lost power as a storm struck Brisbane with heavy rain and thousands of lightning strikes this evening.
The weather bureau issued a severe thunderstorm warning, predicting heavy rain and damaging winds as the storm swept the city. The storm dumped 13.6mm of
rain in central Brisbane between 7pm and 9.30pm (AEST) and 37.2mm at Amberley, south-west of the city, between 5.50pm and 9.30pm, including 20mm in the 10
minutes to 6pm alone.

Subject: Around the World Today - Tuesday 14th October

SOUTH AFRICA: The results of tests conducted at the Special Pathogens Unit, National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) of the National Health
Laboratory Service in Johannesburg, and at the Special Pathogens and Infectious Disease Pathology branches of the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, USA,
provide preliminary evidence that the causative agent of the disease which has resulted in the recent deaths of 3 people from Zambia and South Africa, is a virus from
the Arenaviridae family. Analysis continues at the NICD and CDC in order to characterize this virus more fully. CDC and NICD are technical partners in the Global
Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN). Meanwhile, a new case has been confirmed by PCR in South Africa. A nurse who had close contact with an
earlier case has become ill, and has been admitted to hospital. Contacts have been identified and are being followed-up. WHO and its GOARN partners continue to
support the Ministries of Health of the two countries in various facets of the outbreak investigation, including laboratory diagnosis, investigations, active case finding
and follow-up of contacts.

USA: California - More than 1,000 firefighters were battling a wind-driven forest fire raging north of Los Angeles on Monday that has forced the evacuation of 1,200
people and closed several roads and schools. Fire officials said the out-of-control blaze in the Angeles National Forest had consumed around 3,700 acres.

CHINA: Hong Kong - The Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health of Hong Kong has confirmed a cholera case involving a six-year-old local boy.
The boy arrived from Nepal on Oct. 3 and his travel companions have no symptoms.

VIETNAM: More than 50 people in Quynh Luu District, central Nghe An Province, have been hospitalised with acute diarrhoea, according to the provincial health
department. Quynh Phuong Commune had the largest number of patients, amounting to 39. So far, 23 patients have tested positive for cholera. The department said
the Mai Giang River, which runs through the district is the main cause of the epidemic. Vibrio cholera bacteria was discovered in the river. Many kinds of seafood
sourced from the river were found to be infected with the bacterium, including fish and oysters.

Subject: Around the World Today - Monday 13th October

RUSSIA: The quake hit the Russian region around 1pm (0900 GMT)yesterday and was centred on the north east region of the capital Grozny. It damaged scores of
buildings, including hospitals and schools, and reached as far as neighbouring Georgia and Armenia. The US Geological Institute recorded the quake at 5.3 on the
Richter scale and said its epicentre was 40 kilometres east of Grozny and 10 kilometres underground. At least 13 people, including three children, were killed.

USA: Pennsylvania - A leak of a corrosive material at a chemical plant in western Pennsylvania forced about 2,500 people to flee the toxic fumes Saturday. A material
called oleum, similar to sulfuric acid, leaked Saturday from a tank and evaporated at the Indspec Chemical Corp. plant in Petrolia, about 64 kilometres northeast of
Pittsburgh, plant manager Dave Dorko said. No injuries were reported at the plant but at least three residents were taken to a local hospital, authorities said. The
chemical can cause respiratory damage and skin burns, a state environmental official said.

VIRGIN ISLANDS: On 11/10/2008 10:40:01 AM UTC an earthquake of magnitude 6.1 struck the unpopulated region of Virgin Is. in Virgin Is.

MEXICO: Nearly 3,000 people have been evacuated to temporary shelters on Mexico's pacific coast after a powerful hurricane made landfall. Hurricane Norbert has
brought heavy rain and winds of more than 160 kilometres an hour to the region of Baja, California. Local director of civil protection Miguel Arevalos says the storm
poses a serious risk to the area. "In some of the neighbourhoods the water level is 50 centimetres high," he said. "We're having problems because of the previous two
storms, Julio and Lowell, which left the ground water logged and now we have very poor drainage."

GIBRALTA: The Liberian registered 'Fedra', 35,000 ton, has split in two after running aground at Europa Point on Gibraltar.  Fedra Witnesses reported a large white
coloured slick around the wreck. 31 people were rescued by the coastguard on Friday afternoon after the efforts of several tugs to keep her away from the rocks
proved useless when her anchor broke. The second boat, Tawe, ran aground on the San Garcia Point in Algeciras, and has lost fuel which is reported to have already
affected some 300m of the El Chinarral beach. The 22 crew remained on board the ship which is reported not to have been carrying any cargo.

