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Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 31st October 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 30th October 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 29th October 2009

CANADA: The Canadian government on Wednesday asked plane, train, ferry and bus operators to be vigilant against the swine flu and allow ill passengers to rebook
trips in order to help contain the pandemic.

MEXICO: A 5.4 magnitude earthquake (depth 10 km) struck southern Mexico today at 10:52:57 UTC, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. The epicenter of the
quake was offshore, at 45 km northeast of Alvarado in Veracruz State.

SWITZERLAND: Unidentified hackers have penetrated the Swiss foreign ministry's computer system to seize data, forcing parts of it to be shut down for several
days, the ministry revealed Monday.

INDONESIA: An asteroid exploded over Indonesia with the force of three Hiroshima nuclear bombs - and no one on Earth knew it was coming. The New Scientist
website reports the dramatic explosion over South Sulawesi, Indonesia, on October 8 underscores how blind humanity is to the danger of giant space rocks. NASA
estimated the explosion was the equivalent to 50,000 tons of TNT, making it one of the largest asteroid explosions ever observed. However, this time we were lucky
- the blast caused no damage on the ground because it occurred at high altitude, 15 to 20km above Earth's surface.

USA: Florida - Six more people, including at least one animal control worker, were exposed to rabies following an incident with a rabid cat in the McDavid area. The
Escambia County Health Department confirms the incident occurred, but they won't confirm the location of the incident, citing concerns that identifying the
community would violate health privacy laws.

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 28th October 2009

SOUTH AFRICA: A Russian and a Ukrainian sailor have been found dead in South Africa on a cargo ship run by a St. Petersburg-based firm, reported on Tuesday.
The sailors were discovered dead in their cabins on board the Maltese-flagged Atlantic Eland. Investigators are looking into food poisoning as a possible cause, the
Morskoi Bulleten (Maritime Bulletin) said. Two other sailors from the ship, with a crew of 28 Russian and Ukrainian nationals, have been hospitalized. A spokesman
for Baltic Mercur, which owns the vessel, confirmed the deaths.

CYPRUS: Torrential rain has caused extensive flooding in areas south of Nicosia, as a severe weather front arrived over Cyprus. Worst affected was the Alambra
district, near the Limassol highway, 20 kilometres from Nicosia. Several houses were flooded and the Fire Brigade rescued people who were in imminent danger of
drowning. Most of them were trapped in cars which were washed away by torrents.

BRAZIL: An outbreak of meningitis type C resulted in four deaths in the Bahia state of northeastern Brazil, local health secretary Messias Boaventura said Tuesday.
Four other people have been hospitalized, and two of them are confirmed to have been infected.

UKRAINE: Seven flu deaths have been reported in the Ternopol region, the only Ukrainian area having a flu epidemic, head of the regional health department Bogdan
Onyskiv told a Tuesday press conference. Doctors explained the deaths of young and physically fit persons with flu complications. The flu epidemic in western
Ukraine started two weeks ago, yet the type of the virus is still unknown.

JAPAN: A Japanese warship and a South Korean container ship have collided off southern Japan, injuring a navy sailor. The destroyer Kurama and the Carina Star
were both engulfed in flames after the incident in the Kanmon Strait, near the southern main island of Kyushu.

AUSTRALIA: The parliamentary committee report says urgent action is needed, as seas are expected to rise by 80cm (31 inches). About 80% of Australians live in
coastal areas, and the report recommends new laws banning further development in coastal regions.

THE PHILIPPINES: According to the latest information another potential powerful typhoon is heading towards northern and central Luzon area. Tropical Cyclone
MIRINAE-09 (local name Santi) may enter the Philippine area of responsibility by late tonight or early tomorrow morning. Marinae is still over the Pacific Ocean,
1,640 km east of northern Luzon with maximum sustained winds of 85 kph and gusts of up to 100 kph. It is moving west northwest at 28 kph. It is forecast to
strike the Philippines at about 20:00 GMT on 30 October (GDACS red alert). Mirinae is expected to bring 1-minute maximum sustained winds to the region of around
185 km/h (114 mph). Up to 1.8 million people can be affected. In addition, 6.000 people are living in coastal areas below 5m and can therefore be affected by storm
surge. Cyclone Mirinae may potentially cause also heavy rainfall in Taiwan. The impact on Taiwan has yet to be determined and can be only ascertained after a few
more days of observation.