SOUTH AFRICA: Two more people have been admitted to the Morningside Medi-Clinic for observation after they showed signs of viral haemorrhagic fever. The
hospital confirmed on Saturday that a man was admitted on Thursday night and a woman on Friday. The woman is the second nurse to show signs of the disease. In
the wake of the deaths linked to the "mystery disease", the National Institute for Communicable Diseases has placed several virology laboratories around the country
on alert.

IRAQ: Thirty-seven people have been infected by anthrax in northern Iraq in the country's first outbreak of the disease since the 1980s, the health minister in the
Kurdish autonomous region said on Sunday. Health Minister Ziryan Othman said the disease appeared to have been passed on from livestock. The first human case of
the outbreak was discovered in remote Dahuk province last month. None of the reported cases had yet proven fatal, he told Reuters. The 37 cases in humans have all
affected the patients' skin, rather than their lungs or internal organs, as occurs in more serious anthrax cases.

MOROCCO: Five people were killed in Morocco after flash floods struck the northern city of Nador, the country's MAP news agency reported Friday. An adult and
four children died Thursday when the floods, caused by nearby rivers bursting their banks, tore through the city, which is located on the edge of the Rif mountains.

CANADA: British Columbia - A massive power outage hit southern Vancouver Island tonight, knocking electricity out to about 200,000 customers on the south
Island and the Gulf Islands. The entire region south of Ladysmith on Vancouver Island lost power for an hour because of transmission problems, according to B.C.

AUSTRALIA: NSW - Plague locusts have begun forming bands in the New South Wales Riverina and Central West, threatening wheat crops. Aerial surveys found
bands in areas where no hatchings had previously been reported.

RUSSIA: Storm winds caused by a cyclone in the Sea of Okhotsk have raged through Russia's Far Eastern city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Heavy rainfall caused
a section of the road to subside in the center of the city on Sunday. Work is currently underway to strengthen the road and protect nearby buildings. No casualties
have been reported. The hurricane also disrupted electricity supplies from the Mutnovsky geothermal power plant, Russia's largest environmentally friendly facility.
The plant's two power units, with a total capacity of 50MW, meet up to a quarter of local industries' electricity demand. The cyclone is now heading to the north of
the Kamchatka Territory, a local meteorological service spokesman said.

BOLIVIA: On 12/10/2008 8:55:03 PM UTC an earthquake of magnitude 6.2 has struck the moderately populated region of Bolivia.

USA: California - About 400 firefighters are tackling the flames at Angeles National Forest, just outside Los Angeles. Some 750 acres have been destroyed, but fire
crews say they are now gaining control of the blaze.

BURUNDI: Heavy rains and strong winds destroyed several houses, schools and farmlands since the beginning of the week in the area of Rugazi and Bubanza.

Subject: Around the World Today - Sunday 12th October

No information posted

Subject: Around the World Today - Saturday 11th October

GERMANY: Germany has informed European Union animal health experts of an outbreak of H5N1 bird flu, the EU's first case of the lethal strain of the contagious
disease in poultry this year, the European Commission said on Friday. The outbreak occurred in the German state of Saxony, close to the border with Poland, the
Commission said in a statement. 'Strict movement controls are in place. Poultry must be kept indoors, gatherings of poultry and other birds are banned, and on-farm
biosecurity measures are strengthened,' it said.

PORTUGAL: Following experts; concerns voiced earlier this year concerning the possible wipe out of pine trees forests from a killer bug that has caused ecological
catastrophes in east Asia, Minister for Agriculture Jaime Silva has this week confirmed that nearly one million trees have already been cut down in Portugal in an
attempt to control the chaos being caused by the pine tree nematode.

CHINA: The number of people sickened after drinking contaminated water in south China has risen to 450 as of Friday, including four with arsenic poisoning. All
647 people in the two villages affected had been tested for arsenic, according to the government of Hechi City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Twenty-three
children aged under seven and 32 people aged over 60 were kept in hospital for observation, while the others received outpatient treatment, said Wei Kaizhong, head
of the Hechi health bureau.

SOUTH AFRICA: Up to 144 people who had contact with three people killed by a mysterious illness in southern Africa are being traced, the World Health
Organisation said Friday. A statement said that "121 known contacts of the fatal cases are being traced in South Africa and 23 in Zambia." The organisation's
spokeswoman Fadela Chaib also told journalists in Geneva that 121 of those are already under observation, and that "all are doing well." WHO epidemologists have
been been hunting for the cause of the mysterious illness which killed "an expatriate tour guide living in Lusaka" as well as a paramedic and a nurse, she added. The
disease is believed to be a haemorrhagic fever, but "three haemorrhagic fevers have been ruled out -- Ebola, Rift Valley and Lhasa. They are not the cause of the
disease," said Chaib. The first victim arrived in South Africa on September 12 and died two days later after being treated for what was believed to be tick-bite fever.
The medic who accompanied her from Zambia died two days later with flu-like symptoms. A nurse has also died since.

SCOTLAND: Hundreds of people were evacuated yesterday after torrential rain caused flooding across central and southern Scotland, just four years after a 9m
flood defence plan was completed. A primary school, a supermarket and a cinema were among the buildings forced to close when the River Irvine burst its banks in
and around Kilmarnock. Despite the widespread disruption to local services, East Ayrshire Council said that flood defences had worked as planned. Problems began
following a night of heavy rain, with a severe weather warning having been issued by the Met Office on Thursday afternoon. The Queen's Drive retail park and a
number of nearby homes were cleared, along with a Post Office sorting station, while around 100 children had to leave a cinema as rising water levels threatened to
leave them stranded. The flooding is the worst in the area since 1994, when significant damage was caused to 27 local homes.

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: A yellow fever outbreak is rocking the Boda sub-prefecture mainly in the Ngotto village, in south-western Central African
Republic (CAR), sources confirmed here Friday [10 Oct 2008]. The minister of Public Health, Population and AIDS Control, Faustin Ntelnoumbi confirmed the
outbreak in a press release issued in the capital. The statement urged all the population in general and particularly those in areas at risk to quickly evacuate to the
relevant care facilities anyone showing symptoms highly suggestive of yellow fever: sudden fever attack with jaundice and bleeding eyes, gums and nose. Such
symptoms occur in the 2 weeks following the appearance of the 1st symptoms of this hemorrhagic viral disease transmitted to men through bites by mosquito "Aedes
Aegypti" which is infested by the "amaril [yellow fever] virus."

MEXICO: Norbert batters Mexican peninsula. Fisherman in Baja California Sur have been warned of a possible storm surge  Hurricane Norbert has struck Mexico's
Baja California Sur peninsula with heavy rains and 103mph (165km/h) winds. The US National Hurricane Center said Norbert made landfall near the city of La Paz.
"It's blowing down roofs and destroying things in its path," said civil protection chief Jose Gajon. Forecasters expect the Category 2 storm to cross the peninsula and
make a second landfall on Saturday night on Mexico's north-western mainland. Reports say the storm is creating 13ft (four-metre) waves.

RUSSIA: An earthquake measuring about 5.5 on the Richter scale hit the Russian North Caucasus republic of Chechnya on Saturday, killing one person and affecting
also neighboring republics, emergencies services said. Residents of North Ossetia, Daghestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria and the Stavropol Territory also felt the
quake. The residents of the Chechen capital, Grozny, especially those living in multistory buildings, are reported to be leaving their homes in fear of more tremors.

INDIA: Bengal - After dengue and malaria, the city is facing the menace of Japanese encephalitis (JE) which has already claimed a life in the southern outskirts of
the metropolis. The death, caused by a mosquito-borne virus that affects the nervous system, has been confirmed as JE following blood and spinal fluid tests, health
department sources said here today.

Subject: Around the World Today - Friday 10th October

GLOBAL / SUDAN: An explosion equal to more than a kiloton of TNT rocked the sky over a remote part of northern Sudan late Monday night, ending a 20-hour
scramble to track the first Earth impacting meteoroid to be discovered before impact. Though the meteoroid was not expected to reach Earth's surface, the
astronomers' goal was to refine the trajectory and predict where the automobile-sized rock was headed to test their ability to track potentially dangerous asteroids in
the future. There are three reported "sightings" of the resulting fireball so far: The first was from a weather satellite over Europe and Africa that imaged the fireball as
a cluster of pixels; The second was a seismometer in Kenya that picked up the kiloton blast; And the third was a KLM pilot who saw the streak of light from 750
nautical miles away. On the map above, the plane is marked by the cross and the asteroid by the circle. The space rock graciously targeted a very rural part of the
world, allowing its gigantic fireball to serve as a warning to keep an eye on the sky. It also proved to be a good dry run for scientists to see how quickly they could
coordinate observations and calculate trajectories. The real question is, if it had been bigger (in which case we might have had a few days more warning), and headed
towards a major city, what could we have done? This is the very scenario Apollo astronaut Rusty Schweickart has been asking the world to address. The time to
make an emergency plan is not after you know where it is going to hit. Then only the impacted country will be concerned about it, and there might not be much they
can do on their own. However if we come up with a global plan ahead of time, it could end up coming to the aid of my country just as well as yours.