KENYA: The coast region has for the last two days experienced heavy rains that have disrupted activities in many parts. The situation is expected to continue for at
least one week. A lot of streets and some dozens of buildings in Kilindini district in Mombasa were flooded. The situation is made worse by lack of a drainage system
in the area leading to water flowing and filling up any available space.

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 27th October 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 26th October 2009

SOUTH AFRICA: Strong winds have continued to wreak havoc along the Cape coast. On Sunday, a storm claimed the life of a six-year-old girl who died when a tree
fell over onto her Somerset West home. The winds also caused a small fishing trawler to capsize close to Mossel Bay Harbour.

USA: Virginia - Dominion Virginia Power shut down one of its two nuclear reactors at its North Anna power station Friday because of what the U.S. Nuclear
Regulatory Commission later deemed "an unusual event." Unit 1 remained shut down this morning. The Richmond-based utility notified the NRC one hour after the
incident occurred Friday and later told the federal agency it had also notified the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. According to a report the NRC
released, North Anna operators discovered an excessive leak from a heat exchanger tube at 4:34 p.m. Friday, and the leak continued for four minutes. The utility
began ramping down Unit 1 from service at 5:18 p.m. Friday. While the leak was declared an unusual event, it was also classified as a non-emergency by the NRC.
There was no indication how long it would take to repair and return the reactor to service. The malfunction means two of Dominion's four commercial nuclear
reactors in Virginia are either shut down or operating at less than full capacity.

SPAIN: At least seven people died when a residential building collapsed overnight in Majorca's capital Palma, in the Spanish Balearic Islands. The three-storey
structure, said to be at least 50 years old, collapsed at about 0030 (2230 GMT on Sunday).Rescuers are searching for more people who are unaccounted for, and
believed to be in the rubble. Four others were injured in the collapse, two seriously.

AUSTRALIA: NSW - Torrential rain and high winds lashed Australia's most populated state on Monday, leaving one person dead and hundreds of homes without
power, officials said. Sydney commuters were warned to drive carefully as storms dumped more than 100 millimetres (four inches) of rain on parts of New South

LATVIA: No one was injured after a meteorite fell near a small town in northern Latvia on Sunday, local Latvian media reported. According to media reports, the
meteorite fell near a residential house on the outskirts of Mazsalaca town in the Valmiera district of Latvia, leaving a crater of some 20 meters (66 feet) in diameter
and 10 meters (33 feet) deep. A spokesperson for the Latvian State Fire and Rescue Service said that rescuers and soldiers immediately cordoned off the territory,
however, it is still not clear whether it was an asteroid or a space satellite.

NEW ZEALAND: A spraying contractor could face a bill of around $100,000 following a massive scrub fire near the Tiwai Point aluminium smelter over the
weekend. More than 100 fire fighters and six helicopters were called in to battle the blaze which destroyed over 900 hectares of Department of Conservation land.
The exact cause is still being investigated but the Fire Service says the blaze started in the vicinity of a spraying contractors tractor on Friday.

GREECE: One man died and another was missing on Sunday, after storms washed away roads and flooded homes and farms across Greece, officials said. The body
of a 41-year-old man was recovered by the coast guard near the central Greek city of Volos. He drowned after strong winds overturned his vessel, the coast guard
said. Another man was missing after his car was swept away by a river in the hardest-hit region of Pieria, about 400 km (240 miles) north of the capital Athens. Fire
fighters rescued 10 people trapped in their homes in northern and central Greece. Dozens of animals drowned, as farms and crops were damaged by the heavy rains.

Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 25th October 2009

KENYA: At least nine people have died of cholera in a Nairobi slum. Sixty others were being treated on Friday. The staff of a mission hospital near Mukuru kwa
Njenga said the first cases were reported on Monday, but there was a dramatic increase on Friday.