YEMEN / SOMALIA: out 100 migrants are feared to have drowned after being thrown overboard by smugglers in the Gulf of Aden, the UN refugee agency says.
The migrants were attempting to flee to Yemen from war-torn Somalia but were forced off the boat about 5km (3 miles) from the coast, a UN official said. About 47
migrants managed to swim to shore and alert the authorities. The UN says about 32,000 people have made the perilous crossing to Yemen this year, and 365 have
gone missing.

SPAIN: Torrential rain over the past few days has left several rivers in eastern Spain running dangerously high and closed the ports of Valencia, Gandia and Sagunto.
It has also blocked roads and railway lines. In southern Spain, ferry links to the Moroccan port of Tangier and Spain's north African enclave of Ceuta were
suspended because of storms. At least two people have been killed. The severe weather is set to continue.

Subject: Around the World Today - Thursday 9th October

GLOBAL: More people died from natural disasters in the first six months of 2008 than in the Asian tsunami of 2004 due mainly to the earthquake in China and
cyclone in Myanmar, the United Nations said Wednesday. "2008 is a terrible year. There have already been more victims than in the tsunami," said Salvator Briceno,
head of the UN's disaster management agency (ISDR). FULL STORY:

MEXICO: Norbert has become a major hurricane with winds near 115 miles (185 kilometers) per hour, as it churns towards Mexico's tourist destination of Baja,
California, the National Hurricane Center said Wednesday. The NHC's five-day forecast showed Norbert, currently located in the Pacific Ocean about 470 miles (755
kilometers) south of Baja's southern tip.

SOUTH AFRICA:  A woman died near Port Elizabeth amidst heavy thunderstorms and eleven people were injured in Grahamstown as a tornado ripped through the
town on Wednesday morning, 65 made homeless, police said. Nelson Mandela Bay metro disaster management said the woman from Bethelsdorp died at about 11:50
during heavy storms in the region.

RWANDA: Torrential rains have caused extensive flooding, destroying homes and crops in Rwanda's western and northern regions. According to officials, the rains
submerged more than 500 homes, destroyed about 2,000 hectares of crops and washed away bridges, roads and pylons, as well as schools. No report of casualties
so far.

PHILIPPINES: A 5.2 magnitude earthquake hit Philippines' northwestern island of Luzon early on Thursday (1913 GMT Wednesday). The epicenter was located at
about 66 kilometres from Legazpi and about 54 kilometres deep. There were no immediate reports of casualties or damages.

Subject: Around the World Today - Wednesday 8th October

MEXICO: Tropical storm Marco made landfall in Mexico Tuesday, crashing ashore as the latest in a series of powerful storms to strike the region this hurricane
season, US forecasters said. Marco quickly traversed the Gulf of Mexico before barreling ashore about 55 miles (90 kilometers) north-northwest of Veracruz, the
Miami-based National Hurricane Center (NHC) said.

CHINA: China's agriculture ministry warned dense swarms of locusts and moths threatened to devastate the nation's grain harvest this year. Adverse weather led
earlier this year to swarms with more than 10,000 locusts per square metre (11 square feet), six times more than usual in Tianjin, south of Beijing, the ministry of
agriculture said.

ITALY: There are new cases of West Nile in Emilia-Romagna. The diagnosis of West Nile meningoencephalitis in a man living in Ferrara has been confirmed by the
regional microbiological emergency reference center (Crrem) of the Polyclinic S. Orsola-Malpighi in Bologna. The man is currently hospitalized in the Resuscitation
Department of the Hospital of Ferrara. This is the 2nd [human] case within a few days in Emilia-Romagna after one found in Imolese. The province of Ferrara,
already included in the national plan for control of the virus (which is transmitted by mosquitoes, primarily of the _Culex_ genus), is involved in the monitoring plan
implemented by the region since 23 Sep [2007].

USA: Alaska - A respiratory illness likely caused by a virus circulating on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska has killed one person and put another on a
ventilator in an Anchorage hospital, the state Division of Public Health said Monday [6 Oct 2008]. Genetic testing on samples taken from patients indicates the cause
of the outbreak is adenovirus 14, a particularly virulent version of a common bug best known for causing "that respiratory crud in the winter,".

TANZANIA: Four people died of cholera and 70 more have been admitted to health centres following a fresh outbreak in southern Tanzania, officials said on
Wednesday. The first death was reported a week ago in the southwestern Rukwa region, Mpanda District Commissioner Thobias Sijabaje said.

EGYPT: An apartment building collapsed in Alexandria on Egypt's northern coast on Wednesday, and rescue workers have pulled seven bodies from the rubble,
including a mother found clutching her baby, state media reported. At least 10 others were injured, and rescue workers were combing the ruins of the four-storey
building for more victims, state news agency MENA said. The building as old. Building collapses are common in Egypt because of lax building standards and poor

MEXICO: Hurricane Norbert strengthened off Mexico's Pacific coast on Tuesday to become a category 2 hurricane with sustained winds near 165 kilometres per
hour. Norbert is expected to gather further strength before slamming into the Baja California peninsula later in the week.

NICARAGUA: The death toll rose to 13 people whereas more than 3,500 people are left homeless as heavy rains hit the country. According to the Civil Defense, the
continued rains in Nicaragua have damaged 200 km of highways and roads and hundreds of houses are flooded.

SOMALIA: Torrential rains and strong winds have battered settlements for hundreds of thousands of internally displaced Somalis between Mogadishu and Afgooye
during 10 hours on Sunday night destroying refugee's makeshift shelters. No report of casualties so far.

Subject: Around the World Today - Tuesday 7th October

INDONESIA: Indonesia has raised the alert level for a volcano on Sulawesi island after it began spewing hot clouds and lava, a vulcanology official said on Tuesday.
Lava from Soputan volcano flowed up to 1 km (over half a mile) from the crater while white clouds and fiery sparks shot up about 150 metres from the peak, said
Surono, the head of the vulcanology centre.

RAWANDA: Torrential rains have caused extensive flooding, destroying homes and crops in Rwanda's western and northern regions, according to officials. The
rains submerged more than 500 homes, destroyed about 2,000 hectares of crops and washed away bridges, roads and pylons, as well as schools.

IRELAND: An invasion of deadly jellyfish could stretch for hundreds of miles around the Irish coast, an expert said last night. Mauve stingers were discovered near
Portrush, Co Antrim, and as far south as Co Sligo. Dr John Houghton from Queen's University said the species was the same as that which devastated salmon farms
off the Co Antrim coast last year.

NEW ZEALAND: About two thousand electricity consumers in New Zealand's lower and central North Island were still without power on Tuesday after strong
winds battered the region. Supply was lost on Tuesday after winds gusting to more than 150km/h brought down trees and branches on powerlines, Radio New
Zealand reported. At one stage, more than 4,000 customers were without power in Wellington, Wairarapa, Manawatu and Taranaki. The power is now back on in
Wellington, but about 2,000 households in areas further north are still without supply.

KYRGYZSTAN: Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiev has declared a day of national mourning on October 7 for the 74 victims of a strong earthquake that
devastated remote villages in the southeast of the country. Forty-one of the dead are reported to be children. RFE/RL's Kyrgyz Service reports that rescue and relief
efforts are being hampered by the mountainous location, near the country's border with China.

CHINA: On 10/6/2008 8:30:45 AM UTC an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 has struck the moderately populated region of China in China.

Subject: Around the World Today - Monday 6th October

KYRGYZSTAN: A major earthquake has hit Kyrgyzstan, killing at least 58 people, officials in the Central Asian nation have said. The 6.6-magnitude quake struck at
2152 local time (1552 GMT) on Sunday, destroying more than 100 buildings in the southern province of Osh. The emergencies ministry said rescue workers were
still searching for survivors under the rubble. Destruction was concentrated in Nura, a remote village in the mountains close to the border with China.

AFGHANISTAN: On 10/5/2008 10:56:03 PM UTC an earthquake of magnitude 5.7 struck a very highly populated region of Afghanistan SSE of Kabul.

DR CONGO: On 10/5/2008 12:02:14 AM UTC an earthquake of magnitude 5.2 struck the very highly populated region of Kivu near to the city of Rutshuru.

ICELAND: A report by the government of Iceland warns that the country's glaciers will have all but disappeared by the next century. Europe's largest glacier,
Iceland's Vatna-Jokull, covers an area 8000 square kilometres and is more than 900 metres thick at its deepest point. It's now melting at a rate of a metre a year,
because of rising temperatures and reduced snow fall.  Not everyone in Iceland, though, is concerned about climate change. Warmer temperatures have lengthened
growing seasons, and one farmer's even been able to grow Iceland's first crop of wheat.