PUERTO RICO: Officials in Puerto Rico have ordered the evacuation of a whole neighbourhood near the capital after an explosion at an oil refinery triggered a major
fire. The blast at an oil refinery near San Juan, was measured to a strength of a 2.8-magnitude quake. Puerto Rico's governor declared a state of emergency in the
capital and four nearby towns, moving 1,500 people.

Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 24th October 2009

KENYA: At least nine people have died of cholera in a Nairobi slum. Sixty others were being treated on Friday. The staff of a mission hospital near Mukuru kwa
Njenga said the first cases were reported on Monday, but there was a dramatic increase on Friday.

PUERTO RICO: Officials in Puerto Rico have ordered the evacuation of a whole neighbourhood near the capital after an explosion at an oil refinery triggered a major
fire. The blast at an oil refinery near San Juan, was measured to a strength of a 2.8-magnitude quake. Puerto Rico's governor declared a state of emergency in the
capital and four nearby towns, moving 1,500 people.

Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 23rd October 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 22nd October 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 21st October 2009

AUSTRALIA: Concerned residents abandoned their homes and fled as wildfires closed in on hundreds of suburban properties in Australia's northeast, officials said,
adding there was likely worse to come. There were no forced evacuations, but officials urged anyone not prepared to protect their property to flee as flames of up to
four metres (13 feet) closed in on Rockhampton city, north of Brisbane.

CANADA: Canadian health officials on Tuesday announced the first case of turkeys catching the swine flu in this country, likely from humans, and urged farm
workers to get vaccinated soon. The outbreak on a farm in Ontario province is the second case in the world, after Chile reported a case in August.

PHILIPPINES: The Philippine military deployed boats and helicopters to the north of the country on Monday, as officials warned Typhoon Lupit could cause more
devastation after two storms claimed nearly 1,000 lives. The typhoon was not due to hit the main island of Luzon until Thursday, but authorities were on full alert as
the region was still struggling to recover from the twin storms that caused earlier devastation.

SWINE FLU: Pigs in Osaka Prefecture have contracted swine flu, the first case of the H1N1 virus being detected in Japanese livestock. Operators of the farm in the
western prefecture were advised to refrain from moving the pigs until the genetic tests are complete, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said today in
a statement on its Web site. The U.K., Norway, Ireland, Argentina, Canada and Australia have reported cases of the H1N1 virus in domestic hog herds, according to
the Paris-based World Organization for Animal Health. The U.S. Department of Agriculture this week confirmed H1N1 in a pig in Minnesota, and the virus also has
been found in turkeys in Chile and Canada.

RUSSIA: About 20 children in the village of Kostin in the Ribnovskii Region have contracted hepatitis A virus. Most of the infected children are pupils of a local
residential school. Among the possible causes of the outbreak is the poor quality of the drinking water available in the village of Kostin. There are other possible
reasons for the spread of the infection. Local physicians have reported a general rise in the incidence of hepatitis A in the Region.

RUSSIA: An outbreak of African swine fever has been recorded in the Leningrad region. According to the News Agency, this was informed by the Federal Leningrad
Interregional Veterinary Laboratory on 17 Oct 2009. According to the information, 8 out of 14 pigs in the farm of the military unit 11115 of the Defense Ministry,
located in the town of Mga Kirov district, died some time ago from an unknown reason.

JAPAN: Kansai Electric Power Co plans to shut the 1,175-megawatt No.2 reactor at its Ohi nuclear plant in western Japan later this week for an unplanned inspection
to examine a possible radiation leak. Japan's second-largest utility said in a statement on Monday that it had found higher levels of gas in the unit, but that it had no
impact on the outside environment. A company spokesman said the length of the shutdown had yet to be determined and that the utility had enough reserve power
capacity to offset the shutdown.

ITALY: A secret shipwreck found off Italy’s southern coast set alarm bells ringing in September. Far from containing hidden treasure, the cargo on board the
vessel is toxic, possibly nuclear material. And the suspicion is that it may have been sunk by the local Mafia, paid by authorities to take waste off their hands. A
former mobster indicated where the wreck would be found off Cetraro, on the Calabrian coast. Regional environmental official Silvio Greco said the aim now is to
establish what is inside the ship and whether it is toxic. He evoked the possible existence of other vessels, as indicated by ex Mafia members. Questions are being
asked about whether local deaths over recent years could be linked to the potentially dangerous load left underwater. While investigators still have much work to do
before the nuclear and Mafia claims can be confirmed, the fact the wreck was never declared has only strengthened suspicions.