SOUTH AFRICA: Pretoria's Steve Biko Academic Hospital is one of several in the province which have been placed on high alert following the death of three people
from a highly infectious disease. On Sunday the Gauteng health department said three people had died in Johannesburg. "We are on high alert following the
confirmation of three cases of an unknown highly infectious disease which has since led to three deaths," the department said in a statement. Symptoms are fever and
flu-like symptoms, vomiting, diarrhoea, body aches and coughing.

SOUTH KOREA: A new suspected case of bird flu was found at a duck farm in South Korea, the South Korean Agriculture Ministry said Saturday [4 Oct 2008].
Routine tests showed that some ducks at a farm in Yesan, 134 km south of Seoul, have been infected with avian influenza, the ministry said in a statement. The
ministry said detailed tests were underway to confirm whether the suspected outbreak of bird flu is a highly virulent strain of avian influenza. All ducks at the farm
were culled to avoid further spreading of the fatal disease, the ministry said.

PAKISTAN: State of North-West Frontier - 7 persons including 5 women died, and dozens were hospitalised here on Saturday [4 Oct 2008] following the outbreak
of a mysterious disease in Sundhya village of Chakesar Union Council.

HAITI: Four major storms that pounded Haiti in August and September killed 793 people and left more than 300 others missing, authorities said Friday. Haitian Civil
Protection announced the new figures in a dramatic surge upward from their previous estimate of 326 dead on September 11 after the passing of Tropical Storm Fay
and hurricanes Gustav, Hanna and Ike.

USA: California - At least 78 students at the University of Southern California have been treated for a contagious gastrointestinal virus infection, according to
university school officials. The victims of the infection arrived at the campus clinic complaining of vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea, university spokesman
James Grant asserted. Early Saturday, all students were alerted via e-mail and cell phone messages by university officials. On top of that, they were strongly advised
to avoid the USC Trojans and Oregon football game at the Coliseum. School officials believe this is not a food-borne illness.

UKRAINE: Six Ukrainian miners have been killed in a coal mine blast in the eastern Lugansk region of the country. The methane gas blast occurred 500m
underground at the Duvanna mine, spokesman Igor Krol said. Mr Krol said 119 miners were working in the area at the time, of whom 113 managed to escape.

NICARAGUA: Authorities have declared a state of alert along the country's Pacific coast after heavy rain left at least nine people dead and four missing. A slight
weather improvement allowed civil defense forces to enter some of the most isolated areas on Friday to help residents evacuate. The fatalities were the result of
people crossing rivers in heavy water. At least 22 homes have been destroyed by the torrential rains. The official number of people displaced by the floods has risen
to 3, 525. Authorities also report that landslides have destroyed coffee, banana, fruits and grain plantations in the countryside.

USA: Colorado - Prairie dogs found dead south of Briggsdale have tested positive for plague, the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment
confirmed. The highly infectious bacterial disease is transmitted primarily by flea bites. Although human cases are rare, the illness can be life-threatening. This year,
22 positive tests for plague have been confirmed in animals in the state.

ALGERIA: Hundreds of troops, engineers and social workers have converged on the desert town of Ghardaia to help with relief operations after a flash flood there
killed 33, Algeria's Interior Ministry said Friday. Torrential rains caused rivers in this usually arid region bordering the Sahara to overflow on Wednesday and
Thursday, destroying hundreds of houses in the historic town and several neighboring oases.

Subject: Around the World Today - Sunday 5th October

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Subject: Around the World Today - Saturday 4th October

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Subject: Around the World Today - Friday 3rd October

CHINA: More than 40 houses were submerged after a landslide on the banks of the Yangtze River's Heishazhou section in the eastern province of Anhui, local
authorities said on Thursday, but no casualties were reported. The landslide took place in Wuwei County on Saturday, when an area 400 meters long and 200 meters
wide collapsed, carrying 48 homes into the water. More than 70 households had to be evacuated and the county government earmarked 100,000 yuan (about 14,700
U.S. dollars) for disaster relief. The cause of the landslide hasn't been determined. According to local sources, landslides on the bank could be triggered by changing
water levels or construction nearby. Smaller landslides have occurred in the past few years.

SPAIN: Guardia Civil environmental officers have been informed that there are thousands of dead fish on a stretch of the Tajo river close to Arrocampo reservoir,
the waters of which are used to refrigerate the Almaraz nuclear plant. The president of the Platform for Those Affected by the Almaraz Nuclear Plant, M?ximo
Garcia, who was called in by a concerned local resident, confirmed that he noticed "much more foam than normal" when he visited the point where the reservoir
water is discharged into the river. Notwithstanding, a spokesman for the nuclear plant pointed out that the affected area is actually closer to Valdecañas reservoir, and
that he had been informed by a contact at the local water board that the problem was probably caused by the natural shifting of the reservoir beds, which can release
hydrogen sulfide. While most of the dead fish are barbel, some carp have also been spotted as well as a small number of sun fish.