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 20th October 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 19th October 2009

USA: US health officials warned Friday that deliveries of swine flu vaccine may be delayed as influenza deaths climbed above epidemic levels in most states, hitting
children particularly hard. Eleven more children were reported to have died of flu in a single week, with 10 of the pediatric deaths confirmed by laboratory tests as
being from H1N1 flu.

PHILIPPINES: More than a million flood survivors are getting antibiotics to help them resist a deadly bacterial outbreak, one of several diseases menacing crowded
evacuation centres, Philippine officials said Sunday. After tropical storms Ketsana and Parma, which together killed 818 people according to the latest official count,
the immediate threat is leptospirosis, caused by exposure to contaminated water.

MEXICO: Hurricane Rick, the strongest storm to hit the eastern north Pacific in more than a decade, lost some wind speed Sunday but none of its menace as it
barreled toward the southwest coast of Mexico. The US National Hurricane Center called Rick "extremely dangerous" and urged anyone in the storm's path to take

AUSTRALIA: Hundreds of firefighters on Saturday battled dozens of bush blazes across Australia which have left one dead and forced some residents to evacuate
their homes. About 600 firemen were fighting to contain more than 50 wildfires in the eastern state of Queensland, while 20 were burning in New South Wales along
with more in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. (On Friday a Firefighter lost their life fighting these fires, our thoughts are with the family and colleagues
of our fellow EM professional)

MEXICO: Fierce cold winds and high sea waves have triggered the closures of Mexico's eight major ports, including oil ports on the Atlantic Ocean, Mexican
Communication and Transportation Ministry said in a statement on Sunday. Earlier on Sunday, oil ports of Coatzacoalcos, Cayo Arcas, Frontera, Isla del Carmen, and
Dos Bocas were closed, which was followed by the closures of the commercial ports of Tampico, Altamira and Tuxpan. Authorities have issued a warning at the
Atlantic region. Meanwhile, the country is also suffering a hurricane on its Pacific coast.

VIETNAM: A tropical low that formed in the East Sea on Friday is causing torrential rain and flooding in central provinces, according to the national weather
forecasting center. Statistics gathered on Sunday showed rainfall of 497 millimeters in Quang Ngai Province, as rough seas were recorded off the central coast,
which is still reeling from the impacts of typhoon Ketsana. Heavy rains saw water levels rise in local rivers like Huong in Thua Thien – Hue province and Ve in
Quang Ngai to the second and third danger levels respectively. River flooding happens at the fourth level. Now some 270 kilometers to the east of the central coast,
the low will move westwards at the speed of 5-10 kilometers per hour over the next 24 hours, the National Center of Hydro-meteorological Forecasting said on its
website Monday morning. While warning the central provinces of flash floods and landslides, the center didn’t say if it would strengthen into a storm or not.
Central Vietnam was hit late last month by typhoon Ketsana that killed 163 people and caused over VND14 trillion (US$785.85 million) in property loss. Storm Parma,
meanwhile, sunk 116 boats and destroyed 80 houses, leaving one person injured as it made landfall on the northern region early this month.

Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 18th October 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 17th October 2009

INDONESIA: A magnitude-6.1 earthquake rocked Indonesia's Sulawesi island Friday, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said.

ASIA: More than a dozen countries bordering the Indian Ocean have joined a test of a regional tsunami warning system, nearly five years after the 2004 Asian
tsunami killed nearly a quarter of a million people. The UN-backed initiative on Wednesday dubbed the "Exercise Indian Ocean Wave 09" aimed to simulate a tsunami
similar to the 2004 wave, testing test alarm procedures and overall preparedness from India to Australia.