USA: The US Justice Department has charged 907 people with cheating the federal government out of relief funds or other assistance following the devastation of
Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, officials announced Thursday. After the Katrina catastrophe, authorities created a special unit to investigate the kinds of crimes and
abuses that tend to follow natural disasters.

USA: In the case of an influenza pandemic, the U.S. healthcare system would be inadequately prepared to meet the needs of an infected population, according to a
report released this week by federal auditors. The report, published by the Government Accountability Office, criticizes the Department of Health and Human
Services' current influenza pandemic preparedness. FULL STORY:

RUSSIA: During the period 19-25 Sep 2008 a total of 29 confirmed [or] suspected cases of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) were recorded in
Tatarstan: 10 in Kazan, 8 in Naberezhnye Chelny, 3 in Nizhnekamskiy area, 3 in Almetievskiy area, 2 in Sabinskiy area, 1 in Kukmorskiy area, 1 in Leninogorskiy area,
and 1 in Bavlinskiy area.

NICARAGUA: Days of heavy rains in Nicaragua have killed at least seven people who were dragged away by swollen rivers, and another four are missing,
emergency services said on Thursday. The torrential rains in the Central American nation, one of the poorest in the Americas, forced the evacuations of some 2,600
people, said civil defense head Mario Perez-Cassar. The rains caused rivers to burst their banks and sodden hillsides to collapse, blocking roads in a country prone to
deadly storms and flooding. Forecasters warned the rains were likely to continue with thunderstorms and strong winds.

Subject: Around the World Today - Thursday 2nd October

RUSSIA: The number of people hospitalized with suspected aseptic meningitis has risen to 124 in north Russia's Arkhangelsk Region, the local emergency service
said on Wednesday. A total of 23 new cases have been registered in the past 24 hours in the city of Arkhangelsk, and in the Primorsky District. Most of those
affected are children under the age of 14. The diagnosis has yet to be confirmed by laboratory tests. Aseptic meningitis is most commonly caused by enteroviruses in
young children. It is characterized by strong headaches, fever, photophobia, drowsiness and muscle pain. The Arkhangelsk Region has reported an increase in the
number of enterovirus infections since September 1. Quarantines have been imposed on five schools in the region.

ZAMBIA: Chama - Anthrax has broken out in Chama District in Eastern Province. Principal Veterinary Officer Joseph Sitali disclosed that a numbner of wild
animals have died due to the disease in the district. Dr. Sitali who could not give the number of animals that have died so far, said it has been difficult to control the
disease due to inadequate resources.

RUSSIA: "Five people were killed and four injured" in the incident in Belyayevka, a village in the Orenburg region, Tatyana Khvatkova, a spokeswoman for Russia's
emergency situations ministry. A total of 11 people were pulled from the rubble and 800 evacuated after the collapse, which is believed to have been related to repairs
underway at the time, Khvatkova said.

CHINA: Chinese officials have detected unacceptable levels of melamine in 31 more batches of milk powder, according a government website on Wednesday and
advised the public to stop consuming certain products. The contaminated milk widens the tainted milk scandal to 15 more Chinese dairy companies accused of
violating the legal limit of 2.5 parts per million of melamine. The new batches being tested were mostly milk powder products for adults. A previous round of tests
found melamine in 69 infant milk powder batches.

MACEDONIA: Another hundred people have asked for medical care in Skopje taking the number of people thought to have come down with suspected food
poisoning to 160. The medical staff at the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje is on constant alert expecting more people to pour in. More than 30 of them have been
hospitalised for further medical treatment.

USA: U.S. hurricane forecasters William Gray and Phil Klotzbach say their October forecast calls for three named storms, two of them becoming hurricanes. If that
proves accurate, it would result in nearly twice the storm activity level of an average October.

ALGERIA: Floods have killed at least 13 people in the Algerian oasis town of Ghardaia in the Sahara, the government of the north African country said on Thursday.
Interior Minister Noureddine Yazid Zerhouni said that between 300 and 600 homes had been inundated since heavy rains began on Tuesday around the town on the
northern edge of the Sahara desert.

SPAIN / PORTUGAL / MALTA: Heavy rians have battered these countries in the past few days with reported flooding in a number of regions. On the Algarve 16
millimetres of rain fell in just 20 minutes on Saturday morning.

PHILIPPINES: Three more miners were rescued on Wednesday as six others were pulled alive on Monday and Tuesday from gold mine after being trapped for nine
days. Floods were caused by a typhoon on 22nd September.

GUATEMALA: At least 900 people were displaced due to floods in coastal areas in southeast Guatemala that occured since last Saturday. At the beginning of the
September, 2,700 people were evacuated from the same areas because of floods caused by heavy rains on the region.

Subject: Around the World Today - Wednesday 1st October

SUDAN: Thousands of Sudanese villagers were flooded out of their homes on Tuesday, village representatives said, blaming the floods on a new $2 billion dam on
the River Nile. But the Sudan government's Dams Implementation Unit denied it had shut the gates of the Merowe dam, downriver from the villages, saying any
floods were caused by seasonal rains. Many villagers from the northern Manaseer area are refusing to leave their river-side farms and homes to make way for the
Chinese-built dam designed to double Sudan's electricity supply. The dam, which is due to start generating power by the end of the year, will flood a large part of the
surrounding area 350 km (220 miles) north of Khartoum.

SYRIA / CYPRUS: Turkish Cypriot television is reporting that a boat carrying 30 illegal immigrants from Syria to Cyprus has sunk leaving seven people dead and 23
others missing, presumed dead. According to the latest reports, the boat sunk late on Saturday night and seven corpses were found on Syrian shores this morning.
The remaining 23 passengers, and the boat's captain, Mustafa Abdin, are missing.

TURKEY: Large scale mitigation - Turkey hopes to complete construction of an undersea water pipeline to northern Cyprus by June 2009 to help it battle
droughts, Anatolia news agency reported Tuesday. The project, which was launched in 2000 following a severe water shortage on the parched island, aims to pump
75 million cubic metres (2.65 billion cubic feet) into the self-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus every year. http://www.terradaily.

GUINEA-BISSAU: A cholera epidemic in Guinea-Bissau that erupted in May has claimed more lives, as the death toll surpassed 140 people while nearly 7,800 people
have now been infected, hospital officials said Tuesday.

THAILAND: A worker on a free-range duck farm died from bird flu-like symptoms in Pho Prathap Chang district yesterday, and health authorities put his 12-year-
old son under close observation for signs of infection with the virus. Manee Mankhetkit, 48, was taken to the provincial hospital on Monday after he developed a high
fever, suffered from a cough, sore throat, chest pains and breathing difficulties. The man was treated in an isolated intensive care ward because he had come into
contact with fowls. He was a hired hand at a duck farm which has more than 1,600 birds. Doctors pronounced him dead due to kidney and heart failure.

JAPAN: Fire broke out in a video shop in the western Japanese city of Osaka early today, killing 15 men and injuring 10 other people. Firefighters received an
emergency call at about 3am from a clerk at the video shop, which had 32 rooms for private viewing of rented videos, fire control centre official Takashi Ishida said.

CHINA: Tibet - Two people in eastern Tibet have died of the deadliest and least common form of plague, Chinese state media said on Wednesday. The health
department of the Himalayan region was notified on Friday that two people had died of an unidentified illness in a village in the Linzhi area, more than 200 kilometres
(125 miles) southeast of the capital Lhasa. Health authorities examined the victims and determined they were cases of pneumonic plague.

PHILIPPINES: At least 2 000 people have been stranded at a seaport as tropical storm Higos battered the country's east coast with winds of 80 kilometres an hour
and heavy rain. There were no reports of damage or casualties so far. Ferry services have been halted due to rough seas. The Philippine weather service predicted
that Higos will move across the archipelagos central islands over the next two days causing possible flash floods and landslides.

JAPAN: Typhoon Jangmi was moving northeast in the East China Sea on Tuesday afternoon and could approach Kyushu on Wednesday afternoon by shifting its
course easterly and gaining strength. Warning has been issued on possible heavy rain in extensive areas from Kyushu to the Tokai area in central Japan on Wednesday
afternoon. Forecasters predicted rainfall of up to 250 mm in 24 hours in southern Kyushu by Wednesday morning, with up to 200 mm in northern Kyushu and up to
150 mm in the Tokai area.

LAOS / THAILAND/ VIETNAM:  Tropical storm Mekkhala slammed into central Vietnam on Tuesday with sustained winds of up to 100 kilometers per hour killing
three people and leaving 10 others missing. Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated and damages such as power outages have been reported. At least 41
people were killed and five feared dead after Typhoon Hagupit battered mountainous areas last week.
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