USA: California - Millions of people throughout California have signed up to take part in a statewide earthquake disaster drill billed as the largest such exercise in U.S.
history. Many schools and businesses on Thursday will practice "drop, cover and hold on the minimum requirement for participation. Some hospitals and fire
departments will stage more elaborate simulations complete with search-and-rescue missions and people posing as faux quake victims. Some 6.7 million people have
pledged to take part, according to organizers.

AUSTRALIA: Firefighters will continue to monitor bushfires across Queensland this morning, after more than 50 blazes savaged the state yesterday. Major
backburning operations will be conducted throughout the day at Mt Archer National Park, north of Rockhampton, as firefighters desperately attempt to control the
blaze. Residents from the nearby New Zealand Gully area are expected to return to their homes today, after being told to evacuate yesterday amidst the dangerous
conditions. Meanwhile, in the south-east, grass fires at Plainland, Lamington and Pimpama are being patrolled by fire crews, mostly within containment lines, with no
threat to housing. On the north coast, eight rural fire crews and three urban crews continue to battle a blaze at Gaeta, about 50km  from Gin Gin, this morning. A
small, vacant building was lost in the fires last night but there is currently no direct threat to property. Two strike teams will attend a forest fire, which continues to
burn at Tansey this morning and a grass fire which broke out at 11:30am at Mt Perry yesterday, is being closely monitored. More than 600 personnel were yesterday
battling the flames after tinder dry conditions and wind gusts up to 54km/h whipped up outbreaks for the second day running. Houses near Rockhampton were
evacuated and fires at Mt Archer that have been burning since Friday still raged.

Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 16th October 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 15th October 2009

CZECH REPUBLIC: A snow calamity at night and a strong wind have caused problems in road and railway traffic in the Czech Republic, with snow and falling trees
stopping tens of trains mainly in mountainous areas in north Bohemia and east Moravia. In east Bohemia, hundreds of households have been left without electricity
since the morning. In the east Moravian area of Vsetin, at the Beskydy mountains foothills, roads are covered with a 30-cm layer of snow and blocked by fallen trees.

TURKEY: A bout of wintry weather slammed the Marmara region on Tuesday night, with high winds uprooting trees and rain inundating some roads as temperatures
fell across the nation. On Wednesday, meteorologists were forecasting a drop in temperatures of up to 10 degrees Celsius in western Turkey for today, with a new
host of rain coming in from the Balkans and the Mediterranean Sea. Showers and thunderstorms are expected in Kırklareli and Tekirdağ this evening, with strong
rains expected to prevail in İzmir, Muğla, Aydın and Manisa through tonight and tomorrow morning.

AUSTRALIA: A bushfire emergency has been declared by the Rural Fire Service in northern New South Wales as high temperatures and strong winds fuel fires on
three fronts. The western side of the town of Brooms Head, east of Grafton, is under direct threat. Brooms Head caravan park manager says the flames came within
300 metres of the caravan park and right up to a shop.

INDONESIA: Ground continues to rumble with 5.8 and 6.0 shakes registered today.

Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 14th October 2009

ASIA: Eighteen countries in the Indian Ocean are taking part in an exercise to evaluate the response of the region's tsunami early warning systems. The test will
simulate the earthquake that struck off the northwest coast of Sumatra in 2004. That killed a quarter of a million people, over half of them in the Indonesian province
of Aceh.

AUSTRALIA: A second attempt to stop oil pouring into Australian waters after a rig accident in the Timor Sea has failed. It is almost two months since oil began
flowing from the West Atlas drilling platform that lies about 200km (125 miles) off the West Australian coast.

USA: California - Tropical Storm Patricia advanced toward Mexico's Baja California Peninsula with landfall possible late Tuesday or early Wednesday, weather
forecasters said. The Miami-based National Hurricane Center said a tropical storm warning was in effect along the southern area of Baja California from the town of
Buena Vista to Agua Blanca, an area that includes the popular Cabo San Lucas tourist resort.

INDONESIA: Indonesian authorities declared as mass graves Tuesday seven villages destroyed by earthquake-triggered landslides, as they called off the search for
over 200 people believed buried.

UKRAINE: A power outage in western Ukraine has halted supplies of Russian oil to Europe via the southern spur of the Druzhba pipeline, officials from both
countries said on Wednesday. Russian oil pipeline monopoly Transneft said the outage could affect crude supplies to Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic but
that it hoped flows would resume within a day.

POLAND: Strong winds and heavy snowfall have left around 50,000 homes without power throughout Poland. A number of uprooted trees caused damages to cars
in a number of cities. A wagon carrying polystyrene overturned on the Gdańsk – Warsaw road. Strong winds of up to 130 km/h caused flooding on in some
coastal towns and cities, as well as further inland through rising river levels.

VIETNAM: Vietnam evacuated some 30,000 people along its northern coast as Tropical Storm Parma approached after leaving more than 300 people dead in the
Philippines and China. The government's National Weather Forecast Center says the storm was expected to be downgraded to a tropical depression as it moves along
the coastline of northern provinces Wednesday evening. Rains have been reported in the region, but it's unlikely to unleash major flooding.

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 13th October 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 12th October 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Sunday 11th October 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Saturday 10th October 2009

NIGERIA: Between 70 and 80 people were killed when a fuel tanker truck exploded after hitting a pothole on a road in southern Nigeria, several newspapers said on
Saturday. The truck overturned and exploded after hitting a pothole on Friday on the road between Onitsha and Enugu, witnesses and police told the papers, torching
vehicles including five packed minibuses. Anambra state road safety director Ben Ekenna admitted local roads were in a bad state and was quoted as saying that "if
something isn't done quickly, tragedies like this will happen again."

BRAZIL: Four people were killed when a landslide caused by heavy rains destroyed a home on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Local media reported two children
were among the dead and two other children were injured. The slide took place early yesterday in the Rio suburb of Petropolis. Brazilian meteorologists said the city
may be hit with more rain later.

INDIA: At least five labourers were killed and 15 others feared dead after torrential rains caused a dam to burst at a power project in northeastern India, officials said
on Friday. Rescuers recovered five bodies and were trying to save workers who became trapped.

MONSERRAT: Rock falls from a spewing volcano stirred up more volcanic ash Friday on the tiny Caribbean island of Montserrat, which lost half its population after
a devastating eruption last decade. Dozens of small earthquakes accompanied ash plumes that have billowed up 20,000 feet (6,000 meters) this week, prompting
officials to distribute masks to residents, said James White Jr., acting director of the Disaster Management Coordination Agency.

USA: NC - A leak of commercial-grade ammonia at PCS Phosphate sent 17 workers to area hospitals Friday. The incident happened shortly after 2 p.m. at the Aurora
mining operation, according to a brief statement from the company. A railcar used to transport anhydrous ammonia was being unloaded at the Beaufort County plant
when a leak was discovered, according to the company.

Subject: Around the World Today: Friday 9th October 2009

CHINA: Chinese state media say 26 workers have been killed in an accident at a tin mine in central China's Hunan Province. 19 workers at the mine in Lengshuijiang
City died instantly when two elevators plunged Thursday due to a brake failure. It says seven other workers died later despite getting emergency treatment. Five
others were injured.

CHINA: China has detected deadly nerve gas at its border with North Korea and suspects an accidental release inside the secretive state, a Japanese news report said
Friday. The Chinese military is strengthening its surveillance activities after detecting the highly virulent sarin gas in November last year and in February in Liaoning
province, the Asahi Shimbun newspaper reported, citing anonymous sources from the Chinese military.

PHILLIPINES: More than 90 people were killed in a series of landslides brought about by heavy rains in mountainous provinces of the northern Philippines, local
officials said on Friday. Sixty-nine people died in Benguet province as landslides struck on Thursday night and Friday morning in five different towns, provincial
governor Nestor Fongwan said. In the mountain resort city of Baguio, 17 people were killed as landslides buried whole houses in different parts of the city, said city
administrator and civil defence official Peter Fianza.

BANGLADESH: At least 112 people were injured and over 500 houses damaged in tornadoes that swept over Gaibandha, Lalmonirhat and Rangpur districts
yesterday. In Gaibandha, a tornado lashed Gopalcharan village in Sundarganj upazila in the morning, leaving 12 people injured and over 100 thatched houses damaged.

JAPAN: A powerful typhoon slammed into Japan's main island on Thursday, leaving two dead and a dozen injured as strong winds ripped off roofs, uprooted trees
and prompted fears of landslides. Typhoon Melor, packing gusts of up to 162 kilometres (100 miles) an hour, cut a swathe across densely populated central Japan,
causing travel chaos and power blackouts for hundreds of thousands of homes.

SOUTH PACIFIC: Two powerful earthquakes triggered a tsunami alert over a huge swathe of the South Pacific Thursday, sending residents fleeing to higher ground,
just days after giant waves killed 177 in the region. Vanuatu, Fiji, Tuvalu and New Caledonia sounded sirens and evacuated coastal areas after a 7.8 quake struck off
Vanuatu at 9:03 am (2203 GMT), followed by a 7.1 tremor 10 minutes later.

Subject: Around the World Today: Thursday 8th October 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Wednesday 7th October 2009

FIJI: Fiji was put on tsunami alert Thursday with many areas close to the sea being evacuated following a major earthquake near Vanuatu, officials said. Many offices
and schools near the coast have been closed and Fiji's disaster management office advised hotels to take tourists to higher ground.

JAPAN: A powerful typhoon made landfall in central Japan early Thursday, damaging houses, paralysing transport and leaving at least 18 people injured, officials and
news reports said. Typhoon Melor came ashore in Aichi prefecture on the main island of Honshu shortly after 5:00 am (2000 GMT Wednesday), the meteorological
agency said, becoming the first typhoon to make landfall in Japan since 2007.

FIJI: A major 7.3 earthquake struck off Vanuatu just minutes after a 7.8 quake nearby triggered a tsunami warning for large parts of the South Pacific, the US
Geological Survey said Thursday. The earthquake struck 330 kilometres (205 miles) from Luganville on Vanuatu's Espiritu Santo island at 9:18 am (2218 GMT), just
15 minutes after the earlier tremor.

INDIA: Aid workers used helicopters and boats to try to reach survivors of massive floods in southern India that have killed at least 280 people, officials said
Days of heavy rain and flash floods in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra have forced close to 1.5 million people to take refuge in relief camps.

TUNISIA: Tunisia on Tuesday announced the suspension of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca because of the risk of the spread of swine flu and the impossibility of
vaccinating candidates by mid-November. Minister of Religious Affairs Boubaker Akhzouri announced that the hajj had been postponed in order "to preserve human
life." Vaccines ordered by Tunisia will not arrive until the end of October.

PHILIPPINES: The national authority is still trying to cover the needs of the affected population. Food, water, sanitation and hygiene remain highest priorities.
Schools have however reopened although many are still homeless; more than 300,000 people remained in evacuation centres.

INDONESIA: According to the latest figures, the number of deaths has risen to 704 and the number of missing to 295. A rapid needs assessment is being completed
and it has become clear that needs regarding medical care, water and sanitation as well as shelter are met by the local capacities and the international assistance
present on site. Considering the situation, the team of Mechanism experts is returning to Europe on Saturday.

SAMOA: According to the latest figures, the number of deaths amounts to 137 and the number of displaced people to about 3,500. It is estimated that costs of
infrastructure damages (power, roads) amounts to between USD 60 and 70 million. The Samoan Government is handling the emergency well and sufficient
assistance is flowing in. The need for relief items is gradually diminishing since the emergency has moved to a recovery phase. Source: MIC

ENGLAND: The deadly chemical cyanide and a quantity of raw sewage have leaked into a 30-mile stretch of the River Trent in Staffordshire. Thousands of fish have
died and people are being warned to stay away from the river while the incident is controlled. The Environment Agency said pollution in the stretch between Stoke-on-
Trent and Yoxall made it a health risk. Farmers, anglers and boaters have been warned that water should not be taken out of the river "for any reason".

SUDAN: A mysterious haemorrhagic disease suspected to be Ebola has killed at least 23 people and infected dozens more in Sudan's under-developed south, a
southern Sudanese army official said on Wednesday. The World Health Organisation says Ebola, one of the most virulent viral diseases known to mankind, was
discovered in south Sudan and the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo in 1976.

Subject: Around the World Today: Tuesday 6rd October 2009

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Subject: Around the World Today: Monday 5th October 2009

NW PACIFIC: Tropical cyclone PARMA-09 is active in the NW Pacific basin having maximum sustained wind speed of 260 km/h (red alert). The storm lashed the
North part of Philippines and the coast of central Vietnam with very strong winds and enormous amount of rain and landfall.

TAIWAN: Taiwan evacuated more than 6,000 villagers by early Monday as Typhoon Parma lingered in seas near the island, bringing heavy rains and the risk of
deadly mudslides. More than 3,000 residents in Pingtung county in south Taiwan and almost 2,000 people in neighboring Kaohsiung county have left their homes,
while the rest were evacuated in east Taiwan's Yilan, Hualien and Taitung counties.

INDONESIA: Rescuers and aid workers were fanning out on Monday into the hills of Indonesia's Sumatra Island, where hundreds of people were buried in landslides
triggered by an earthquake that may have killed 3,000. In the shattered city of Padang, which bore the brunt Wednesday's 7.6 magnitude quake, unidentified victims
pulled from the rubble were due to be laid to rest. Relief workers said there was little hope of finding anyone else alive in the ruins.

INDIA: The number of dead in devastating floods triggered by torrential rains in India has risen to at least 271 and about a million people have fled their homes. At
least 192 people have died in the southern state of Karnataka. More than 450,000 people there have been housed in 1,330 relief camps as authorities completed rescue
operations in most of the flooded zones in the state.

USA: A wildfire powered by erratic winds burned four homes and triggered the evacuation of as many as 8,000 people in the San Bernardino Mountains, about 80
miles (130 km) east of Los Angeles, officials said on Sunday. The fire charred 3,500 acres (1416 hectares), more than doubling in size overnight after breaking out
on Saturday afternoon east of Mount Baldy. The fire threatened several canyon communities. Parts of the town of Wrightwood were under mandatory evacuation.

SCOTLAND: Severe weather warnings have been issued after forecasts of winds gusting at up to 75mph. Drivers were urged to take caution as the bad weather
began to batter parts of northern England and Scotland today. It has already been causing significant disruption throughout the area. Play has been halted at the
international Alfred Dunhill Links Championship golf at St Andrews in Scotland.

UGANDA: At least six people, five of them children, have been confirmed dead after a landslide hit Kyokyezo village in Rubanda county, Kabale district. According to
Rubanda MP Godfrey Ahabwe, four bodies have been recovered. Two children, twins, were still trapped under the mud, Ahabwe added. One of the deceased was
identified as 29-year-old Annabel Anyijuka.

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INDONESIA:  Indonesia said Thursday it feared thousands had died in a major earthquake as exhausted rescue workers clawed through mountains of rubble with
their bare hands in a race to find survivors. The first rescue flights laden with food, medicine and body bags arrived in the devastated region on Sumatra island as
another powerful quake struck further south, causing more injuries and sparking panic.

PHILLIPINES: Millions of flood-hit survivors of devastating Typhoon Ketsana waited desperately for aid and braced for a new super storm on Thursday as the
disaster's death toll climbed to 383. One of the most destructive storms in recent years, Ketsana wreaked havoc in the Philippines at the weekend then strengthened
over the South China Sea to batter Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

SAMOA: Rescuers reached scenes of stunning devastation on Wednesday after a killer tsunami obliterated Samoan island villages, killing at least 148 people and
leaving scores more missing. As distraught relatives picked through the rubble of homes and tourist resorts destroyed by Tuesday's 8.0-magnitude earthquake that
triggered a tsunami, aid workers were left breathless at the catastrophe.

ITALY: At least 13 people are now confirmed dead and more are missing after heavy rain triggered mudslides in the Italian city of Messina in northern Sicily. The
violent mudslides and flooding destroyed several buildings, swept away cars and blocked road and rail links.

TONGA: An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 and depth 2 km struck Tonga at 01:07 UTC today. There are no immediate reports for damages.

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